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I HOPE I shall not be accounted guilty of adulation, when I affirm, that the af fability of your disposition, the general esteem in which you are held by your Fellow-students and acquaintances, not your exalted rank and title, induce me to usher the following TALE to the world under your auspices and protection.

That your Lordship, the heir of an ancient and illustrious line of Ancestry, by the cultivation of useful knowledge,

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the indulgence of every generous and noble feeling of the mind, and the exercise of every distinguished virtue, may hereafter become the father of your tenantry, the support of your country, and the orna ment of society, is the sincere wish of,


Your Lordship's very humble

And obedient Servant,






WHERE, high above the billowy-breasted deep,
Slieu-donard, monarch of the hills, uprears
His venerable front, dark with the heath

Of countless years; far in a vale, retired

From public view, the cottage yet is seen,

Where liv'd, in all the sweets of rural joy,
The fair Erina, blest with beauty, wealth,

And virtuous innocence. The modest rose,


That blushes on its mossy stem, and scents

The passing gale, blooms oft unseen, unknown

Not so Erina; all the village hailed

Her, queen of smiles, and flow'r of loveliness.

To win ber to his arms, full many a swain,

With soft exertion, strove, and bow'd and sigh'd;
But sigh'd and bow'd in vain.-Full many a chief,
Full many a warrior, high in martial fame,
Has own'd the conquest of her sparkling eye,

And talk'd of love; but all in vain: the maid
Alone approves of Oscar's vows, alone
On Oscar beams a soft-approving smile,

And shares with him possession of her soul.

Fond youth, 'twas his, when summer suns enrich The fertile glebe, and hill and valley smile

With vernal sweetness, thro' the dewy lawn,

What time appears the blushing face of morn,
And sweetest music wakes the grove, to lead

His dear Erina, and enjoy the blise,
The chastest, purest bliss of mutual love.
How raptured felt the maid, when, ʼmidst the bow'i,
Or down the glen, she wandered with the gay,
The all-accomplished Oscar! beauteous seem'd
The landscape then, for not a single charm
Or grace escap'd the polished Oscar's eye,
Or to the list’ning fair one was untold.
Soft flew the hour, at morn, or dusky eve,
By grotto, stream, or woody glade, when Love
AB-powerful Love, his magic influence lent
To gild the passing joy, and nectared draughts
Of unimbettered pleasure flowed around.

Erina, as o'er mossy height, or mid

The verdant foliage, breathing balm, or down
The lowland wilderness, with wood o'erhung,

She roamed, the tender Oscar at her side,

Felt not a wish angratified, a bliss,

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