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TO ilka body be it kend,

Frae John A-groats to the land's end, That frae this day I do intend,

fome Thanks to sell ; This is my bill, to you I send

that it


That gin you chance for me to speer,
I'll fit you weel wi' doughty geer
That either knabbs or lairds may weer,

and ladies tee, For ilka season i' the year,

as ye shall fee.

An'first o'hose I hae a fouth,
Some frae the North, fome frae the South,
An’some o' our ain quintry grouth,

baith grae an' russet, Wi' different clocks; bat yet in truth

we ca' it gushet. B

An' mair attour I'll tell you trow,
That a' the moggans are bra new,
Soine worsted are o' different hue,

an' some are cotton, That's safter far na' ony woo,

that grows op mutton.

Bat gin fome lads shou'd stand in need,
Of shanks that are for simmer weed,
I'll fit them wi' the best o'threed,

or white or brown, That may well fair the gentlest bleed

in a'the town.

The mucklest man he may be fitted
Wi' hose that's either wove or knitted,
An' gin he likes, he's get them litted,

or brown or black; We'll gar him say, he's nae outwitted,

fan he comes back.

The porter, car-man, or fervant lad,
That ca's the beast wi' fup or gad,
May come to me, fare may be had,

for their nain wear, The starkest hose that can be made,

an' yet nae dear.

Far wary-draggle, an' sharger elf,
I hae the gear upo' my skelf,
Will mak them foon lay down their pelf,

fan anes they sees That they wi' ease can fit themselves,

an' deal wi' me.

Frae ladies to a servant wench,
I can well fit them every inch,
An' gin they're fley'd that they shou'd pinch,

I'll try them on; Perhaps I may their greening stench,

'ere I hae done.

Red, blue an' green, an' likewise pearl,
I hae to fit the little girl;
An' some for those that tak a tirle

amo' the sheets, Wi' mony a bony tirly wirl

about the queets.


The ladies that do tak their pleasure,
An' wi' true travel win their treasure,
Gin that they hae fae muckle leisure

on me to call, I'll fit exactly to their measure,

baith great an'small.

Besides I'd hae you understand,
That I hae caps upo demand,
An' gloves likewise, to hap the hand

of fremt an’ sib. An' napkins, as guid's in a' the land,

to dight your nib.

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