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For as far as I him excel

In toulzies fierce an' strong,

As far in chaft-taak he exceeds

Me, wi' his sleeked tongue.

My proticks an' my doughty deeds,

O Greeks! I need naltell,

For ther's nane here bat kens them wella

Lat him tell his himsel: 1, "

Which ay war done at glomin time,

Or dead hour o'the night,

An' deil ane kens except himsel;

For nae man saw the sight.

Nec facere eft ifti. quantumque ego Marte feroci,
Quantum acic valco, tantum valet iste loquendo.
Nec memoranda tamen vobis mea facta, Pelasgi,
Elle reor: vidiftis enim. fua narret Ulyffes,
Qish line teste gerir, quorum nos conscia fola eft.

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Praemia magna peti fateor: fed demit honorem
Aemulus Ajaci. non est tenuisse fuperbum,
Sit licet hoc ingens, quidquid fperavit Ulysses.
Iste tulit pretium jam nunc certaminis hujus;
Quo cum victus crit, mecum certafle feretur.

But gin my wightness doubted war,

I wat my gentle bleed,

As being fin to TELAMON,

Right sickerly does plead:

Fa, under doughty HERCULES,

Great Troy's walls down hurld,

An' in a tight Theffalian bark

To Colchos' harbour swirld.

An' Æacus my gutcher was,

Fa now in hell fits jidge,

Fare a fun-stane does SISYPHUS

Down to the yerd fair gnidge.

Atque ego,

fi virtus in me dubitabilis effet, Nobilitate potens effem, Telamone creatus : Moenia qui forti Trojana sub Hercule cepit: Littoraque intravit Pagasaca Colcha carina. Acacus huic pater eft: qui jura klentibus illic Reddit, ubi Acoliden faxum gravo Sisyphon urget.

Great Jove himsel owns Æ4CUS

To be his ain dear boy, !

An' fyne, without a doubt, I am

The neist chiel to his oye. Ini

Bat thus in counting o'my etion

I need na'mak fik din,

For it's well kent ACHILLES was

My father's brither sin:

An'as we're cousins, there's nae fcouth,

To be in ony swidders;

I only seek fat is my due,

I mean fat was my brither's.

Acacon agnoscit fummus, prolemque fatetur
Juppiter esse suam. fic ab Jove tertius Ajaxo.
Nec tamen haec series in caussa profit, Achivi;
Si mihi cum magno non est communis Achille,
Frater erat : fraterna peto. quid fanguine cretus.

Bat why a thief, like SISYPHUS,

That's nidder'd sae in hell,

Sud here tak fittininment,

Is mair na'I can tell.

Sall then these arms be deny'd

To me, fa in this bruilzie

Was the first man that drew my durk,

Came flaught-bred to the toulzie ?

An' fall this fleeth come farrer ben,

Fa was fae dev'lish furly,

He scarce wou'd gae a fit frae hame,

An'o'us a' was hurly?

Sisyphio, furtisque, et fraude fimillimus illi,

Inferit Acacidis alienae nomina gentis ?

An quod in arma prior, nulloque sub indice veni, Arma neganda mihi? potiorque videbitur ille, Ultima qui cepit; detrectavitquc furore

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