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chapels joined to this, every one holding a thousand persons; they would together hold the number of children which the Society teaches. This is part of what is doing. With regard to the Bible, if I could multiply these chapels to four hundred, every one occupied by a thousand children, then the Society has given to every one in these chapels a copy of the Scriptures. This too is what is doing.

The third means it employs is preaching the gospel. Now imagine forty chapels like this, and all filled. These 40,000 persons that fill them are not many more than the members of churches connected with the Society. It teaches as many children as twenty chapels would hold, has as many members as forty would hold, and has given Bibles to as many as would find seats in four hundred. This is what it has done, and it is in this you are to rejoice. I told a Bible class one day that all men would become Christians. “I believe it," said a little boy, “ for the Bible says so.” That is just it; and that is what we want you to believe, and tell to others, that they may believe it too. But we must work as well as pray. You have heard of the boy who only prayed and could not say his lesson, and of the boy who prayed and tried to get it, and said it well. That is the way; pray and work too.

But how are we to work for it? Why, in the first place, little children are to tell their fellow little children about it. Suppose that little boy

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loves Christ, what an easy thing it is for him to say to another boy in the same class, “ Do you love him ? I was never happy till I loved him; but, oh, I am happy now.'

This is one thing you may do; but you may do something more than this-you may send the gospel to others. Look at a penny, it is nothing but a piece of copper; but put it into the collecting box, and by-and-by it comes out in the form of a page of the Bible, written on both sides with such texts as these—“ It is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation, that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners." You make your pence Bibles by giving them to God. “Ah, but,” say little children,“ we cannot do much.” Well, is this so? You have all heard of New Park-street school. I do not wish to make them proud, but I will tell you what they are doing: They take cards and books, and little boys and girls bring in a penny or twopence, up to five shillings a month ; and I will tell you what these poor children do; they educate every day in the year about sixty or eighty little coppercoloured children in the Island of Ceylon. New Park-street school has agreed to raise 121. a year, and that is nearly enough to support two teachers. Now this is what the Resolution refers to—it speaks about all the children helping to do something, and then persuading other schools to come and help too. Now, about these cards. A woman was asked to subscribe to send Bibles to the poor. She said she could not afford a guinea a year, but she would give one shilling a week! Why, this was above two guineas a year. That, you see, is the use of cards. There are many who cannot afford to give a guinea at once, but who might give more in small sums; and some who cannot collect it at once, might collect it by asking often. And who can tell but that the children in the Sabbath-schools on the south side of the Thames may build the first school in Africa. We should call it the Southwark Sabbath-school, built by Sunday-school scholars; and it would be a glorious result. Go and try; and with the blessing of God you will succeed.

The Rev Joshua RUSSELL, said–We all feel pleasure to-night, and our hearts have been raised to God, that he would bless you and make you his children, that you may love the Lord Jesus Christ in this world, and that when you die you may go to heaven, and meet there children from all parts of the world. What a blessed thing it would be for you to stand by the throne of Jesus Christ, and hear some little black boy say, “I read in a Bible that you sent out to me about the way of salvation.'' How you would rejoice together. Perhaps this may he the case; and therefore let every one try to do something to send the Bible and ministers of the gospel to the distant parts of the world. Two little children were lately lost in the woods in America,


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and they were found locked in each others arms quite dead. Now, if any of you were to be lost in a wild place, and you were to part to find the way, and one should find it, what should you think of that child if he went on without mentioning his companions? You would say that he could not be so cruel as to do that. But you will be as bad if you do not tell your fellow creatures about the Lord Jesus Christ. As sinners we have all lost our way, and God has sent his Son to seek us, and to point out the right way; your teachers show it to you, and it would


you did not try to shew it to others. You will never be so unkind as that. If you were to see a boy perishing for hunger and you had got some food yourself, would you not give him part of yours ? Here are these black boys and girls who are in a state worse than starving. They have no Bible; they know nothing about God-about Jesus Christ, and about heaven. It is the starvation of the soul under which they are suffering. You have got the Bible, and that is food for the soul. We hope that you will try to-night what you can do to help to send it. Last week we had a meeting in the country, and a little boy who had some money gave a shilling. But when he thought about it, he told his father he should like to give two

We wish you children to be thoughtful, and do what you can; and we want you to give yourselves to Christ. It would be inconsistent


if you were to send the gospel to the distant parts of the world and did not receive it yourselves. Let it be your prayer to God that you may

be his children. Go home with this prayer in your hearts.

Mr. ALEXANDER FULLER, a man of colour, from Jamaica, who is going as a missionary to Africa, said, he had been a Sabbath-scholar. There were thousands of black children in the Sabbath-schools in Jamaica, who were very thankful that the English people had sent them Bibles and Missionaries. Many of them are serious, and are coming forward, and joining the church. One minister told them of sending preachers to Africa, and the girls got a box made, and each of them brought her two-pence halfpenny—the smallest coin.

You English children should be thankful that you have been so long taught, and I hope you will do all you

When I look at the gods which the heathen worship it distresses my mind. I am glad to devote myself to teaching poor African children the way to heaven; and I pray that the heathen may soon hear the gospel, turn unto the Lord, and serve him with all their hearts.

The Chairman having exhorted the children to remember what they had heard that night, they sang the Doxology, and the meeting separated.


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