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out fishing. Henry had a beautiful fishing-rod, which his

father had bought for him. George (for by that name I shall call the boy who abused Henry) was desirous of borrowing this fishing-rod, and yet he was ashamed to ask for it. At last, however, he summoned courage, and called out to Henry upon the play-ground:

Henry, will you lend me your rod to go fishing?" “Oh yes !" said Henry, f you


home with me, I will get it for you now.'

Poor George felt quite ashamed of himself for what he had done; but he went home with Henry to get the rod.

They went up into the barn together, and when Henry had taken his fishing tackle from the place in which he kept it, he said to George, “I have a new line in the house, which father bought for me the other day; you may have that too, if you want it.” George could hardly hold up his head, he felt so ashamed. However, Henry went and got the new line, and placed it upon the rod, and gave them into George's hand.

A few days after this, George told me about it. “I never in my life felt so much ashamed," said he ; "and one thing is certain, that I never can call Henry names again.”

Now who does not admire the conduct of Henry in this affair? This forgiving spirit is what God requires; the child who would be loved by God, must possess this spirit. You must always be ready to forgive; you must never indulge in the feelings of revenge; you must never desire to injure another, how much soever you may feel that others have injured you. The spirit of the Christian is a forgiving spirit.


“ LITTLE children, love each other,"

'Tis the blessed Saviour's rule;
Ev'ry little one is brother

To his play-fellows at school.
We're all children of one Father,

The great God who reigns above;
Shall we quarrel ? No, much rather

Would we be like him, all love.
He has placed us here together,

That we may be good and kind;}
He is ever watching whether

We are one in heart and mind.
Who is stronger than the other?

Let him be the weak one's friend;
Who's more playthings than his brother?

He should like to give or lend.
All they have they share with others,

With kind looks and gentle words;
Thus they live like happy brothers,

And are known to be the Lord's.

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This was one of the greatest and best men that ever lived. He was one of the children of Israel, born in Egypt, in the year of the world 2433, about 400 years after the time of Joseph. Another king who knew not Joseph, now reigned over Egypt, and he was very cruel to the chil. dren of Israel, who had now become a very numerous people; and fearing lest they should rise up against him, he ordered that all the babies of the Israelites that were males should be put to death. Little Moses was born at this time, and his mother Jochebed hid him three months after he was born, and when she could hide him no longer, she made him fan ark or basket of flags or bulrushes, and covered it with pitch, and putting the poor little baby into it, she took it down to the great river Nile, and set it afloat on the waters. This was a dangerous place for the dear little creature to be in, for beside the danger of the little boat of flags sinking, there were in that river some very ugly creatures, called crocodiles, with great mouths and frightful teeth, and if they, when swimming about for something to eat had found the basket, they would soon have torn it to pieces, and crushed all the bones of the helpless baby with their great teeth. But the infant was safe. God Almighty watched over it, and so it was quite safe, and he took care it should not stay there long, for he sent a kind friend to save it, and it was in this way. The daughter of the King, who it seems was a very kind yoang lady, went out one morning as was her custom, to walk by the river, and seeing the little ark floating upon the water, and wondering what it was, sent her maidens to fetch it. When they opened it, behold there was a little baby in it, and the child wept,—the little creature wept ! as much as if it had said, “ Do lady take me and save me! I am one of the Hebrew children whom your father has ordered to be killed. O save me ! save me!” The Lord tovched the heart of the Princess, and inclined her to save the life of the babe. Now the mother of Moses had


set Miriam her daughter to watch the floating ark in which her little brother was; and when she saw that the Princess was inclined to save the baby, she mixed among the attendants, and said she could find a nurse that would take care of it; and she ran and fetched her mother. When the mother of Moses came, the Princess said, “ Take this child and nurse it for me, and I will pay thee thy wages.” O how delighted would the mother of Moses be to embrace her own dear babe again! And how glad to think that she could now nurse it without fear: no Egyptian daring to come and kill it, because the Princess bad adopted it as her own child; and she said, his name shall be called Moses, " because I drew him out of the water.” So Moses all the time he was a baby and a little boy, was in the house of his pious mother-his mother, who had wept and prayed for her darling when he was on the water, would no doubt teach him as he grew up, to fear and love that great and blessed God—the God of Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and Joseph, who had saved him from a watery grave. And no doubt little Moses listened to his mother with much attention, and greatly feared the God of his fathers, from his youth.

When Moses grew up, he was taken to the palace of the Princess, and treated as a young prince; and he was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. But Moses could not be

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