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See how the flummery on the table shakes,
And how the broad flat basty pudding quakes;
The gay peas pottage, and the gooseberry pool,
The soft milk-broth-light food for boys at school.

Yet what are these? and what ten thousand more!
Thy staple traffic who can e'er explore?
Thy weekly butter, and thy daily cheese,
Employ, and keep some thousands at their ease.

Go, universal blessing, Rockett, go : Long live, and preach, and let your master know, God gave a noble present, when he gave a Cow.

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The queen

INSECTS. The fertility of insects far exceeds that of birds, and is surpassed only by that of fishes. Some produce but a single egg, and others only a small number ; but the silk-worm moth produces about 500, the great goat moth 1,000; the female wasp at least 30,000. bee varies considerably in the number of her eggs; in some cases it may amount to 40,000, 60,000 or more. One insect lays 200,000; but all these are surpassed by one of the white ants, which deposits not less than sixty in a minute; which gives 3,600 in an hour, 86,400 in a day, 2,419,200 in a lunar month, and the prodigious number of 31,536,000 in a year. It is probable that she does not always continue laying at this rate, but placing the sum as low as possible, it exceeds that produced by any other known animal in the creation. From in



sects are thus sometimes produced countless

Numerous accidents, however, to which they are exposed, from the depositum of the egg to their final transformation, reduce their numbers, and prevent their becoming excessive. Thus, as in the other cases, evils are averted by that gracious Providence which includes within its care the least as well as the greatest, the atom as well as the globe, and the insect's egg as well as the angel.-Histiry of Insects - Religious Tract Society.


What is Procrastination ?

A sly adept in crime,
That steals away that precious boon,

Inestimable time:
The mind it lulls with flattery;

There's time enough it says,
Until the thread of life is spun,

And ended are our days.

What is Procrastination?

A something that will vow
To do at some far distant day

What should be done just now;
And waiting for that future hour,

Forgets time flies so fast;
And fondly looks to future years,

Till life's short dream is past.

What is procrastination ?

Something that will delay,–
And fain would do some other time

The business of to-day;
It cheats us of our moments;

It steals our precious hours,
As unperceived they glide away,

Till life no more is ours.
What is Procrastination ?

The dying mortal cries ;-
A something that eternal peace

To his lost soul denies;
That held to him delusive hopes,

And when that hope was gone,
Then mocked him for his foolishness

Exulting in his doom,

To the Young. The time of life which is now passing over you is of immense and inconceivable importance. I cannot think of your entering on the busy scenes and numerous temptations of the world, without feeling for you the greatest solicitude. Every step you take is decisive-every action you perform is critical—every idea you form is likely to become a principle, influencing your future destiny! God knows the consequences and results. You remind me of what I have often witnessed with inexpressible delight in the days of my youth-a fine vessel launched upon the waters, its streamers waving


in the wind, acclamations rending the air as it passed triumphantly along, expectation and delight beaming from every countenance ! But who could tell its future story- the storms that were to pass over it, the rocks that were to endanger it, or the unknown sighs and lamentations that were to fill the minds and awaken the solicitudes of its inhabitants ? And often have I heard of the wreck of the very vessel which I had seen launched; others have returned shattered and almost wrecked by the dangers which they had encountered ! Of such thoughts and anxieties it is natural to be possessed on the present occasion. You, my young frierds, are just launched; the gale of hope swells your sails; you are looking forward to years of happiness and delight. Oh let me ask you a few questions of infinite moment to your peace. Who is your pilot ? what is your chart ? how will you steer your course ? what is your destined haven ? You would deem him ill fitted to superintend maritime or nautical concerns, who was not possessed of all skill, and foresight and prudence; who did not anticipate what was likely to happen, and aim to make suitable preparation. What, then, must be the folly of that youth wbo is thinking only of the passing moment, only of immediate provision, the delight of the day which is fleeting over him! who manifests no anxiety in reference to the future, the eternal concerns of his soul !

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" And they all with one consent began to make excuse."

Luke xiv, 18.

God made a feast and bid his creatures come,
But strange excuses kept the most at home.
Some are too busy to partake the treat,
And some too idle, e'en to rise and eat;
Some too well settled to seek endless rest,
And some too happy to be truly blest.
Some are too learned to be really wise;
And some too rich the pearl of price to prize.
Some are too knowing wisdom's voice t'attend,
And some too stupid, truth to comprehend.
Some are too bold the God of heaven to dread,
And some too timid duty's path to tread.
Some are too good free mercy to receive,
And some too bad their wickedness to leave.
“ 'Tis yet too soon,says youth, in vigorous bloom,
“ To waste my time in dull religious gloom;"
While bustling manhood pleads for short delay,
“ 'Tis time enough ; I'll seize a future day.”
E'en wither'd age still asks a longer date,
And then exclaims, “ Alas! 'tis now too te."
Happy the youth to early zeal inclined,
Whose God delights and awes his opening mind;
The man who first pursues the world above,
And leaves the rest to his Creator's love;
The hoary saint, with honoured age opprest,
Who quits his load, and wings his way to rest!
And happy all who listen and obey,
While mercy still proclaims th' accepted day;
Who timely comes, the meanest and the least,
Shall find a welcome to the Gospel Feast.

T. B.

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