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Ay there's the squirrel perch'd aloft,

That active litile rover;
See how he whisks his bushy tail,

Which shadows him all over.

Now rapid as a ray of light

He darts up yon tall beach;
He skips along from branch to branch,

And now the top can reach.

Now view him seated on the bough,

To crack his nuts at ease, While blackbirds sing and stock-doves coo, Amid the neighbouring trees.

The light wind lifts his silky hair,

So long and loosely fowing;
His quick ear catches erery sound-

How brisk he looks, and knowing! With cunning glance he casts around

His merry sparkling eye,
In yonder hazel, by the brook,

Rich clusters he can spy.

His lofty station soon he quits,

To seize the milky store; You ne'er can catch him, dearest child,

The useless chase give o'er.

The butterfly you once surpris'd,

And had him in your power, While he his painted wings display'd

Upon the passion flower.

As in the Foxglove's bell he div'd,

You caught the humble bee; Examin'd well his velvet coat,

Then gave him liberty.

With lambkins you might run a race,

Though swift they hied away, The nimble kid attempt to chase

Along the heathy brae;

But little squirrel's more alert

Than butterfly or bee;
No lamb or kid is half so light,

So swift of foot as he.

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What a useful animal is the Cow? What would little girls and boys do if she did not afford them her nice sweet milk every morning and night for breakfast and supper? I think they would not find any thing so nice, or that would do them so much good. What thousands and millions of little folks feed on this delicious and healthful food every day! What a useful animal is the Cow! And not only does she provide excellent food for little boys and girls, but from her milk the rich cream is skimmed, which is to be mixed with your father's coffee and your mother's tea; or else the cream is kept until a sufficient quantity is collected, and then they put it into the churn, and it is worked about until it is made into butter :-hutter, which you know is so useful for puddings and pies and many other things. But this is not all; some farmers keep many Cows, and send their milk-maids early and late to milk them, and they bring home large quantities of good milk, of which they make cheese; and cheese is a very useful article of food: and thus in so many ways, beside others we have not named, is this valuable animal useful.

Well, little reader, let us remember one thing, God Almighty made the Cow for our use; let us thank him for his goodness, and never forget, when your basin of good sweet milk is set before you morning and evening, to thank the great and good God, whose tender mercies are over all his works, for giving you your portion of meat in due season; and remember, that the same Great Being who gives you your daily food, gave you his Son from heaven to die for your sins.

The late Robert Robinson, having received a particular
favour from a gentleman, resolved to make him a recom-
pense by presenting him with a favourite Cow. Along
with her he sent the following lines :-

To Henry Keene, Esq., Walworth, Surrey.
These are to certify, good men and true,
That I have convey'd the white heifer to you;
To have and to hold, for ever and aye,
On condition of finding her good grass and hay.

Cambridge, December, 20, 1774. R. R.

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Go, milk white messenger, to Walworth go,
And be the gen'rous Harry's own milch cow.

Go, fav’rite heifer, browse beneath his eye,
Crop his rich herbage, near his garden lie,
Lie full in sight, the live long summer's day,
And round him, when he walks, my homage pay.
Twice, ev'ry day, your udder fill, nor fail,
Gently to low, for Molly and the pail.
She'll milk you softly: don't you kick her down,
Nor whisk your tail about her Sunday gown,

I knew a widow, who with one red cow, Brought up six sons—there's no such woman now. Milk was the beverage of paradise ; Milk, harmless milk, that never gender'd vice. Run, Judith, run : your mistress rings for cream. See there the circle sits,—the circle I esteem. They all are wise, and every one loves cream? Er'n tea's insipid without that, they deem.

But what thy milk? and what thy luscious cream? My favourite cow! there's pleasure in the theme. With milk, the Baker shortens his hot roll; With milk, the school-boy fills his morning bowl. With milk, the plaisterer silvers o'er the wall; With milk, the poultry's whiten'd for the stall; With milk, the farmer fats both pork and calf; And of a pudding, milk's the beiter half. With milk the wench stirs up the ploughman's pies, And fries nice Shrovetide pancakes for good boys. Cheesecakes and custards from the milk pail flow, And thence come syllabubs, and trifles too: Thence curds and whey, posset, and white pot come; Thence many a nick nack at the farmer's home.

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