The Danube: Its History, Scenery, and Topography, Splendidly Illustrated, from Sketches Taken on the Spot by Abresch, and Drawn by W.H. Bartlett...engraved by J. Cousen, J.C. Bentley, R. Brandard, and Other Eminent Artists

Front Cover
William Beattie
G. Virtue, 1844 - Danube River - 236 pages

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Page 22 - To fainting squadrons sent the timely aid, Inspired repulsed battalions to engage, And taught the doubtful battle where to rage. So when an angel, by divine command, With rising tempests shakes a guilty land (Such as of late o'er pale Britannia passed), Calm and serene he drives the furious blast ; And, pleased the Almighty's orders to perform. Rides in the whirlwind and directs the storm.
Page 85 - A blending of all beauties ; streams and dells, Fruit, foliage, crag, wood, cornfield, mountain, vine, And chiefless castles breathing stern farewells From gray but leafy walls, where Ruin greenly dwells.
Page 23 - Contempt and fury fire their souls by turns, Each nation's glory in each warrior burns, Each fights, as in his arm th...
Page 22 - Methinks I hear the drum's tumultuous sound The victor's shouts and dying groans confound, The dreadful burst of cannon rend the skies, And all the thunder of the battle rise...
Page 68 - SWEET Iser ! were thy sunny realm And flowery gardens mine, Thy waters I would shade with elm To prop the tender vine ; My golden flagons I would fill With rosy draughts from every hill; And under every myrtle bower, My gay companions should prolong The laugh, the revel, and the song, To many an idle hour.
Page 69 - LINES ON LEAVING A SCBXB IN BAVABIA. ADTED the woods and water's side, Imperial Danube's rich domain ! Adieu the grotto, wild and wide, The rocks abrupt, and grassy plain ! For pallid Autumn once again Hath swelled each torrent of the hill ; Her clouds collect, her shadows sail, And watery winds that sweep the vale, Grow loud and louder still.
Page 130 - He slept here, and we entertained him the next day with the best dejeune a la fourchette which we could afford. He seemed well satisfied with his reception ; but I own that I was glad when he left us. Strangers to arms in this tranquil retreat, and visited only, as you may now visit us, for the purpose of peaceful hospitality, it agitated us extremely to come in contact with warriors and chieftains.
Page 47 - ... demonstrate that the protestant states claimed nothing but what was agreeable to the constitution : they declared that their association was no more than a mutual engagement, by which they obliged themselves to adhere to the laws, without suffering, under any pretext, that the power of putting under the ban of the empire should reside wholly in the emperor : they affirmed that this power was renounced, in express terms, by the capitulation : they therefore refused to admit as legal any sentence...
Page 197 - Nothing seems to be a plainer proof of the irrationality of mankind (whatever fine claims we pretend to reason) than the rage with which they contest for a small spot of ground, when such vast parts of fruitful earth lie quite uninhabited.
Page 23 - How can I see the gay, the brave, the young, Fall in the cloud of war and lie unsung ! In joys of conquest he resigns his breath, And, fill'd with England's glory, smiles in death.

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