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There rots but half of me, the other part
Sleeps, heaven knows where: would she and I-my

I mean,-but what, alas! talk I of wife ?-
The woman-would we had together fed
On any outcast parings, coarse and mouldy,
Not lived divided thus! I could have begg'd
For both; for 't had been pity she should ever
Have felt so much extremity.

Aurel. This is not
Patience required in wrongs of such vile nature:
You pity her; think rather on revenge.

Aur. Revenge! for what, uncharitable friend?
On whom? let's speak a little, pray, with reason.
You found Spinella Adurni's house;
'Tis like he gave her welcome-very likely;
Her sister and another with her; so!
Invited, nobly done; but he with her
Privately chamber'd :-he deserves no wife
Of worthy quality, who dares not trust
Her virtue in the proofs of any danger.

Aurel. But I broke ope the doors upon them.

Aur. Marry,
It was a slovenly presumption,
And punishable by a sharp rebuke.
I tell you, sir, I, in my younger growth,
Have by the stealth of privacy enjoy'd
A lady's closet, where to have profaned
That shrine of chastity and innocence,
With one unhallow'd word, would have exiled
The freedom of such favour into scorn.
Had any he alive then ventured there,
With foul construction, I had stamp'd the justice
Of my unguilty truth upon his heart.

Aurel. Adurni might have done the like; but that The conscience of his fault, in coward blood, Blush'd at the quick surprisal.

Aur. O fy, fy!
How ill some argue, in their sour reproof,

Against a party liable to law !
For had that lord offended with that creature,
Her presence would have doubled every strength
Of man in him, and justified the forfeit
Of noble shame; else 't was enough in both
With a smile only to correct your rudeness.
Aurel. ”T is well you make such use of neighbours'

courtesy : Some kind of beasts are tame, and hug their in

juries: Such way leads to fame too!

Aur. Not uncivilly, Though violently, friend.

Aurel. Wherefore, then, think you, Can she absent herself, if she be blameless ? You grant, of course, your triumphs are pro

claim'd; And I in person told her your return: Where lies she hid the while ?

Aur. That rests for answer In you; now I come to you: we have exchanged Bosoms, Aurelio, from our years of childhood; Let me acknowledge with what pride I own A man so faithful, honest, fast, my friend; He who, if I speak fully, never fail'd, By teaching trust to me, to learn of mine: I wish'd myself thine equal; if I aim'd Awrong, 't was in an envy of thy goodness; So dearly (witness with me my integrity) I laid thee up to heart, that, from my love, My wife was but distinguish'd in her sex: Give back that holy signature of friendship, Cancell'd, defaced, pluck'd off, or I shall urge Accounts, scored on the tally of my vengeance, Without all former compliments.

Aurel. D' you imagine

i Not uncivilly,

Though violently, friend,) i. e. do not use rude language, however warm you inay be. --GIFFORD.

cape is

Fut. Ay, this is brave indeed!

Guz. Our cloak, whose
Larded with peärls, which the Indian cacique
Presented to our countryman De Cortez,
For ransom of his life ; rated in value
At thirteen thousand pistolets; the guerdon
Of our achievement, when we rescued
The infanta from the boar, in single duel,
Near to the Austrian forest, with this rapier,
This only, very, naked, single rapier.

Fut. Top and top-gallant brave!
Guz. We will appear,

Of our progenitors.

Fut. Imagine so,
And that this rich suit of imagination
Is on already now:-here stands your Amoretta,
Make your approach and court her.

Guz. Lustre of beauty,
Not to affright your tender soul with horror,
We may descend to tales of peace and love,
Soft whispers fitting ladies' closets ; for
Thunder of cannon, roaring smoke and fire,
As if hell's maw had vomited confusion,
The clash of steel, the neighs of barbed steeds,
Wounds spouting blood, towns capering in the air,
Castles push'd down, and cities plough'd with

swords, Become great Guzman's oratory best, Who, though victorious (and during life Must be), yet now grants parley to thy smiles. Fut. 'Sfoot, don, you talk too big, you make her

tremble; Do you not see 't imaginarily? I do, as plainly as you saw the death Of the Austrian boar; she rather hears Of feasting than of fighting ; take her that way. Guz. Yes, we will feast ;-my queen, my empress,

Aurel. Roår louder, The noise affrights not me; threaten your enemies, And prove a valiant tongue-man;-now must fol

low, By way of method, the exact condition of

rage which runs to mutiny in friendship. Auria, come on, this weapon looks not pale [Draws. At sight of that.—Again hear, and believe it, What I have done, was well done and well meant; Twenty times over, were it new to do, I'd do 't and do 't, and boast the pains religious ; Yet since you shake me off, I slightly value Other severity.

Aur. Honour and duty
Stand my compurgators: never did passion
Purpose ungentle usage of my sword
Against Aurelio; let me rather want
My hands, nay, friend, a heart, than ever suffer
Such dotage enter here. If I must lose
Spinella, let me not proceed to misery,
By losing my Aurelio: we, through madness,
Frame strange conceits in our discoursing brains,
And prate of things as we pretend they were.
Join help to mine, good man, and let us, listen
After this straying soul, and, till we find her,
Bear our discomfort quietly.

Aurel. So, doubtless,
She may be soon discovered.

Aur. That's spoke cheerfully.
Why there's a friend now !--Auria and Aurelio
At odds! oh! it cannot be, must not, and shall

Enter CASTANNA. But look, Castanna's here!-welcome, fair figure of a choice jewel, lock'd up in a cabinet, More precious than the public view should sully. Cast. Sir, how you are inform’d, or on what


Of prejudice against my course or custom,
Opinion sways your confidence, I know not.
Much anger, if my fears persuade not falsely,
Sits on this gentleman's stern brow; yet, sir,
If an unhappy maid's word may find credit,
As I wish harm to nobody on earth,
So would all good folks may wish none to me!

Aur. None does, sweet sister.

Cast. If they do, dear Heaven
Forgive them, is my prayer; but, perhaps,
You might conceive (and yet methinks you should

How I am faulty in my sister's absence :
Indeed 't is nothing so, nor was I knowing
Of any private speech my lord intended,
Save civil entertainment: pray, what hurt
Can fall out in discourse, if it be modest ?
Sure noblemen will show that they are such
With those of their own rank ;—and that was all
My sister can be charged with.

Aur. Is 't not, friend,
An excellent maid ?

Aurel. Deserves the best of fortunes;
I ever spoke her virtuous.

Cast. With your leave,
You used most cruel language to my sister,
Enough to fright her wits; not very kind
To me myself: she sigh'd when you were gone,
Desired no creature else should follow her;
And, in good truth, I was so full of weeping,
I mark'd not well which way she went.

Aur. Staid she not
Within the house then ?

Cast. 'Las, not she !-Aurelio Was passing rough.

Aur. Strange! nowhere to be found ?

Cast. Not yet ; but on my life, ere many hours, I shall hear from her.

Aur. Shalt thou ? worthy maid,

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