The Nursery, Volumes 21-22

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Page 44 - Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.
Page 183 - the lady has picked them all. She has dropped them down into the meadows of the town." The Little Dreamer A little boy was dreaming Upon his nurse's lap That the pins fell out of all the stars, And the stars fell into his cap. So, when his dream was over, What should this little boy do? Why, he went and looked inside his cap, And found it wasn't true.
Page 65 - ... now, surely he must be lost for ever!" — to revive at hearing his feeble shout of discovered daylight — and then (O fulness of delight!) running out of doors, to come just in time to see the sable phenomenon emerge in safety, the brandished weapon of his art victorious like some flag waved over a conquered citadel!
Page 18 - He acts upon the principle that if a thing is worth doing at all it is worth doing well : — and the thing that he " does" especially well is the public.
Page 65 - Africans of our own growth — these almost clergy imps, who sport their cloth without assumption ; and from their little pulpits, (the tops of chimneys,) in the nipping air of a December morning, preach a lesson of patience to mankind. When a child, what a mysterious pleasure it was to witness their operation ! to see a chit no bigger than...
Page 116 - WHEN cats run home and light is come, And dew is cold upon the ground, And the far-off stream is dumb, And the whirring sail goes round, And the whirring sail goes round ; Alone and warming his five wits, The white owl in the belfry sits.
Page 137 - A circle is a plane bounded by a single curved line called its circumference, every part of which is equally distant from a point within it called the centre.
Page 104 - One is tabby, with emerald eyes, And a tail that's long and slender, And into a temper she quickly flies If you ever by chance offend her. I think we shall call her this — I think we shall call her that; Now, don't you think "Pepperpot
Page 104 - You'll not learn your lesson by crying, my man, You'll never come at it by crying, my man; Not a word can you spy For the tear in your eye; Then set your heart to it, for surely you can.
Page 105 - Scratchaway "—there ! Were there ever kittens with these to compare ? And we call the old mother — now, what do you think? Tabitha Longclaws Tidleywink.

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