Miscellany [ed. by A. Macdonald and others].

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Page 430 - Lyon, with regard to government of a colony. '(Sept. 22, 1649) The quhilk day the Sessioune caused mak this act, that ther sould be no pypers at brydels,' etc. — Ibid. iii. 258, note 153. In 1719, the Presbytery of Edinburgh indignantly declares : ' Yea, some have arrived at that height of impiety, as not to be ashamed of washing in waters, and swimming in rivers upon the holy Sabbath.
Page 140 - Historical and Genealogical Account of the Principal Families of the Name of Kennedy .from an Original Manuscript, with Notes and Illustrations by H.
Page 199 - Act anent the Silver Bell. — April 1608. Item, it is concluded that ane silver bell be made of 4 oz. weight, with all diligence, for ane Horse race yearly to be appointed within this burgh, and the bounds and day for running thereof to be set down by advice of my Lord Earl of Abercorn Lord Paisley and Kilpatrick.
Page 437 - A solemn league and covenant for Reformation and Defence of Religion, the honour and happiness of the King, and the peace and safety of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Page 145 - Letter from King James VI. to the Privy Council of Scotland, and Proclamation by the Privy Council, anent the Robes of Earls, Judges, Magistrates, Churchmen, Advocates, Clerks of the Session and Signet, in the years 1606 and 1610.
Page 489 - I am informed," Dr. Jamieson adds, "that in Lothian, and perhaps in other counties, the man who had debauched his neighbour's wife was formerly forced to ride the stang.
Page 19 - Ane letter maid to Johne Gibsoun bukebinder, makand him Our Soverane Lordis Buikbinder, and gevand to him the office thairof for all the dayis of his lyfotymc, &c.
Page 492 - Stang, which has not only been practicable to this place, but in most pairts of this Kingdome, being, wee know, no Act of Parliament to the contrair', Or else if Your Lordshipe can fall on a more prudent method, wee most humbly begg Your Opinion for preventing more fatall consequences, Otherwise upon the lest disobligment given, wee must expect to fall victims to our husbands, displeasure from which Libera nos Domine.

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