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Will and Duty contradictory terms, vi, 204, 5. Our duty not

dependent on it, 205, 6. William of Normandy, extraordinary facility of his conquest

of England accounted for, x. 322. Reasons assigned for his numerous followers, 377. .Brief account of his reign, 379. Amount of his revenue, 392-401. His character,

411, 12. William III.his elevation to the throne an act not of choice but

of necessity, v. 52, 3. His judicious appointment of able men to the episcopal bench, vi. 17. The spirited address of the Commons to him respecting the war against France, viii. 155. Origin of that war, 150. Singular address with which he conducted it, 157. Address of the House of

Lords respecting it, 159. Wintoun, Lord, extracts from his trial, xiv. 305. Wisdom of the Son of Sirach, example of the sublime from it,

i. 189. Wishes, vehement, the discovery of them generally frustrates

their accomplishment, viii, 101. Wit and Judgment, difference between them, i. 106. Words, the best means of communicating the affections of the

mind, i. 162. Affect us in a manner very different from natural objects, painting, or architecture, 302. Three sorts of them, ibid. General words before ideas, 305. Effect of them, 306. Aggregate words do not necessarily operate by presenting images to the mind, 307. Exem. plified in the case of Blacklock, 309, and of Saunderson, 310. Words the only means by which many ideas have been presented to the mind, 317. Much mischief arises from them ix. 433, 4. The world much influenced by

them, xv. 21. Writers, when they act in a body, have much influence on the

publick mind, v. 210.

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Complete in 16 volumes, 8vo. With a General Index, 51. 16s.

II. The EPISTOLARY CORRESPONDENCE of the RIGHT HON. EDMUND BURKE and DR. FRENCH LAURENCE. Published from the Original Manuscripts. 8vo. 8 s. 6 d.

III. HOMERI ILIAS, chiefly from the Text of Heyne. With copious English Notes, illustrating the Grammatical Construction; the Manners and Customs, the Mythology and Antiquities of the Heroic Ages; and Preliminary Observations on Points of Classical Interest and Importance connected with Homer and his Writings. By the Rev. W. TROLLOPE, M. A. late of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and one of the Masters of Christ's Hospital. In 2 vols. 8vo.

1l. 45.

IV. The HISTORY OF ROME, Now first translated from the German of G. B. NIEBUHR. By F. A. WALTER, Esq. F.R.S.L. One of the Librarians of the British Museum. With Two large Maps. In 2 vols. 8vo. il. 45.

“ The History of Niebuhr has thrown new light on our knowledge of Roman affairs, to a degree, of which those, who are unacquainted with it, can scarcely form an adequate idea. We shall consider ourselves to have devoted some of our pages to an useful purpose if we make them instrumental in introducing the work before us to the knowledge of the British public, and in impressing our readers with a sense of its high excellence." - Quarterly Review, July 1825.

“ We have no hesitation in recommending the Translation now before us, which is executed in a vigorous style, and with a degree of fidelity and accuracy highly creditable to Mr. Walter," Monthly Review, April 1827.

V. RAMBLES in MADEIRA and PORTUGAL, during the early part of 1826. With an APPENDIX of DETAILS, illustrative of the Climate, Produce, and Civil History of the Island. In one volume, Post 8vo. With a Map of the Island of Madeira. Price gs. 6d.

VI. TWENTY-SIX VIEWS in the MADEIRAS. Executed in Stone by WeSTALL, NICHOLSON, HARDING, NASH, VILLENEUVE, GAUCI, &c. from Original Drawings. On plain or tinted Paper, 31. 38. Proofs, on India Paper, 41. 48. By the Rev. JAMES BULWER.

VII. NARRATIVE of an EXCURSION to the MOUN. TAINS of PIEDMONT, in the Year 1823, and RESEARCHES among the VAUDOIS, or WALDENSES, Protestant Inhabitants of the Cottian Alps. By WILLIAM STEPHEN GILLY, M.A. M.R.S.L. Prebendary of Durham, and Rector of North Fambridge, Essex. With Ten Views of Scenery, drawn on Stone by NICHOLSON, and Two Maps. 8vo. 18s. *** The Views may be had separately, price 6 s.

VIII. A HISTORY of the RIGHT HON. WILLIAM PITT, Earl of CHATHAM; containing his Speeches in Parliament, and his Correspondence, when Secretary of State, upon Foreign Affairs. With an Account of the principal Events connected with his Life and Administration. By the Rev. FRANCIS THACKERAY, A. M. In 2 vols. 4to. With a Portrait engraved by FINDEN. 31. 12 s.

IX. A TOUR in FRANCE, SAVOY, NORTHERN ITALY, SWITZERLAND, GERMANY, and the NETHERLANDS, in 1825. Including some Observations on the Scenery of the Neckar and the Rhine. By Seth WILLIAM STEVENSON. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 15.

X. The SPIRIT of the PLAYS of SHAKSPEARE, Exhibited in a SERIES of OUTLINE PLATES to each PLAY. Drawn and Engraved by FRANK HOWARD. Now publishing in Numbers, Price, in Demy 8vo. 12 s.; or in 4to. on India Paper, 1l. í s.- No. 1, containing the Tempest; and No. 2, containing Macbeth; and No. 3, containing As You Like It, are already published.

CHURCH of ENGLAND. Vols. I. II. III. containing the
Reigns of Henry VIII. and Edward VI. 21. 8s. By Henry
SOAMES, M. A. Rector of Shelley, Essex.
*** The fourth and concluding vol. is in the Press.

WALDENSES, Inhabitants of the Vallies of Piedmont. By
JEAN RODOLPHE PEYRAN, late Pastor of Pomaret, and Mo-
derator of the Waldensian Church. 8vo. 158. With an In-
troduction and Appendix, by the Rev. THOMAS Sims, M. A.

XIII. HORTUS ANGLICUS; or, The MODERN ENGLISH GARDEN: Containing a familiar description of all the Plants which are cultivated in the Climate of Great Britain, either for Use or Ornament, and of a Selection from the established Favourites of the Stove and Green-house ; arranged according to the System of Linnæus ; with Remarks on the Properties of the more valuable Species. By the Author of the “ BRITISH BOTANIST.” In Two volumes, 12mo. 16 s.

XIV. The BRITISH BOTANIST; or, a Familiar Introduction to the Science of Botany : Explairing the Physiology of Vegetation, and the Principles both of the artificial and natural Systems of Linnæus, and also the Arrangement of Jussieu; to which is added, a Synopsis, or View of the British Genera; in which the Derivation and Meaning of the Name of each Genus are given, the whole intended chiefly for the Use of Young Persons. With 15 Plates, 12mo. 7s. 6 d. or with the Plates coloured, 10 s. 6 d.

XV. ELEMENTS of GENERAL KNOWLEDGE, introductory to useful Books in the principal Branches of Literature and Science. With Lists of the most approved Authors; including the best Editions of the Classics. Designed chiefly for the Junior Students in the Universities, and the higher Classes in Schools. By HENRY Kett, B. D. late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford.' Ninth Edition, revised and corrected. In Two large Volumes, 8vo. Price 11. 18, in boards.

Luke Hansard & Sons,
near Lincoln's-Inn Fields, London,


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