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AGAIN the Lord of life and light...
A God! a God! the wide earth shouts.
Ah, wretched souls, who strive in vain
All nature dies, and lives again.....
All nature feels the attractive power.
All powerful, self-existent God..
All-seeing God ! 'tis thine to know.
Almighty Father ! gracious Lord !..
Almighty Father of mankind.
Almighty Maker, God!..
Almighty Maker, Lord of all !
Am I a soldier of the cross. .....
Amidst a world of hopes and fears..
And art thou with us, gracious Lord !
And is the gospel peace and love ?..
And now another day is gone...........
And now to Heaven's eicinal King ·
Angel, roll the rock away y!
Another six days' work is done..
Arise, my soul, on wings sublime.
As pants the hart for cooling streams.
At length, by certain proofs, 't is plain ·
Author of good ! we rest on thee..
Awake, ny soul ! and with the sun....
Awake, my soul ! lift up thine eyes.
Awake, my soul ! stretch every nerve.
Awake, my soul, to hymns of praise.
Awake, our souls ; away, our fears.
Away from every mortal care...
BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne..
Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme.
Behold th' amazing sight.
Behold the corner stone...
Behold the grace appears ·
Behold, the morning sun........
Behold the Prince of peace
Behold, where breathing love divine..

Page - Barbauld. 310

Darwin. 371 Mrs. Steele. 238 Edinburgh Coll. 451

· Drennan. 230 Walker's Coll. 361

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Logan. 253

Watts. 325 Select Coll. 402

Watts. 239 Henry Moore. 241

Doddridge. 214 Mrs. Steele. 384

· Watts. 305 Barlow. 141

.. Scott. 386 Stennett. 129 Gibbons. 258


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51 Merrick. 414

- Kenn. 302 Barbauld. 396 Doddridge. 399 Merrick. 344

Watts. 216
Watts. 135




Watts. 313

Watts. 181 Doddridge. 187

Watts. 191
Watts. 183

Watts. 131 Needham. 374 · Barbauld. 393

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Behold, where in a mortal form ..

· Enfield. 385
Beset with snares and filled with dread.

Doddridge. 209
Be thou, O God! exalted high...

Bless God, my soul ! thou, Lord alone

Bless, O my soul ! the living God.

Watts. 180
Blest are the humble souls, that see.

Watts. 203
Blest are the sons of peace..

· Watts. 229
Blest be the everlasting God.

Watts. 190
Blest Instructer, from thy ways

Merrick. 433
Blest is the man who fears the Lord.

Watts. 483
Blest is the man, whom thou, O Lord

CAN creatures to perfection find.

Watts. 154
Come, let us search our ways and try

Watts. 228
Come, Lord, and warm each languid heart

Come ! said Jesus' sacred voice.

Barbauld. 435
Come, sound his praise abroad.

IVatts. 160
Come, thou Almighty King !

· Emerson's Coll. 133
Consider that the righteous man.
Continue, Lord, to hear my voice.

DEFEND me, Lord, from shame.

Dost thou my worthless name record.

Scott. 201
EAT, drink, in

memory of


Dublin Coll. 459
Enough of life's vain scene I've trod.

· Walker. 217
Enquire, ye pilgrims, for the


Doddridge. 279
Eternal and immortal King !

Doddridge. 382
Eternal God ! Almighty Cause.

Brown. 152
Eternal God ! how frail is nan !

Watts. 457
Eternal God! I bless thy name.

Doddridge. 290
Eternal Sire, enthroned on high !

Williams' Coll. 413
Eternal Source of every joy !..

- Doddridge. 465
Eternal Source of life and light....

Cappe's Select. 348
Exalt the Lord, our gracious God....

FAITH adds uew charms to earthly bliss.

Turner. 398
Faith is the brightest evidence.

Watts. 220
Far from these scenes of night.

Mrs. Steele. 455
Far from the world, O Lord, I flee..

Cowper, 410
Far from thy servants, God of grace.

· Doddridge, 232
Father, adored in worlds above !.

Pope's Coll. 352
Father, and is thy table spread.

Doddridge. 284
Father divine ! the Saviour cried ..Butcher and Watts. 186
Father of all ! eternal mind

· Exeter Coll. 350
Father of all ! in every age.

Pope. 348
Father of all ! omniscient mind!

Blacklock. 353
Father of light, conduct my feet...

Smart. 236
Father of lights, my footsteps guide •

Scott. 237.

Father of light ! we sing thy name.....

- Doddridge. 174
Father of mercies ! in thy word..

Watts and Steele. 199
Father of our feeble race..

Taylor. 394
Folly builds high upon the sand.

Smart. 235
Frail life of man, how short its stay.

· Henry Moore. 271
From all that dwell below the skies

Watts. 317
From lowest depths of woe...



GIVE to our God immortal praise..

Watts. 179
Glorious in thy saints appear •

Cambridge Select. 140
Glory be to God on high !.......

- Walker's Coll. 319
Glory be to God on high !.

Walker's Coll. 343
Glory to thee, my God, this night.

........ Kenn. 306
God does his saving health dispense •

God in his earthly temples lays..

Exeter Coll. 139
God in the Gospel of his Son.

Beddome. 201
God in the great assembly stands.

God is a Spirit, just and wise..

Watts. 137
God moves in a mysterious way.

Cowper. 419
God of eternity ! from thee.

Doddridge. 447
God of mercy! God of love !....

Taylor. 440
God of my childhood and my youth.

Watts. 412
God of my life ! through all its days.

Doddridge. 144
God of the morning, at whose voice

· Watts. 299
God of the Sabbath, hear our vows...

Doddridge. 309
God reigns, events in order flow.

· Scott. 169
God to correct the world...

Jervis. 470
God who is just and kind..

Patrick. 414
Great Author of all nature's frame.

Scott. 219
Great Author of th' immortal mind.

Rippon's Coll. 225
Greatest of beings ! Source of life.

Dyer. 320
Greatest of beings ! Source of life.

Dyer. 321
Great Former of this various frame

Doddridge. 261
Great Framer of unnumbered worlds.

Dyer. 469
Great God, at whose all powerful call. · Enfield's Selection. 294
Great God, beneath whose piercing eye.

- Roscoe. 289
Great God, how infinite art thou !.

Watts, 360
Great God! how vast is thine abode !....

..Jervis. 166
Great God, in vain man's narrow view..

Kippis. 352
Great God, let all our tuneful powers....... Heginbotham. 293
Great God, my early vows to thee.

... Rowe. 304
Great God of grace, accept my prayer.

Walker's Coll. 233
Great God ! our joyful thanks to thee..

Browne. 340
Great God ! thy peerless excellence..

· Browne. 383
Great God, we sing that mighty hand.

Doddridge. 291
Great God! whose all pervading eye

Watts. 390
Great God whose universal sway.

Watts. 376


Great Lord of angels! we adore.

Doddridge. 476
Great Ruler of all nature's frame !

· Doddridge. 415
Great Ruler of the earth and skies

Mrs. Steele. 472
Great Source of life, our souls confess •

Doddridge. 175
HAD I the tongues of Greeks and Jews

Watts. 223
Had not the Lord, our tribes may say

l'appy is he, whose early years.

Watts. 251
Happy the man, whose cautious steps

Needham. 227
Happy the man, whose tender care.....

Happy the meek whose gentle breast........

Scott. 391
Hark the glad sound ! the Saviour comes ! · Doddridge. 378
Has God forever cast us off..........,

Have mercy, Lord, on me....

Hear, O my people! to my law.

Hear what God, the Lord, hath spoken.

Cowper. 194
Hear what the voice from heaven proclaims.

Watts. 451
Heavenly Father ! Sovereign Lord !.. Salisbury Coll. 136
He dies! the friend of sinners dies..

Watts. 189
He reigns ! the Lord Jehovah reigns..

Watts. 156
He's blest, whose sins have pardon gained.

He that has God his guardian rade..

High in the heavens, eternal God!

Watts. 157
How are thy servants blest, O Lord !

- Addison. 365
How blest are they, who always keep

How blest is he who ne'er consents.

How blest the sacred tie that binds..

Barbauld. 392
How blest thy creature is, o God.

Cowper. 205
How good and pleasant must it be.

How happy is he born and taught.

Sir W. Wotton. 407
How rich thy gifts, Almighty King !

· Kippis. 471
How short and hasty is our life

Watts. 266
How still and peaceful is the grave.

Edinburgh Coll. 450
How vain are all things here below.

Watts. 257
How vast is the tribute I owe...

Jervis. 426
How vast must their advantage be.

IF solid happiness we prize.

Cotton. 408
I'll bless Jehovah's glorious name..

Miss Daye. 137
Imposture shrinks from light...

Scott. 387
In all my vast concerns with thee.

Watts. 155
Indulgent God, whose bounteous care......... Liverpool Coll. 305
Iu sleep's serene oblivion laid.

Hawkesworth. 482
In thee I put my steadfast trust....

In the soft season of thy youth.

Salisbury Coll. 411
In vain opposing nations rage.

. Patrick. 289
In vain the erring world inquires. •

Steele. 212
JEHOVAH bids the morning ray..

. Dublin Coll. 298

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