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ALMIGHTY FATHER, at whose word

This breathing world arose,
By whom the simplest prayer is heard,

That lisping childhood knows.
Why should Thy gracious ear refuse

To listen while I kneel?
Oh! grant that I may never use

One word I do not feel.
Forbid that I should dare to raise

My little hands to sin;
Teach me, O Lord, that prayer and praise

Must all be felt within.
The shades of night have passed away,

And thou hast guarded me-
Incline me through another day

To give myself to Thee.
Thou know'st, O Lord, that this world bath

So much that soon endears,
Thou see'st what dangers fill the path

Of one so young in years.
Oh! may Thy mercy be my song,

Thy service my delight;
Lead me away from what is wrong,

And teach me what is right.
For Jesus' sake, Thy love bestow-

Be all my sins forgiven;
In - wisdom” may I daily grow,
And thus prepare for Heaven.



A CHILD'S EVENING PRAYER. REMEMBER NOW THY CREATOR IN THE DAYS OF THY YOUTH." FATHER, Thou art great and holy, I have friends who love me dearly,

But Thou’lt hear an infant pray; And may all I say and do Pardon all the guilt and folly

Show them I would try sincerely Thou hast seen in me to-day.

Both to love and please them too. Mercies vast, and without number,

'Twas my dear Redeemer gave me Have been all bestowed by Thee,

Heart thus early to begin And amidst these hours of slumber

Loving One who died to save me May I still protected be.

From the penalty of sin. Health and strength, and ev'ry blessing, Oh! when clouds that gather o'er me I enjoy by Thee alone,

Break beneath the morning ray, Free to use, and yet possessing

May I spend the hours before me ing I can call my own.

Better than I've done to-day.


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