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Тнв present Volume was ready Air the pre« tu the »ame time with the otherj hut cireumatanoes, of no interest to any one hul the I'uhliaher, have prevented it» appearame till now, One of the critica who have favoured the that Volume with their notice, rebukes it for being an illusive, unsatisfactory developement of our Phovbubs J iilHomntl)/ (1 will not suppose intentionally) mistatlng the expressed objeot of this Essay, in which not only no one Prqvhr« is contained, hut in which no auch subject Is even alluded tu, by the title or in any one paragraph in any of ita pagea. In the very mat page of the Volume, •• Phrate» and Sayimi», which, Äy their liteml Jbrm, do «or bear out the meaning they are used in, and ter»» not yet »atinflwtorilf/ aoiWHted for" are announced tta the object of this Eaauy. How, then, can the illustration of Pnovtmua be (bisted in as any part of the design, unless through sheer ignorance or purposed misrepresentation.

Of the term Provhrb, I am in charity bound to suppose the above critic is the only Englishimtu who iloes not Wiiiiw the meuuiitg, or else I sltould

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