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In the House of Commons, Regulations respecting the Sale of Flour, and the

Making of Bread.--Motions by Mr. Lechmere and Mr. Whitbread, re-
Jpecting the Causes of the Scarcity of Wheaten Flour, and the Hardships
incident to the Labouring Poor.-Negatived.---Bill for Encouraging the
Cultivation of Waste Lands.--Motions for the Support of the Land and Sea
Service -Strictures on the Conduct of Nlinistry in the War Department.-
Replied to buy Mr. Wimdham.--Debates on the Erellion of Barracks.-
A Statement of the Expences of 1796, amounting from twenty-seven to



tuenty-eight Millions flerling.--Debates concerning the Ternis of the Loan,
--Vote approving the Conduct of the Minister on this Subject.-Nezo
Taxes.--Debates thereon.-Message from the King, intimating his Dija
position to enter into a Negociation with the present Government of France,

- An Address mored, expresing the Readiness of the House to concur in
such a Measure.- Amendment thereon, moved by Mr. Sheridan.--This
rejected, and the Address carried.- Motion for Peace, by Mr. Grey.-


Fird Cares and Employment of the French Directory.-Determination to

keep alive the Martial Spirit of the French Nation. And to Extend their
Vitories as far as polable.-But, at the same Time to make a fheue of
Pacific Inclinations.-Prepurations for War on the Part of the Allies.-
Attempt towards Negociation between the French and the Allies at Basie,
in Switzerland.-Rupture threatened between the French and Swiss Can-
tons.- Prevented. Plan of Directory for Military Operations.--Alari-

feßo of Charette.--Revival of the War in La Vendée.--New Complexion

of this.- Total Defeat of the Infurgents.-Capture and Execution of Cha-

rette and Stoflet.-Manifesto of the Directory for Refiraining the Crueities

of their Soldiers.-Lenient Measures.-Good Effects of these

Address of the Directory to the French Armies.-Determination to carry the

War into Italy.Difficulties to be encountered in carrying this Plan into
Execution.-Buonaparte.The French Army, under his Command, makes

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Exultation of the French at the Successes of their Armies.-Their Army in

Italy animated by the Praises of their Countrymen, and the Conversation
as éell as the Proclamations of Buonaparte to a high Passion for Glory.
Enter the Duchy of Modena.--Spoliation of Monuments of Antiquity and
Art.--Abhorrence of the Italian Nobility and Clergy towards the French
greater than that of the inferior Classes.-A general Insurrection, ready to
break out, quashed by the l'igilance and Promptitude of Buonaparte. --The
Auftrians, under General Beaulieu, with the Connivance of the Venetians,
take Pofession of Peschiera.-Buonaparte advances against Beaulieu, cho
retreats to the Tyroiere. --The Venetians tremble before the French.--Dif-
miss from their Territories the Brother of the late King and Claimant of the
Crown of France.Buonaparte takes Potefion of Verona.-Blockades
Mantua.--Prepares to march into the Tyroleje.--Detained by Insurrections
in the Distries, known under the Name of Imperial Fiefs.--Thefe being

Suppressed, he carries his sirms to the Southward.--Reduces Tortona, Bo-

logna, and Urbino.- Menaces Rome. Armistice beltecen the Pope and

Buonaparte. -Sufpenfion of Hoflilities with Naples.--Buonaparte the Friend

and Patron of Men of Learning and Science --Ambitious Views of the ..

French Republic.-Infurrection in Lugo.--Quelled, and the City reduced by

the French.-- The Blockade of Mantua converted into a close Siege.-Raised

by Marshal IF urmser.-- Alions betæreen te French Army and that of the

Auftriuns, reinforced by Detachments from Mantua.-Remarkable Infance

of Presence of Mind in Buonaparte.-The Hustrians driten back beyond the



Italiari Moos èxited dgding the French.--Suppressed by a Terror of the
i.clorious French.- Jarhal Warmfer, pursued by Buonaparte, retreatş

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Campaign in Germany.-Oppofile Desgns of the French and Auftrians.-

Succeljes of the French.--They inte/t Ehrenbrificin.-Driren back, by the

Archduke Charles, lo Dusseldorf.-The Division of the French Army under

Aloreau takes Pop at Strasburg:- The Plan of Operations proposed by this

General.-Crosses the Rhine.--Reduces the fortreys of kell.-Defeats the

Aujirians, under Marshal Wurmfer, near Philipsburg.-And in various

and successive Engagements.--The Auftrians retire, in order to wait fer

Reinforcements, into the Interior of Germany.-Juelion of the French

Troops under Jourdan and Kleber:--These united reduce Frankfort.-

Succeffes of Alorcau in Szeabia --Cessation of Hoflilities belu'cen the French

and the Princes of Wirtemberg and Baden.Conduct of Prufia.- A Pruijian

Army takes Pollefion of Nuremberg. Impolicy of the French in the Mode

of raijing Contributions.-Cause of this.-Depredations of the French in

Germany.--Operations of the French Armies under Moreau and Jourdan.-

Di fafters of ihe Aufirians.-- The Emperor represents the Situation of

Germany, and his own Situation, in an Appeal to his Bohemian and Hunga-

rian Subjects.-Diet of the Empire.--Partakes of the general Confternation

of Germany.--Determination to open a Negociation for Peace with France.

--The Tide of Success turned agains the French by the Germans, under the

Archduke Charles.-Obstinate Engagements.-aferly Retreat of the

French Armies. -- Particularly of that under Moreau.---Consequences.-

The Auftrians occupied in the Siege of Kehl.-Saliy of the Garrison there.

l'arious ' Adions.--Armijlice between the French and Austrians.-

The Diet of the Empire re-unimaied by the enterprizing Spirit and Success

of the Archdiche Charles, folicilous lo regain the l'avour of the Imperial


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