John Buncle, junior, gentleman [by T.Cogan, Volume 1

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Page 113 - And thick around the woodland hymns arise. Roused by the cock, the soon-clad shepherd leaves His mossy cottage, where with peace he dwells ; And from the crowded fold, in order, drives His flock, to taste the verdure of the morn.
Page 140 - of it, the Fellow, The reft is all but leather and Prunella...
Page 55 - And-flow'rs fpontaneous fpring before her, Where you and I all day might travel, And meet with nought but fand and gravel ; But poets have a piercing eye. And many pretty things can fpy, Which neither you nor I can fee, But then the fault's in you and me.
Page 197 - Cut off the heads of too faft growing " fprays, " That look too lofty in our...
Page 47 - Si les fléaux de la guerre sont inévitables, ne nous haïssons pas, ne nous déchirons pas les uns les autres dans le sein de la paix, et employons l'instant de notre existence à bénir également en mille langages divers, depuis Siam...
Page 9 - ... reading a line of it ; indeed, he boasts that he has not read a book since he left school ; but he knows his trade ; he has a flair for a title, and a book with a good title will have a clear run of three weeks before the reviews get at it. In the case of " slight summer readings," publications that " are to be devoured immediately — like a morning paper, or a hot roll...
Page 189 - Thof I ant now the man I was, I'll fight for Old England as long as there .is a drop of blood left in this old carcafe of mine ; and I'll ftand up for the Church too, agen all the Prefhyterian fons of hitches in the nation, as long as my name's John Marlow, that I «»/? I'll be damn'd if I don't.
Page 56 - I would earneftly recommend to thee, as the mod agreeable method of efcaping the thorns and briars .of a troublefome world, which are fo apt to prick and tear every fenfible heart. But although my parents had thus phyfically united in my compofition their own oppifitf excellencies, yet they both contributed towards forming me of an amorous complexion ; for which I am.
Page 191 - Thofe, who perhaps are of decent and honourable deportment, in all the concerns of private life, feem ztfuch feafons, to glory in acting the parts of deceitful knaves ; and without pretending to a difpenfation from any Pope, mutually confent to be guilty of as great a quantum of wickednefs, at thefe carnivals, as the moft indulgent Pope ever had the infolence to parpardon!
Page 56 - I lhare fome 2 portion portion of his enthufiaftic love of Truth. The calmnefs and moderation, for which my good mother was fo exemplary, has, on the other hand, happily qualified that warmth and impetuofity of temper, which was amongft the chief foibles of my old gentleman. So that I have always found myfelf more...

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