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The Catholic Revival at Home.

For Mr. and Mrs. Loyson, the monk and his “lady," he came before the ex-Judge of the Divorce Court on Thursday. Three

counsel appeared on behalf of the prosecutors, viz., Dr. Stephens, Q.C., piles up adjectives of admiration. In Dis-union he delights.

Mr. B. Shaw, and Mr. Blakesley. Mr. Tooth ignores the jurisdiction of But an attempt at Re-union on its only intelligible basis, the Court and did not appear either personally or by counsel, and after Authority, he characterizes as “criminal folly”! We may his name had been thrice called over by an elderly man dressed in black, well enquire what it is that the Scottish Guardian professes

and no response being forthcoming the ex-Judge of the Divorce Court

proceeded to hear the complaints brought against Mr. Tooth. The or pretends to guard ?

charges are eighteen in pumber, as to illegal vestments, using incense, baving a mixed chalice, adopting the eastward position, having his back to the congregation ; kneeling during the prayer of consecration ; using wafer bread ; making the sign of the cross; having the hymn “ Agnus

Dei” (“Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world ") sung; The Civil Authorities of the Isle of Man have made a formal com

| partaking of the sacrament when less than three persons were present,

having a great bell tolled during the Communion Service, with having plaint because Dr. Powys, the Bishop of that See, bas been absent from

lighted candles held by persons in cassocks and surplices, with wearing his Diocese for more than two years.

a belt, and with having images near the altar. Further, that

since the consecration he has had a large crucifix in the nave, near We learn, on the authority of an English clergyman, that, at the

the pulpit, and has had a second altar. After hearing some evidence, recent great festival held at the Grotto of Lourdes, two wonderful the 'ex-Divorce Judge said he would reserve his judgement.--The miracles of healing were wrought-cures undoubted, sudden, and case against the Vicar of St. Vedast Foster, City, comes on for hearing complete.

to-morrow (Thursday.) The Rev. Crauford Tait, M.A., who was only ordained Priest last year,

NEW CHURCHES AND CONSECRATIONS. --Last week the Bishop of Oxford

consecrated the chapel of the Saviour in Bier-lane, Windsor, as a and has had po parochial experience, has just been appointed to the

chapel of ease to Holy Trinity, Windsor, the first stone of which was Vicarage of Cheriton, in Kent, worth nearly £900 a-year. It is reported

laid last November by the Princess Christian, who was among the couthat the Archbishop of Canterbury has made a private exchange with gregation. The Bishop celebrated the Blessed Sacrament, and was also Mr. Brockman, the Patron, who is to fill up the Living of Wrotham, or the preacher both at the morning and afternoon services, when the some other equally good, in the Archbishop's gift, at its next vacancy.

hymns were accompanied by a military band.—A church, to be called

St. Eminanuel, is about to be erected at West Dulwich, and the cornerIt is stated that Mr. Howarth, the Rector of St. George's, Hanover- stone has been laid by Mr. Francis Peek, a munificent donor to the new square, is about to resign his influential Living, and that a very able edifice. The religious portion of the ceremony was conducted by the man, the Rev. Robinson Thornton, D.D., elder brother of Bishop

Bishop of Guildford.-On Saturday the foundation-stone of the vicarage

to be attached to St. Agnes' Church, Kennington-park, now in course of Thornton, will succeed him. Dr. Thornton, who was sometime Fellow

erection and shortly to be opened, was laid by Canon Gregory, in the of St. John's, Oxford, and Curate of St. Thomas's, Oxford, was a double

presence of a numerous body of the clergy, members of the congregation first-classman twenty years ago. It is an excellent appointment. of St. Agnes, and others.-Bishop Tufnell, acting for the Bishop of

Rochester, has re-consecrated the church of St. Nicholas, Colchester, CHURCHMEN AND THE P.W.R. ACT.-On Thursday evening the first which has been restored from designs by Sir Gilbert Scott, who, at the of a series of Conferences of Churchmen was held at New Cross, with subsequent luncheon, said that the north aisle was the old pave and the view of inaugurating a movement for the repeal of the P.W.R. Act. charcol, and that in the restoration he had not discarded or thrown There was a large and enthusiastic attendance, and resolutions were away one jot or tittle of the old work. The church has been very passed pledging the meeting to endeavour to effect the repeal of the greatly enlarged, and is in future to be the parish church for the united Act, and also to aid any clergymen that may feel it their duty to decline parishes of St. Nicholas and St. Runwald, the church of the latter, to recognize the Court of Lord Penzance.

wbich stands in the middle of the High-street, being shortly to be taken THE BISHOPRIC OF CALCUTTA.—We hear that the delay which has down.-A new church, situated in the grounds of the ancient Beoedicoccurred in filling up the Bishopric of Calcutta, vacant by the death of

tine Abbey, dedicated to St. Peter, has been erected at Spalding, in the Dr. Robert Milman, arises from the circumstance that a proposition is

Diocese of London, and was last week consecrated by the Bishop of the under the consideration of the Government for the formation of another

Diocese who preached a remarkably striking sermon on the occasion. new Indian Bishopric, the seat of which shall be at Lahore, (hus taking THE LAY PROTEST AGAINST THE P.W.R. Act.-On Monday evening from the existing Diocese of Calcutta an immense amount of territory and there was a most enthusiastic and largely attended meeting of Lay many important districts which a Bishop of Calcutta, having the present Churchmen held at Cannon-street Hotel to consider what steps should jurisdiction, could scarcely ever hope personally to visit.

be taken to prevent the just liberties of the laity being restricted or CROSSES ON THE ALTAR.— The Lord Chancellor delivered judgment

taken away, or the P.W.R. Act being enforced against the clergy, with in the Judicial Committee, on Tuesday week, in the case of Masters v.

special reference to the case of St. Vedast Foster, City. The chair was Durst, which involved the question of crosses on the altar. The

occupied by Mr. Freeman, who made a capital speech, and pointed out Vicar of St. Margaret's, Lynn, Norfolk, had erected a moveable

that the meeting had been called to exercise the right of English cross on the re-table over the altar in the church, which had been

laymen in protesting against the working of what they considered an removed by the parishioners' charchwarden. It was urged, on the part unjust, and oppressive Act, in direct violation of Magna Charta. The of the Rev. Mr. Durst, that only fixed crosses bad been condemned.

magnitude of the meeting was, he said, in itself evidence of the strong Their lordships could not arrive at such a conclusion, but were of opinion

feeling entertained on this subject. The first resolution was proposed that the cross, in the position which it occupied while in the church, was

in a telling speech by Mr. Stafford C. Northcote. It was as follows:forbidden by law; and they decided that the suit should be dismissed. As

“That the Public Worship Regulation Act, being a direct infringement both parties had been in the wrong in acting without a faculty, they

of the rights of the laity of the Church of England, and an attempt to

interfere with their constitutional liberty of worship, this meeting refused costs.

pledges itself to do its utmost to obtain the repeal of the Act." Mr. CHURCHES RESTORED AND REOPENED.-The ancient church of St.

Northcote was interrupted more than once in the course of his remarks Mary de Crypt, Gloucester, which was erected by Robert Chichester, a

by a gentleman in the body of the hall, who was eventually ejected. Bishop of Exeter, “upon the site of some tenements held by his

Mr. Fifoot, in seconding the resolution, remarked upon the importance predecessor Osborne," has been thoroughly restored and reopened, the

of getting together a body of Eoglish laymen, in whose hands the Bishop of the Diocese officiating on the occasion. The church is the

future of the Church of England was vested, and in obtaining their largest and one of the most beautiful in the city of Gloucester. In the

opinions. The clergy were the trustees of the laity, whose inheritance burial ground lie the remains of Robert Raikes, the founder of Sunday

should be held free from probate duty (cheers and laughter). No power schools. During the civil war in the reign of Charles I., the city was

could take away from the laity that spiritual property save the Power besieged by the Royalists, and the church was struck by a spent cannon

by whom it had been bestowed. Mr. Layman, of St. Alban's, Holboro, ball near the east window. The marks made by the ball are still visible.

moved the second resolution in a speech which elicited continual -The Bishop of Lincoln has reopened the churches of Branston and

applause. It ceriainly was the most effective speech of the evening. Navenby in his Diocese. At the latter church the Bishop of Hereford

Not 60 much from what Mr. Layman said himself, though that was the preacher, Mr. Hays, the Rector, having been one of his Curates

was good, but from the fact of his reading several extracts from at Leeds, and the Master of Christ's College, Cambridge, was one of the

a pamphlet written by the Bishop of Carlisle when he was Dean speakers at the subsequent luncheon.

of Ely, wherein he stated that there could be no doubt whatever THE LATE MRS. J. C. TALBOT.-The following announcement has

that what were termed "the Eucharistic Vestments" were legal and been made:-“It has been felt by some friends and relations of the late

should be worn in every parish church in the kingdom. Mr. Layman Mrs. J. C. Talbot that a life so valuable to all who knew her, and exer

also quoted from the Bishop's speech in the House whilst the Bill cising for many years so wide an influence in many channels of religious

was passing through Parliament, namely, that where he found the thought and work, should not be left to pass away without some memorial,

Communicants of the parish wished these vestments to be worn, he It is thought that many of those who have been brought in contact with

would not allow proceedings to be taken against the clergyman on the her either through the intimacy of personal friendship, or by a common

complaint of three so-called “aggrieved” parishioners. The resolution interest in the objects to which her time, strength, and money were

was as follows:-" That until such repeal is obtained, and inasmuch as chiefly given, will welcome an opportunity of showing their love and

no proceedings can be carried into court under the Public Worship Reguregard for her memory, especially if this can be done in connection with

lation Act without the direct concurrence of the archbishops or bishops, one of the great Church works, the success of which lay nearest to her

they be earnestly entreated to refuse any concurrence in proceedings heart. With this end in view, it is proposed to found a scholarship at

under this Act." Mr.J. Turner moved, and Captain Furtescue seconded, Keble College, Oxford, to receive the name of “The Caroline Talbot

the third resolution :-" That this meeting pledges itself to do its utinost Scholarship," or such other game as may be thought desirable. To carry

to aid any clergyman prosecuted under the Public Worship Rögulation out this object it has been ascertained that a sum of £2,000 should be

Act, should temporal punishment ensue upon his refusal to recognize obtained, the interest of which would maintain a scholarship of sufficient

the court instituted uoder the Act, inasmuch as the said court is a value.”

secular court attempting to exercise spiritual authority." All the resoTHE CASE OF THE REV, ARTHUR TOOTH.—The prosecution by the lutions were carried with unanimity, only one person objecting, Church Association of the Rev. A. Tooth, Vicar of St. James's, Hatcham, and this one individual, doubtless a member of the Church Association, elicited much laughter by holding up his hand against each proceedings of the Royal Commission are open for the inspection of all resolution. We certainly were much surprised and gratified at who desire to read them. Among those examined by the Commissioners finding the meeting so largely attended. At least, from 1,500 to 2,000 was Dr. Legg, professor of anatomy at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. He pe. sons were present, and not as it bas been so often stated by mere stated that, among other experiments, he operated on sixteen cats, some boys and beardless youths. Of the whole assembly we only saw two of which lingered eight, ten, seventeen, and twenty-three days. The boys present, and they were evidently over 15 years of age, but the animals, he added, suffered very little pain after the bile ducts had been average was from 30 up to over 60. And they were all evidently in ligatured. If we turn to the “ St. Bartholomew's Hospital Reports" earnest, " terribly in earnest,” as oue speaker advised them to be, ard to (vol. ix., pp. 161-81) we find a detailed account of these experiments, in do all they could, to work, and agiiate, agitate, and agitare, as the which the cats died a slow death of twenty-five days, and wbich caused Archbishop of Canterbury had advised the meeting of “Working Men,” | very little pain. First, we find that cats were used in preference to dogs, till they got the obnoxious Act repealed. The speeches (wbich we have | because the former are more tenacious of life than the latter-that is to not attempted to give even an outline of) were all short, vigorous and to say, can suffer more pain without the pain actually killing them. Dogs the point. They showed that the Catholic Faith had a grievance, and live only five to ten days after the operation, whereas cats live as long as were determined to get that grievance removed. The key-note of the 25 days. Dr. Legg next proceeds to tell us that had he to repeat these whole was that, If the Bishops were determined to “ stamp out Ritual. experiments, he “should choose only young, not fully-grown, animals, ism”-a feat they would never accomplish- the Catholic laity were and a warm time of the year. Though tbe cats were kept in a warm determined to crush out Erastianism. The proceedings were brought to place, and the January of this year was mild, yet three of them were a close by tbe formation of a Committee to carry the Resolutions into found dead one inorning, after a slight frost in the night." Then follows effect, and with a vote of thanks to the Chairmao.

the hideous details of the operations. The animal was first secured io & FRAGMENTA VARIA.—The Bishop of London has consecrated a portion

Czermak's holder_itself a horrible instrument of torture—10 prevent of the parochial cemetery at Hammersmith for i he turial of Churcbmen.

the creature from making any movement, and chloroform given largely, A part remains unconsecrated for the use of Diesenters and Unbelievers.

so as to secure a deep narcosis. “This latter point,” remarks Dr. Legg, -The festival of the Clewer Sisterhood was held last week, the Bishop

“is worthy of attention ; for, unless the animal be completely under of Ely being the preacher. The attendance of friends was large, but

the influence of chloroform, the bowels are apt to prolapse, and interfere the alms given were £200 below the average.—Lady Wiiloughby de

with the success of the operation. It is cut open to expose its interior. Eresby has given £500 towards the restoration of Skendleby Church,

The stomach and duodenum are pushed aside. The bile duct is tied in near Spilsby.-We bear from the Record that the Rev. S. Minton,

two places and cut. Then the belly walls were brought together with an unattached Clergyman, has been preaching in a Dissenting meeting

ordinary sutures, and the wretched cat left to linger on until it died, house' at Birmingham.—The Rev. J. Moorhouse, Bishop-desigpate of

| unless, as in some cases, a second operation was performed upon it.” Melbourne, has been presented by his parishion, rs of Paddington with

Dr. Legg tells us that the cause of death in these creatures is very a purse containing £900, and a pair of branch caodl sticks, the whole

obscure. Blondlot and many others attribute it to peritonitis. But valued at £1,053.-We regret to hear that the Bishop of Rochester is

peritonitis-inflammation of the bowels-is a disease which causes, very unwell.—Some much-needed improvements have taken place in

perhaps, more pain than any other to wbich flesh is heir. Yet Dr. Legg the mode of celebrating Divine Service in the parish church of Margate.

did not hesitate to declare before the Royal Commissioners that these During the past week an octave of services bas been held in connection

animals "suffered very little pain after the bile ducts had been ligatured." with the restoration of the church; the choir are vested in surplices;

Such is one fact; it is not "false,” for it is the evidence of Dr. Legg Evening Communions have been abolished; the seats are now all free and

himself; it is not "exaggerated," for the report is Dr. Legg's own. open, and a beautiful stope pulpit has been placed in the church with

Per haps it is "sentimental" to consider such operations cruel; but of figures of SS. John, Peter, and Paul.-Last week on the occasion of the

that the public must be the judge. “Humanity” is a word which must second triennial festival of the Salisbury Diocesan Training College

be defined by the opinion, and judged of by the conscience of the indisome new buildings were opened and were dedicated by the Bishop, the

vidual. But if with this case before them and it is but one of many—the Bishop of Maritsburg being also present. Canon Ashwell, who was the medical profession, represented by the many men of science who crowded preacher, dwelt on the rapid rise of theological colleges as a proof of

the rooms and corridors of the Home Office last Monday, lay it down as the Church reviral going on in our midsi.- The Rev. Godfrey Bird, who

their deliberate judgment that the Royal Commission "failed to elicit attained bis 801h year on Saturday week, has resigned the Rural

evidence of even a single instance of want of humanity among the Denpery of Mersea, to which he was appointed by Bishop Blomfield

professors and teachers of the medical schools of Great Britain," they when Essex was in the London Diocese, and he bas since served under

will surely find that the large majority of Englishmen—who, Sir Bishops Money Wigram, and Claoghton.-The late Vicar of Windsor William Withey Gull informs us, are naturally humane—are of a very established very successfully Sunday classes for the children of the different opinion.

ONE OF THEM. middle classes, which were held in the Town Hall. This has given umbrage to certain Dissenters, and it is said that the municipal

NEO-RITUALISTIC RANT. authorities are about to withdraw the privilege from the new Vicar

Sir,--Is it pot worse than nonsense to talk, as one of your contempo, of holding these services - The Archdeacon of Middlesex, the Rev. G.

raries has lately been doing, of “no person with the faintest gleam of IIodson, Mr. A. W. Hall, M.P., and Mr. Philip Cazenove have been

intelligence," " no one out of Hanwell becoming a Roman Catholic ?" elected members of the Committee of the National Society. It is Has not such swet ping misrepresentation eventually led many to secede? reported that the offer of £1,200 towards the founding of the Bishopric

They have been taught all their lives that Roman Catholics are scounof Cornwall emadates from Lady Rolle.- The Flavel Cook Defence and drels, idiots and dolts, till one day they meet with a devoted earnest Testimonial Funds were closed on Tui sday. Towards paying the priest, or a spiritual book, and the revulsion is so strong that they are expenses of the Personality-of-the-Devil dispute £1.100 was raised, and

carried away and are received." for the Testimonial Fund, pearly £1,500.-At the Wem Chapter held at Let us state the case fairly and honestly and we shall gain in the end. Morelon Corbet, the Rural Dean in the chair, it was unanimously The arguments on the Roman side are many and strong, and the conresolved to petition Parliament, stating that, while respecting the righis troversy is not to be settled by jaunty off-band assertion. Where is of conscience, the principle laid down in 1839 should be re-affirined, viz., there among our Bishops one fit to hold a candle to Cardioul Mauning? that no system of national education can be held to be satisfactory but What theologian have we like Dr. Newman? Is Lord Ripon, a statessuch as is based on the teaching of Holy Scripture, and praying man of mature age, only fit for Hanwell? What shall we say of Parliament to devise such means as may scem filtist to give effect to

Lacordaire, Besson, Vianney, and a host of other saintly men who have that principle. It is proposed to celebrate the twentieth vear of the lived and died in communion with Rome in our own day? Truth is not Episcopate of the Bishop of Ripon, by placing his Lordship's portrait promoted by the suppression of the truth, or by shameless repetition of in the episcopal palace to remain there as an heirloom.- A handsome untruths. lych-gate, has just been placed at the entrance to the “God's acre" of Men are still going over to Rome, priests and laymen, men hard to the Parish Church, Old Windsor. The gate is a parting gift from the replace. It is said they are young and uoknown men. It may be Jate Vicar, Mr. Blunt, to his old parishioners.-A memorial has been replied, men of middle age, trammelled with wife and children, and high presented to the Bishop of St. David's by some of the Welsh-speaking place, have strong inducements to endure and wait and hope, not to say inhabitants of Swansea, prayiug him not to institute to the vacant to quash convictions, but younger men are free to act upon such conVicarage of St. Mary's any clergyman ignorant of the Welsh language. victions, and they go. We may lament it, we cannot do it ourselves, The Bishop, after consultation with the patrons of the benefice, bas but let us at least argue and reason, pot rant and scream, for men worthy decided to refer the question to a commission.-Since the formation of of the name will not be influenced by such poor stuff. CHRISTOPHER. the Bishop of London's Fuod in 1863 until the present time £550,000

[We print the above, from a beneficed Rector, though somewhat has been contributed to it.-The Bishop of Winchester and the council of the fund in his diocese have decided to give £5,000 to the Bishopric

against our rules: for the justice of the remarks made by our corresponof Labore, in India, and £10,000 to the proposed new Bishopric of dent is obvious. Men of position should boldly speak out.-Ed. Pilot.) Rangoon. The Marquis of Salisbury has subscribed £1,000.


SIR-I took in the Church News from its first number to its last, and Letters to the Editor.

its successor, the Church Herald, till I was sickened by its continuous

prating about our “ veritable" branch of the Catholic Church, and its “ As 'Brevity is the Soul of Wit'so short Letters are certainly more read

heretical tone. As soon as I heard of the Pilot I ordered it. The

Editor of the Church News thought fit to call me, in 1867, a "High able than long ones. In my judgment an Editor should not be pestered with

Church Radical,” because I sent him a long letter advocating, at the any which are not brief, concise, well-wrillen, and to the point ; signed risk of beiog driven out of the Establishment, a bold and determined openly and honestly, with their writers' names.”—CHARLES LAMB.

policy on the part of Catholics, and for endeavouring to show, that

though we might form, in the eyes of the world, but a small and insigBARBARITY, DEMONISM AND LYING OF THE

nificant sect, if separated from the Fstablishment, yet that we should VIVISECTORS.

not be without our consolations. A good deal has happened to the SIR,– One fact outweighs any amount of declamation. The Royal Church of England since then, but I have seen nothing to alter the Commission, says the memorial presented by Mr. Ernest Hart in the opinion which I then adrocated. I have been much interested with the Dame of nearly 2,000 medical men, “ failed to elicit evidence of even a numbers of the Pilot; I wish I could add that they contained nothing single instance of want of humanity among the professors and teachers to jar on my feelings. I quite agree with you, for instance, in thinking of the medical schools of Great Britain." Is this fact, or is it mere that “ Presbyter Anglicanus” has been hardly treated by the Anglican empty declamation ? It is a thing which can easily be decided, for the Church Press, but is he worthy of po censure ? The greater part of bis pamphlet is simple truth, but is that any justification for the step he

Dr. Manning. I am not one of those who griatly blame the minority took? He, an anonymous Anglican Priest, writes a complaint, of the Bishops for accepting the definition subsequently; for they had damaging to his own Church, to the leader of a bitter schism (if the &lways believed that to be members of the Catholic Church, they must be Church of England is indeed a Church in aught but name). And that in communion with the second chair of Peter; but it is a fact that the leader is no ordinary leader, like the late Cardinal Wiseman was, but a

Council was by no means upaniinous, and unless Rome's theory of the deserter from the ranks of the English clergy, in their day of sore need.

Church be right, it had no claim to be considered Ecumenical. How There cannot be two Catholic Churches in one place, so either the then could bonest Anglicans be expected to accept the Dogma of InfalliChurch of England is the sole representative of Catholicism in England,

bility, opposed as it is to their own tradition, and, as our theologiaus or she is a gross imposture. If the first, whatever her faults may be, I

have taught us, to Catholic Tradition and history? And if not then, fail to see how what was originally a schismatical body, can, save by how can they pow? Rome told us plainly that she would accept no repentance, be wbitewashed, and become the representative of Catho overtures from us as a body of Catholics, she gave us peither hope por licism. On the other hand, if the Church of Ecgland is indeed an sympathy. But a body did appear in the West, wbich stretched out a imposture, and the Anglo-Roman body a true Catholic Church, then as friendly hand towards us and to the great Eastern Church ; what that soon as we have assured ourselves that such are the facts, are we bound

body may yet become none of us can tell ; for ope, I do not feel so to do pedance for our past heresy and schism, which we can only per

sanguine as to its future as I once did, but I am still in hopes that it form by unconditional submission to the true Church. I believe with may retain its Catholic character. We all must feel thankful to the you, that one great cause of our present unbappy position is our divided Alt-Catholics for their recent endeavours to clear up the great difference counsels, and the way large numbers of Catholics have allowed them which s parates East from West. And now, Sir, in reference to Mr. selves to be betrayed into Liberalism. For years the Guardian has Walker's letter, I want to remind him of a fact which, though he been busily engaged in luring on Churchmen to back up Mr. Gladstone, mentions it, he appears to forget in his argument. The A P.U.Č. was whether right or wrong. No doubt, when Mr. Gladstone was a Tory, as established to re-unite those who claim the inheritance of the Priesthood well as a sound Churchmen, he was a promising leader ; but time went and the name of Catholic. Because in her present temper, Rome will on and he got laxer and laxer in his political views, till at last he joined have nothing to do with Re-union, there is no need for us to the Palmerston Ministry. Tory Churchmen were then seduced in to

give up the A.P.U.C. and seek either reception into the Roman giving him their support by being told that he would have very con Communion, or, what appears to me to be the ridiculous plan, siderable influence with Lord Palmerston as regards ecclesiastical of getting perinission to form a Uniat Church. It is still left appointments. They were disappointed. At first, the Church Times open to ns to work for full inter-communion with the Oriental Churches, advocated Toryism as well as Catholicism ; indeed it boasted of having to bring back by prayers and missions the Eastern heretics into greatly influenced the Oxford election when Mr. Gladstone lost his seat the fold, and then, perhaps, we may hope to soften Rome's heart for that Upiversity. But because Mr. Disraeli (a statesman for whom I | towards us. It is almost impossible to exaggerate the evils of our prehave never had much respect mysell) made some bad appointments, the sent position I fully feel. But cannot we exercise the virtue of hope, Church Times suddenly veered round to Radicalism. Since then its and, after doing all in our power, trust in God. He has, Mr. Walker new friend bas sacrilegiously spoiled the Irish Church, and by the absurd being witness, been with us hitherto, and so He will be till the end, if constitution he was pleased to give it, as a Disestablishment, be has been

we will only trust Him. But how can we hope for His blessiog if the cause of its descending to a still lower depth of Protestantism

we give up the battle at last, and begin to doubt whether we are really than it had reached before. As long as the Irish Church retained the Catholics at all? It is not a question of numbers or of wealth, but of Prayer Book intact, there were hopes that it might sooner or later follow in Faith and Sacraments. If we are driven from the Establishment because the tracts of the Church of England. But now my fear is, that the Irish we will not give up the Catholic Faith, the Establishment will indeed Church may drag the English Church down to her own level. If the

lose all claim to Catholicity, but we shall be every bit as Catbo'ic as we Irish Church becomes committed to heresy, and if the Anglican Bishops are now. We may be despised, laughed at by the world, and ignore that heresy and communicate with her, they will, I suppose,

sneered at by the Anglo-Roman schism, but we shall still be the real commit the Church of England to heresy; a danger which I do not

Catholic Church of England; and then, too, we may hope that the remember to have seen noticed anywhere. Then Mr. Gladstone's badly set limb may be reset; we shall be burdened with no Act of Ministry were the authors of the present scheme of godless education.

Uniformity; our Services can be remodelled, and we shall doubtless Churchmep, one would hare thought, would have had sympathy for the

have again the Reserved Sacrament. At present, it appears to me, we Pope and the deprived rulers of Italy; for whatever their faults, not want sound and sober leaders in lieu of taking a newspaper as a Pope, only were they the pioneers that he ordained of God, but, moreover, instead of as an organ. We want leaders such as Archdeacon Denison and They were the representatives of true religion, while ibeir adversaries Mr. Bennett, of Frome, men of mark and of position; not anonymous were men of every hue of irreligion and of heresy. But Mr, Gladstone writers, who one day praise books of devo ion containing prayers to the was pleased to back up a liar like Cavour, and a godless infidI like Sacred Heart of Jesus, and almost the next, out of what looks very like Garibaldi, and so High Churchmen threw all their traditions and good personal spite, abuse the sweet devotion as heretical ; who one year find feelings to the winds, and sneered at the Prisoner of the Vatican.

fault with a Priest for objecting to our seeking the intercession of our dear What right had we to expect God's blessing on such a policy? We, Mother and the Saints, and another find fault with those who have the descendants of the Caraliers and of the Nonjurois! But not only learnt to believe in the Communion of Saints in its fulness; who praise did the Church Times change its political tone, but, in spite of its the “ Kiss of Peace" and then deny the Catholic doctrine of Transubrepeated boasts, I maintain it has not been true to its ecclesiastical stantiation as a Popish error !

PERPLEXED. colours either. When “Ritualism" was in full fling ten years ago, who June 20, 1876. more bold than the Church Times; it cast its prudent counsels to the

MR. BRUCE STUART AND THE BISHOP OF BRECHIN. winds, and reported every supposed advance in Ritualism with glee, till,

SIR,- Mr. Bruce Stuart is a little mistaken as to the opinions and I suppose, it ihought it had crowned the edifice by reporting how a

| Faith of Bishop Forbes. That Prelate has aga 'n and again expressed boai's head had been solemnly offered on God's altar at Haydock; for it

| 10 ine his conviction, that cur Church needed the restoration of our was not till the g'oss irreverence, however unintentional, of that act

pational Primacy. He always maintained the need of an Archbishop had been commented on elsewhere, that the Church Times drew in its

of St. Andrew's, independent of Lambeth. horns and apologized for having published the report without a protest.

Now, if a Head be wanted for Scotland, why not for the whole In those days we were told that the Evangelicals were a rope of sand,

Western Church? Suppose St. Andrew's had i's Archbishop again, and that within ten years the day would be ours. But the “ Church

would there not be an appeal to !he Western Patriarch? Let Mr. Bruce Association” arose; I think the late Dean of Ripon, when pro

Stuart work out this idea.

G. B. ALLAN STEWART. posing that a guarantee fund should be raised, menticnod what

Elinburgh, July 10, 1876. the Church Times had said about the Low Church party, and urged his bearers to show that they were no rope of sand. But in 1868 the Church Times took a lower tone and was base enough to advocate

MR. BRUCE STUART ON “THE PILOT." economy in preaching the Faith, so as to escape persecution, if the SIR, I think your altering of the heading of my last letter (literally) doctrine of the Real Presence should be declared to be ill. gal. Since impertinent, presuming, and ungentlemanly. Knowing, however, that then, it has at times binted strongly, that if necessary, the clergy would dogmatic Catholicism and noblesse oblige do not always amount to intro. be justified in yielding all ritual points, includirg the East ward Position, convertible and interchangeable terms, I am not much surprised. As it at the cummand of a secular court; often it had urged them to refuse to is, when my subscription is exhausted, pray do not trouble to forward obey their Bishops, because it would be a betrayal of the law of The to me your able advocation of Papal Egotism, of wbich my revered Church, which Bi hips and clergy alike are bound to obry! Is it to be | friend, the late noble, scholarly, and dauntless Priest, Canon Humble, wondered at that our cnemies charge us with being lawless, and with a was no admirer. He was essentially a Catholic, not a Ronan (heretical) determination of only doing what is agreeable to our own sweet wills? one. We here don't want a resumption of Papal Supremacy. We want, In bare justice, I am bound to add that latterly the Church Times has and pray for, a re-united Christer dom, and General Councils, in which assumed a bigher tone as regards “obedience to the lesser.” But 1870 the Bishop of Rome shall pre și le as Primus inter pares. May God show came, and with it the definitions of the Vatican Council. Till then, as the right!

'K. BRUCE STUART, Mr. Walker says, the whole Catholic party were Re-unionists; and that, | July 5. I must remind him, in spite of much discouragement on the part of | [Mr. Bruce Stuart is mistaken. We did not alter the heading of his Rome. A change did come over the Catholic party in the Church of

letter, because there was no heading to alter. We simply placed as Eogland, and is it to be marvelled at or even blamed? Long before the date of the A.P.U.C., Churchmen had been praying for Re-union,

suitable a one as we could excogitate; and certainly intended neither witness the “ Apologia.” The A.P.U.C. circulates a form of intercession

impertinence nor presumption. As to the latter part of his present amongst its Anglican members that the Council might be guided aright; | polite communication, we can only say, that he mistakes our motives there were strong hopes amongst many of us that the Council might and misrepresents our aims.-Ed. Pilot.) prove a stepping-stone towards Re-union. We have been lately told that Bishop Forbes was prepared to attend at Rome to give information

CORPUS CHRISTI DAY AT ARUNDEL. about our Communion, but he found it would be a mere waste of time

Sir,- A copy of the Pilot has just been sent to me, from which I to carry out his intention. It is generally believed that Cardinal

learn that on the occasion of the Roman Catholic procession on Corpus Manping was one of the chief promoters of the dogma wbich dashed our

Christi, in this town, the bells of my church rang a joyous peal.” You dearest hopes to pieces. Could we accept that dogma ? Certainly not,

are good enough to commend the proceeding. Will you now be kind unless instead of seeking for corporate Re-union we were content to cry

enough to allow me to say through your columps, that there is not the peccavi, cast Auglicanism overboard, and make individual submission to I slightest truth in the report, and that I do not at all agree with your view of the matter? It may be that a few nominal members of the the Christian love existing in our congregation, assuring them that it is Church of England walked in the procession, but if they did they took quite reciprocal.

Br. HENRY, O.S.B., part in the schismatical worship of the Church of Rome contrary to

Secretary of the English Benedictine Order. my teaching and my expressed desire.

9, Hart-street, Bloomsbury, W.C., July 14, 1876. The Vicarage, Aruodel, July 10.

G. ARBUTHNOT. [The Vicar of Arundel is mistaken. Testimony from a clergyman

N OTICE.-THE Pilot may be had, on order, at any of Messrs.

SMITH and SONS Bookstalls. who did not hear certain bells ring, cannol outweigh the evidence of one

LONDON AGENTS. who did. We never asserted either that the peals were known or

Mr. E. W. ALLEN, 11, Ave Maria-laue, Ludgate-hill, E.C. sanctioned by the Vicar.- Ed. Pilot.]

Messrs. CURTICE & CO., Catherine-street, Strand.
Messrs. DAWSON & SONS, 121, Cannon-street, E.C.

Mr. W. HOPKINS, 397, New North-road, Islington, N.

Messrs. KENT & CO., Paternoster-row.

Messrs. KINGSBURY & CO., 7, Raquet court, Fleet-street, E.C.
SIR,— Will you very kindly permit me, through the medium of your

Mr. KNOTT, 26, Prooke-street, Holborn. valuable columps, to tender my most grateful and sincere thaoks to the Messrs. MOWBRAY, & CO., 25, Warwick-lane, Paternoster-row. congregation for their very kind and spontaneous recognition of my

Messrs. POTTLE & SON, Royal Exchange, E.C. humble services at the late “ Ascension Mission," held in London, and

Mr. PILCHER, 144, Gray's-inn-road. to inform the many kind donors that their offeriogs have just been pre

Mr. PRITCHARD, 82, York-road, Lambeth. sented to me by a deputed Cominittee in the form of two valuable and

Mr. SIMPSON, 7, Red Lion-court, Fleet-street, E.C. most useful articles, bearing a beautifully engraved inscription of their

Mr. VICKERS, Drury-court, Strand, gratitude and affection, with an address accompanying the same, which I

Mr. B. A. VAN HOMRIGA, 221, Ebury-street, Pimlico. need not say will be most highly prized, not only on account of their

Mrs. WINTER, 19, Shepperton-road, Islington, N. jutriusic value as a lasting reminiscence of the Mission, but as a token of *** And may be obained of all Booksellers and Newsagents.


THE CRIPPLES.-Will those who

are looking forward to the enjoyment of a few weeks at the seaside kindly HELP 1o give the benefit Coshions, -Seat Mattings— Carpets-Hangings, &c. THOS. BROWN and SON, Church Furniture of sea air and bathing to the afflicted Inmates of the

20 Mauufaciurers, 14, Albert-street, Manchester. Communion Cloths, Gowns, Cassocks, Surplices, &c. CRIPPLES' HOME, 17A, Marylebone-road ? 250 required. Contributions thankfully received by Miss E. EMES, 17A, Marylebone-road, N.W.



The Clergy and Churchwardons of Christ

THOMAS PRATT and SONS have now ready their usual large Stock of
Church, Hoxton, would be thankful for any Contribu-
tiong towards the ANNUAL SCHOOL TREAT to the
Day and Sunday School Children in this poor and

CASSOCKS AND SUR PLICES. populous neighbourhood. Donations may be for

CASSOCKS For Clergy, in Russell Cord, from 30s.; Serge, 38s., 45s. and 50s. warded to the Publisher of "THE PILOT," 376, Strand, W.O., who will thankfully acknowledge the same.

CASSOCKS For Choirmen, 21s., 24s., 26., and 28s.

CASSOCKS For Chorister Bogs, 14s., 16s., 188. DURE BEAUJOLAIS WINE is

CINCTURES, GIRDLES, AND WAIST-BELTS. 1 the best OLARET for English Consumption, may now be had direct from the growers, at

SURPLICES For Clergy, in Linen, from 20s. to 45s.; Lawn, from 36s. to 63s. GUY PERE ET FILS' DEPOT,

SURPLICES For Choirmen, from 10s. Gd. to 20s. 46, LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON

SURPLICES For Boys, from 5:. 63. to 15s.




This shape of Surplice was entirely the invention of Messrs. PRATT, and their use has now QUY PERE ET FILS.

become universal. Although imitated and advertised by nearly all the clerical firms in England,

none fit equal to those supplied by the Original Inventors. TIRST-CLASS FRENCH WINES.

In Black Leather Case, sent on receipt of Post Office Order for 21s., payable at Charing Cross. Extra length, 2ős. Upwards of Five Thousand of these Surplices are now in use.

Colonial Shipping Agents. Catalogues, Estimates, and Designs sent by Post. VAISONNEUVE COGNACS.








Made in the best possible manner, and, by a simple mode of self-measurement, a perfect fit is DURGUNDY GUY.

SOLE DEPOT. We are daily sending to all parts of the Kingdom COSTUMES made from MERINOS, REPS,


A perfect-fitting Costume is produced from 288. 93.

BLACK SILKS, warranted to wear, 24 inches wide, 3s. 6d. and 4s. 6d, the yard. RED OR WHITE.

COLOURED SILKS, 23 inches wide, 4s. 6d. the yard.

MERINOS, all Colours, 43 inches wide, 2s. the yard. VALS MINERAL WATERS.

Black and Striped VELVETEENS, 2s. and 2s. 6d. the yard.

Japanese SILKS, excellent quality, under 1s. the yard. COURCE DU PARC.


Contains every Article requisite for Superior Mourning. W OODHALL SPA BROMO IODINE.

On receipt of letter or telegram, patterns will be sent free.



(Established 50 Years,)


Choicest Articles only. On Co-operative Principles. TDE YRIGOYTI.


English and Foreign Cheese in high perfection. LEICESTER SQUARE, W.C.






Published every alternate WEDNESDAY.

Omce: 376, STRAND. W.C.

MESSRS. J. T. BEDFORD & CO., Auctioneers, House and Estate


Estates managed. Rents coll3cted. Compensation

Claims adjusted.

A few Sets, Complete, can be had, direct from the

Office, post free, for 2s. 4d. CONTENTS OF NO, I. LEADING ARTICLES: Our Dangers and Duties--The Court of Divorce ab officio et beneficio-What is Conservatism? No. I. REVIEWS AND NOTICES OF NEW BOOKS: Life of the Bishop of Capetown-(Earle's) The Spiritual Body -Franciscan Missions among the Colliers-The Church Bells of Leicestershire-Letters Addressed to an Irish Gentleman-Sir Aubrey de Vere's SonnetsShort Allegorical Sermons, &c. &c. FORTNIGHTLY NOTES: German Erastianism and PersecutionLegitimacy and Order-Report on VivisectionAnti-Christian Education-The Burials' Bill-The Folkestone Case-Canon Carter's Letter-Archbishop Tait Burking Convocation-The Vulgar Giit Statue of Prince Albert-Radical Ritualists-Tho Discipline of Christ and the Discipline of Devils.-Church News, Art, Oxford Notes ; with Letters to the Editor from Mr. De Lisle, Mr. Charles Walker, &c., &c.

The Prospects of Christianity in the East-What is Conservatism? No, VI.-Nebuchadnezzar and Henry VIII. Letter to A. P. De Lisle, Esq., on the Formation of an Uniat Church. No. I. REVIEWS AND NOTICES OF NEW BOOKS: Delivery and Development of Christian Doctrine-Terra Incognita: or the Convents of the United Kingdom-Confidence in the Mercy of God-How to Communicate Properly-Stories from the Old Testament- Bidding to Intercession-Law and Vestments. ANTI-ERASTIAN DOCUMENTS: No. 1. Declaration touching the Royal Supremacy in Matters Ecclesiastica!-No 2. Resolutions Regarding the Gorham Case-No. 3. Fourteen Objections to the Constitution, Powers and Mode of Procedure of the Existing Court of Final Appeal. INDICATIONS or CURRENT OPINION: The High Church Party * Drifting"-Tory Patronage. FORTNIGHTLY NOTES: Mahometanism-Return of the Prince of Wales-Reception of the King of Hanover-The Convocation of Canterbury and the Burials' BillLords Selborne and Coleridge on the Burials' BillLord Sandown and the Education of the Poor-Counsels' Fees-The Divorce Court and Morality-Agitation against Drunkenness Legal Reform- Tbe Working Men's Petition" to Convocation The New Parliamentary " Irish Church"-The Necropolis Company Vivisection Church House for S.P.C.K and S.P.G.The Appointment to the Bishopric of MelbourneRitualistic Wesleyads. THE CATHOLIC REVIVAL AT HOME. Ecclesiastical Art, &c.--Funeral Hymn, &c. LETTERS: An Important Admission-Parliament the Dernier Resort in 1 hings Temporal: Convocution in Tbings Spiritual - The Horrors of Vivisection-St. Saviour's Hospital - Do they Well to be Apgry Protestantism, Rationalism and Monasticism in the Church of England - Invocation of Saints.


ADMINISTRATION, N.B. All Properties Registered Free of charge. DENMARK HILL.-Long Leasehold

Investments, or for Occupation. Two well-built Villa Residences, situated at the foot of Denmark Hill, containing 9 rooms, held for about 86 years unexpired at £6 per annum Ground Rent, of the Rental value of £40 per annum.

ist Petition" to Ch"

The Necropol and S.P.G.


M are instructed to Sell by Auction at the Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons'-avenue, Basinghallstreet, E.O., on Thursday, the 27th day of July inst., at 1 o'clock (unless previously disposed of privately), in 2 Lots, Nos. i6 and 18, Cuthill-road, Denmark -hill, situate 2 minutes from Camberwell Park, in excellent repair, and containing, on 2 Floors and Basement, accommodation for a moderate sized family. Particulars and cards to view, of Charles Mott, Esq. Solicitor, 15, Paternoster-row, E.C., and at the Auction Offices, 60, Wigmure-street, W.


CONTENTS OF No. II. LEADING ARTICLES : Religion in Germany and its Warnings-Other Fallacies of Lord Penzance- What is Conservatism? No. II. REVIEWS AND NOTICES OF NEW BOOKS: Some Modern Difficulties, by Mr. Gould- The Disciplino of Christ and the Discipline of Devils-Animal Torture, by Mr. G. R. Jesse-Scraps from my Scrap Book-Dr. Pusey's Sermon at Oxford-Funeral Discourses on Lady Augusta Stapley-Mission Life in East London-Dean Burgon's and Calon Baynes's Sermons-Oxenham's New Books, &c. FORTNIGHTLY NOTES: Religious Persecution-Don Carlos of Spain-Observance of Lent-Queen or Empress?- Non-Christian Education - Water-drinking by Act of Parliament-Threependy-Bit LaymenThe Hon. C. L. Wood's Apologia–The Vagaries of Ritualism - Mr. Tooth's Policy. CORRESPONDENCE: Letters from Messrs. Huff, Hobbs, Mossman, Preston, and "Presbyter Anglicanus." Art, Letter from Rome, Church News, &c.


finest Houses on täis Estate. Messrs. BEDFORD beg to announce that they have received instructions to dispose of by private treaty, a Mansion in Cavendish-square, suitable for a Nobleman, Member of Parliament, Merchant Prince, or a Family of Position. Particulars at the Ofices, 60, Wigmore-st., W.

CONTENTS Or No. VII. LEADING ARTICLES: Eastern Complications-Lord Carnarvon's Vivisection Bill - What is Conservatism? No. VII. Letter from Charles Wuker, Esq., to A. P. De Lisle, Esq., on the Formation of an Uniat Church. No. II. REVIEWS AND NOTICES OF NEW BOOKS. Delivery and Development of Christian Doctrine-The Great Commentary of Cornelius A Lapide-The Person and the Work of the Holy Ghost-The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist: an " Oration" by Father IgnatiusCardinal Manning and History-So Sinks the Day Star. The Bishop of London and the Vicar of St. Vedast's, City. INDICATIONS OF CURRENT OPINION: The Education Policy of the Tories. FORTNIGHTLY NOTES: The ex-Sultan-Corporate Reunion--The Education Act-DisestablishmentArrogance of the Bishop of Bombay-New Bishoprics -The Working Men of St. Alban's, Holborn-London Gregorian Choral Association—The Church Quarterly Review-Canon Baynes and "Ritualism"-Ld. Shaftesbury and His Letter to the Governors of St. George's Hospital-The "Committee of Dissenting Deputies" -Foreign Titles-Twycross v. Grant-Horre-racingVulgarity of the Liberal Papers-Depression of Trade. CORRESPONDENCE: Vivisection (three letters) An Uniat Church. OXFORD NOTES: The Catholic Revival at Home, &c., &c.


D TER SQUARE.-An Unfurnished Resi lence, suitable for a Professional Gentlernen, Clergyman, or private family. Messrs. J. T. BEDFORD and Co. have to Let, in this choice position, & 16 Roomed House. Rect £175 per annum. No premium. Particulars at the Offices, 60, Wigmore-street, W.

CONTENTS OF NO. III. LEADING ARTICLES : Is Disestablishment likely to be a Cure for Present Evils ?--Judex Judicatus - What is Conservatism? No. III. REVIEWS AND NOTICES OF NEW BOOKS: Seccombe's Science, Theism, and Revelation--The Life and Times of Prince Charles Stuart-The Church in Baldwin's Gardeng—The Annals of England Magrath on University Reform-Nevins's Christianity and Astronomy --Can Churchmen Recognize the New Judge ? FOR I'NIGHTLY NOTES: The Queen an Empregg-Inspection of Convents-Dr. Mylne, Bishop of Bornbay-The University of S. America-School Board Elections--Magna Charta and Church Freedom

City Swindlers - Bishop Perry's Fears - Mr. Grueber's Declaration -Filth of the Divorce CourtNew Bishoprick for Cornwall-Observance of LentThe Gauntlett fund. LETTERS: Mr. Huff on Law Mr. Shipley's "Three Hours Service at Santa Maria Novella, Florence." Church News &c.

STANLEY-STREET, WEYMOUTH. D street, Wimpole-street, Duke-street, Nottingham place, York-street, Granville-place, Gloucester-place, and several other streets on the Portland and Portman estates. Messrs. J. T. BEDFORD and Co. will be pleased to forward particulars of houses in any of the above positions upon receiving particulars of the requirements free of charge. Applications to be made at the Offices, 60, Wigmore-street, w.


A Small Residence containing seven bed, a bath and four or five reception rooms to be let furnished, or lease and furniture for sale. Suitable for a Clerical Gentleman. Messrs J. T. BEDFORD and Co. will be pleased to forward particulars of the above upon application at their Offices, 60, Wigmore-street, W

CONTENTS OF No. IV. LEADING ARTICLES: Religion at Oxford-Constructive Policy - What is Conservatism? No. IV. REVIEWS AND NOTICES OF NEW BOOKS: Memorials of the late Rev. Robert Stephen Hawker, M.A., sometime Vicar of Morwenstow. Edited by the Rev. F. G. Lee-The Dead in Christ: a Word of Consolation for Mourners -The Anthem Book: An Antiphonal, adopted to the Book of Common Prayer-Studies at the foot of the Cross-Seven last Words from the Cross. POETRY: The Curse of the Abbeye, by the late Rev. Dr. J. M. Neale. FORTNIGHTLY NOTES: Empress of India-The Barbad'an Dimculty-Infidel Education-"Scientific" Barbarities-Dr. Arnold and his Opinions-Bishop Lord Arthur Hervey's Charge - Bishop Wordsworth and the anti-ErastiansPastoral of the Bishop of Winchester-Lord Penzance and his Salary-Mr. Disraeli's Appointments-Good Friday Services at St. Peter's, London Docks-Death of Lord Lytteltou-Demoralization of the Stage, &c. LETTERS: Mr. Earle on the Spiritual Body-The English Church Union - The New Lambeth Court_The Free and Open Church System. Mr, C. S. Grueber's “Declaration." The High Church Press and “ Presbyter Anglicanus."

CONTENTS OF NO VIII. LEADING ARTICLES : The Endowment of Research-Can tho Establishment be Defended ?- The University Bill. Letter from Charles Walker, Esq., to A. P. De Lisle, Esq., on the Formation of an Uniat Church. No. III. REVIEWS AND NOTICES OF NEW BOOKS: A History of the Catholic Councils from the Original Documents Disestablishment; or, a Defence of the Principle of a National Church. (First Notice).-The Church Association and the Rector of Broadwater-The Principles of the Reformation-Sanctuary Meditations for Priests and Frequent Communicants-Wafted Away -Brief Memorials of Lord Lyttelton. FORTNIGHTLY NOTES: The Mahometan InfidelsThe Holy Father, Pius IX.-" Third Synod' of "Old Catholics"-Necessity for a Minister or Public Works in England-New Bishopricks-The “Liberals"Annual Meeting of the English Church Union Ritualistic Talkers--Mr. G. R. Jesse and his Crusade against Vivisection --The P.W.R. Act. CORRESPONDENCE: Signs of the Times-The Society of Anglo-Israel and the Blessed Virgin Mary-The A.P.U.0.-The Bishop of Bornbay--Evidence for the Eastward Position--to Churchen. The Catholic Revival at Home. Fragmenta Varia. Oxford Notes. Failure of the P.W.R. Act. Dean Stanley's Insult to the Colonial Bishops.

[blocks in formation]

CONTENTS OF NO. V. LEADING ARTICLES: The Report of the Royal Commission on Vivisection-A Contentious Conference-What is Conservatism? No. V.-Archbishop Tait ut Keble College-Tennyson's "Queen Mary" at the Lyceum. REVIEWS AND NOTICES OF NEW BOOKS: Report of the l'roceedings at the Reunion Conference at Bonn, translated from the German, with a Preface by H. P. Liddon, D.D.-"Do They Well to be Angry?" by Presbyter Anglicanus - Queen Mary, by W. J. Blew. FORTNIGHTLY NOTES: The Royal Titleg Bill_Rev. Greville J. Chester's Paper on Cruelty practised in Egypt-The Church Synod of the Irish Uhurch-Prebendary Irons at the London School Board-How to treat She- and He-School Board Inquisitors-Middlesex Conservative AssociationThe Opening of Keble College Chapel-Dr. Puser's Sermon at Opening of Keble College-Tho Duay Meetings : Dr. Ellicott, Dr. James, and The “Comic Gospel"- Dr. Pusey's Theory &s to Confession. Oxford Notes (from our own Correspondent). LETTERS: Presbyter Anglicanus" and the E.C.U. The Two Jurisdictions-Lee's Memorials of Hawker. - Want of Fuel.-A Letter to the Bishop of Rochester from Archdeacon Denison. Church News, &c.

CONTENTS OF No. IX. LEADING ARTICLES : War in the East-Progress of Civilization-Dr. Wordsworth and the Wesleyans. Letter from 0. Walker, Esq., to A. P. De Lisle, Esq., on the Formation of an Uniat Church No. IV. REVIEWS: Disestablishment; or, a Defence of the Principle of a National Church. (2nd and Concluding Notice)-A Voice in the Wilderness-Lectures: Delivered at St. Margaret's, Lothbury, by Henry Melvill, B.D.-The Position, Ecclesiastical and Civil-Some Reasons of our Christian Hope-John Wesley and Modern Wesleyanism-Church and Dissent: An Appeal to Holy Scripture-The Christian Apologist-Tue Literary Remains of Catherine Maria Fanshaw. INDI. CATIONS OF CURRENT OPINION : M. Loyson's Reform-Our Present Dimculties. FORTNIGHTLY NOTE : War in the East-Garibaldi-Old Catholics"_The Bishop of Maritzburg-Dr. Charles Wordsworth-Brummagem Black guardism-A Ritualistic Chadband. East-End Churches. (By a Roving Correspondent) CORRESPONDENCE: The A.P.U.O. -The Anti-Vivisection Society and Mr. G. R. JesseOur Lady and tho Tribe of Ephraim-Mr. K. Bruce Stuart on Himself. The Catholic Revival at Home. Anti-Erastian Documents-No. IV. Petition to Con vocation. Restoration of Exeter Cathedral, Fragmenta Varia, &c., &c. Quarter's Subscription to THE PILOT ... Is. 9d. Half-Yearly do. ... ... ... ... ... 3s. 6d. Yearly

do. ... ... ... ... ... 7s. Od. P.O. Orders to be made payable to JOHN H. BATTY, at the Post Office, Somerset House.


will be happy to furnish particulars of houses for Sale, or to be let, furnished or unfurnished, in any of the positions in the West End, and offer their services in advising as to value of properties about to be purchased, their experience teaching that a practical opinion and assistance when purchasing or Renting is in the end both satisfactory and economical. Auction Offlces, 60, Wigmore-street, Cavendish Square, W.


u in Sums from £10 to £500, to Gentlemen Clergymen, Farmers and others, upon Note of Hand. Furniture (without removal), Stock, Crops, Plant, &c No Law costs, Life Assurance or publicity. Mode rate terms, and repayable to suit borrowers' convenienco.-Apply (personally preferred), or by letter, to Mr. T. FAIRHEAD, 117, Brixton-road, London, S.W., near Kennington-gate.

CONTENTS OF NO. VI. LEADING ARTICLES: Lord Granville's Resolution on the Burials Question

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