Journal of a tour in Italy, with reflections on religion in that country, Volume 1

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Page 263 - When all our fathers worshipped stocks and stones, Forget not ; in thy book record their groans Who were thy sheep, and in their ancient fold Slain by the bloody Piedmontese, that rolled Mother with infant down the rocks. Their moans The vales redoubled to the hills, and they To heaven.
Page 134 - The body and blood of Christ which are verily and indeed taken and received by the faithful in the Lord's Supper.
Page 2 - God's mercy, and with a quiet conscience ; therefore if there be any of you, who by this means cannot quiet his own conscience herein, but requireth further comfort or counsel, let him come to me, or to some other discreet and learned Minister of God's Word, and open his grief ; that by the ministry of God's holy Word he may receive the benefit of absolution, together with ghostly counsel and advice, to the quieting of his conscience, and avoiding of all scruple and doubtfulness.
Page 46 - One family we dwell in Him, One Church above, beneath, Though now divided by the stream, The narrow stream, of death...
Page 265 - O'er all the Italian fields, where still doth sway The triple Tyrant ; that from these may grow A hundredfold, who, having learnt thy way, Early may fly the Babylonian woe.
Page 115 - Splendor paternae gloriae, De luce lucem proferens, Lux lucis et fons luminis, Diem dies illuminans, Verusque sol, illabere Micans nitore perpeti lubarque sancti spiritus Infunde nostris sensibus.
Page 12 - What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also : I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.
Page 188 - We, the undersigned, members of the Lower House of Convocation of the Province of Canterbury, respectfully invite the attention of the Upper House to the opportunity now afforded by Divine Providence for the advancement of true religion in Italy. " We regard with thankfulness the facilities offered at the present time for the diffusion of the Holy Scriptures in that country, and we rejoice to learn that many Italians have shown a desire to procure copies of the English Book of Common Prayer in their...
Page 132 - Church constantly maintained in all ages ; to wit, that the whole substance of the bread and wine is changed into the substance of the body and blood of Christ, and right well called transubstantiation by the Council of Trent.
Page 31 - Suspensae ad ventos, aliis sub gurgite vasto " Infectum eluitur scelus, aut exuritur igni. " Quisque suos patimur Manes : exinde per amplum " Mittimur Elysium, et pauci laeta arva tenemus ; " Donee longa dies, perfecto temporis orbe, 745 " Concretam exemit labem, purumque relinquit " Aetherium sensum atque aurai simplicis ignem.

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