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that he told him that he was assured of shipping, but told
not him of any merchant or owner.”
Signed : Robert Lalor.
Countersigned : W. Gerrarde, Canc., Ad. Dublin.
Endorsed: 22nd September 1580.

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Vol. 618, p. 26a. “Good Cousin, Assist me with your best friendship, to the finishing of my first and last suit that I intend to trouble her Majesty withal. Her Highness hath many times been sufficiently informed of the equity of my cause, but I only depend upon her most gracious favour, not challenging her princely word farther than it shall please her to give me leave, wholly subjecting myself unto her will ; yet lest by persuasions she may be abused, that, in confirming her grant unto me, she should infringe her laws, and wrong Sir Tho. Perrot, I beseech you from me to let her Majesty understand, for that Sir William Stanley is not convinced of treason, that his patent is of no validity, and in law merely void.” Hereof I have informed my Lord of Essex, who promised to dissuade his brother. Get me the favour that I may deliver this much by speech [with the Queen].

Headed: To my cousin John Stanhope, 1586.

Copy. P. l. 1588.

June 10. 14. WARRANT by LORD DEPUTY PERROT [to the LoRD CHANVol. 618, p. 80a. CELLOR of IRELAND $1.

Whereas we, the Lord Deputy, have received letters from the Privy Council in England, stating that Sir George Carewe, being in arrear for rent due out of lands in Laghlin to her Highness, for which himself with Sir Edward Waterhouse stand bound in recognizances, hath been a long suitor there for remission of the said arrearages by reason the said lands were wasted by the late rebellion; wherein we and the Treasurer here were required, finding the allegation true, to pardon them and to cancel the said recognizances: we have commissioned George Harvie, Esq., constable of the fort of Mariboroughe, Robert Harpole, Esq., sheriff of co. Catherlagh, and Henry Sheffelde, Gent, to examine the matter; whereupon Harvie and Harpole have returned to us their proceedings in the words following, viz.:“By virtue of a commission from your Honour directed to us, to enquire what profit and commodity was received by Sir Peter Carew the younger, knight, deceased, and Sir George Carew his brother, late farmers and occupiers, during the time of rebellion, of these parcels of land following, viz., the Black Castle, Friars Carmelites, Laghline Bridge, and certain lands in Balliknockan, in the county of Catherlagh;” we have called 1588. before us divers persons of the said county and made diligent enquiry, and find that the said lands were so wasted by the rebels, that the said farmers received little or no commodity at all, until 1583, sithence which time the premises have been inhabited and manured. Dated the 1st of June 1588. We, the Lord Deputy, do hereby order that Sir George Carewe shall be discharged of the sum of 771. 3s. 4d. Irish in arrear. These shall be therefore to require you to enrol these presents, and to cancel the said recognizances.

10 June 1588. Copy. Pp. 2. July 11. 15. WARRANT by the LORD DEPUTY, SIR WILLIAM FITzVol. 618, p. 82a. WILLIAM, to SIR THOMAS WILLIAMS, Clerk of the Cheque.

Whereas the five persons undernamed, horsemen under Sir George Carewe, are by him left in England to oversee the transportation of certain munition appointed to be sent over hither: we require you to allow of them from the death of Mr. Jaques Wingfeeld.

Castle of Dublin, 11 July 1588.

James Woodward, John Hollawaye, Edmond Reylie, George Coxe, William Allcockes.

Copy. P. l.

July 29. 16. WARRANT by the LORD DEPUTY to SIR GEORGE CAREwe, Vol. 618, p. 84a. Master of the Ordnance.

To deliver to Captain Henry Ovington a cwt. of corn powder, with match and lead accordingly.

29 July 1588.

Copy. P. 1.

Aug. 26, 17. WARRANT by the LoRD DEPUTY to

Vol. 618, p. 85a. To make an inventory of the munition and artillery remaining in store in Corcke, Lymerick, and elsewhere in Munster, whether serviceable or unserviceable, upon the entrance of Sir George Carewe into the office of the Ordnance. 26 August 1588. Copy. P. l.


“Whereas the distressed fleet of the Spaniards, by tempest and contrary winds, through the providence of God, have been driven upon this coast, and many of them wrecked in several places in the province of Munster, where is to be thought hath not only been much treasure cast away, now subject to the spoil of the country people, but also great store of ordnance, munitions, armours, and other goods of several kinds, which

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ought to be preserved for and to the use of her Majesty; and
to the end there may be due inquiry had as well of the pre-
misses as also of the shipping which are or by any means may
be recovered:” we authorize you to make inquiry by all good
means, both by oaths and otherwise; to take all hulls of ships,
stores, treasure, &c. into your hands; and to apprehend and
execute all Spaniards found there, of what quality soever.
Torture may be used in prosecuting this inquiry.
Castle of Dublin, 22 September 1588.
Signed at the beginning : W. FytzWilliam. At the end :
Ad. Dublin., canc., N. Bagenall, Geff Fenton, Ed. Waterhowse.

Copy. Pp. 2.
2. Another copy. P. 1.

*...* In MS. 628, f. 374, there is another document of the same date as No. 111 in this volume. It is the draft of a very brief letter from Chancellor Gerrard to Turlough Lynagh O'Neil, requesting him to meet the writer at the Newry. This draft is in the Chancellor's own hand, and is written so badly as to be almost illegible; but it seems to be of a similar purport to No. 111. It was overlooked because it bears an incorrect date, sc. “11 Sept. 1598,” instead of “11 December 1578.”


[blocks in formation]

Agard, Agarde, Francis, Mr., 1, 41, 44, 45,
46, 53, 82, 86, 112, 115.

• - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ., his good rule over the Irish
countries in the east of Leinster, 32.

........., ......, his absence regretted by Sir H.
Sydney, 32.

---------- - - - - - - , one of the members of the Irish
Council, 111.
----- ..., ......, the O'Tooles governed by, 354.

Agare, Mr., 48, 70.

Agents of Queen Elizabeth in Spain and
Portingall (Portugal) seeking informa-
tion regarding the Irish rebellion and
the expected Spanish assistance to the
same, 259.

Ahacrass Castle and demesne, lands of, 454.

Aharlowe, Aherlo, 217, 364.

Ahavonnan, 452.

Ailward, Constance, 160.

Ainester, Donell McCartie, of Carberie, 265.

Aladensis, see Owen O'Connor, Bishop of
Killala, 406.

Alee, John, 86.

Alen, John, 124.

Aley, Arthur, 485.

........., John, 485.

Alienations, 18.

........., amount of fines of, 418.

, names of tenants in capite who have

made, 386.

........., names of such as have made without
licence, 389.

........., value to the revenue of, 35.

........., fines for, 132.

Alford, Allford, Alforde, Launcelot, 395,444,

........., ......, surveyor at Cork, 40.

------ ..., ......, surveyor, commission from
Queen Elizabeth to, 367.

, Surveyor-General, commission

Allcockes, William, 490.
Allen, Allin, Doctor, traitor, 163, 308.

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