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Vol. 605, p. 95.

July 28. Vol. 611, p. 261.

Secondary Justice of Munster, Thomas Wyseman, James Gold,
Robert Rosier, [and] Arthur Robins, Commissioners (the jury
consisting of Fulk Mownstowe and 13 others), whereby it was
found that Conohor O'Mahownye, late of Castle Mahowne,
entered into rebellion with Gerald, late Earl of Desmond, and
was slain therein; and that he was seized of Castle Mahowne,
and of the barony or cantred of Keneallineaky.
Examined, 19 June 1587, by Thomas Wyseman.

II. Similar extract, relating to the said O'Mahownye, from an inquisition taken at Youghill, 6 October, 28 Eliz., before Thomas Norris, Vice-President of Munster, Sir Henry Wallopp, Charles Calthropp, Roger Wilbraham, Launcelot Allford, Thomas Wiseman, and Arthur Robins, Commissioners.

Examined, ut supra.

Latim. Pp. 2.

63O. HENRY [PERcy] EARL of NorthumberLAND to SIR


I have known of late your good conceit of me, which I desire no longer than you shall find me grateful, or give cause of continuance. The matter we last spoke of touches me so nearly that upon weighing the effects, and with a view to satisfy my present discontent, no way is so convenient as the first resolution. You need not fear that my mind will alter. My resolutions, once determined, are not so quickly revoked.

At my lodging, this evening.

Holograph. P. 1. Addressed. Endorsed by Carew: The Earl of Northumberland in June 1587.


Indenture, 10 July, 28 Eliz., between Sir John Perrot, Lord Deputy General, and the Council, and Sir Hugh O'Donell, chief of his name.

Whereas the said Sir Hugh, by his indenture dated at the camp near Dunluce, in Ulster, the 20th of September 1584, 26 Eliz., did covenant to find and maintain in Tyrconell at his own charges 200 footmen; and whereas the said Sir Hugh seemeth to be grieved with the disorder of such soldiers as were laid upon him, and has repaired hither and made humble suit to the Lord Deputy and Council to accept of a yearly composition to be yielded by him and his country of Tireconell, and to forbear the laying of soldiers upon him: the Lord Deputy and Council are contented to accept and receive of him, for the year past, 700 good, fat, and large beeves, in respect that the full number of soldiers were not placed upon his country that year, to be delivered at Sligo; and yearly hereafter the same number to be delivered at Kells in co. Meath. Sir Hugh also covenants to send and deliver to her Majesty's castle of Dublin Rowry O'Donell, son to O'Donell, McSwyne Fanadaghe's eldest

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son, and McSwine ne Dwaghe's eldest son as pledges; and to satisfy all such and restitutions as the commissioners that are to be sent from the State here shall take and set down between him and Captain William Bowen, and for all other controversies between the said Sir Hugh and one Hugh O'Donell, otherwise McEdegan, and Sir John O’Dougherty, or any others. In consideration of this, the said Sir Hugh and his country shall be yearly discharged of all other rents and charges, his rising-out to general hostings only excepted.

Signed: John Perrot, Ad. Dublin, Canc., N. Bagnall, Henry Wallop, Robert Dillon, R. Gardener, Geoffrey Fenton.

“Copia vera, ex’ per Nath. Dillon.”

Copy. Pp. 2.


Sir George Carew delivered a letter from your Honour in his favour for release of some lands belonging to our church. At the receipt of it, the Dean and others were absent. We advertised him of this matter, and expect his voice. If he be willing, we shall accede to your request, and we hope Mr. Dean will so answer Sir [George] as he shall not have any just cause to mislike thereof. Exeter, 15 July 1587. Signed: William Marston, Degory Nycolls, John Kennall, Nicholas Marston, Tho. Barre, Jobe Leache. A paragraph is added by Laurence Bodley, stating that he willingly assents to his Lordship's request, “not any relying myself upon Mr. Dean.” Note in the hand of Sir George Carew: Delib' per G. C. Copy. P. 1.


Recommending to his favour Sir George Carew, in whose behalf the Lords of the Privy Council have written to the Lord Deputy, “requiring not only him, but also you, to showthe best favour you can” to Sir George, for the remittal of an arrearage of 125l. he is in to her Majesty for the lands at Laughlin, and cancelling such bonds “as he and some other stand bound in for this matter. I am induced to take this course because the life and course of Carew in the service of her Majesty have been very commendable, and worthy of extraordinary favour in a far greater matter than this.

From the Court, the last of July 1587. Sigmed.

P. 1. Addressed. Endorsed.

2. Copy of the preceding.
P. 1. Endorsed.

3. Another copy.
4. A third copy.

1587. July 31. 634. SIR FRANCIS WALSINGHAM to SIR John PERROT.

Vol. 605, p. 101. Recommending Sir George Carew “to be pardoned and released of a small arrearage; and chargeably he serveth her Majesty here in Court.” Respect Carew as “one that I love well, and one that I know will most thankfully accept any good favour you show him.” From the Court, the last of July 1587. Signed.

Copy. P. 1. Endorsed. Vol. 618, p. 2a. 2. Another copy.


Vol. 605, p. 105. It is long since I heard from you, or I wrote unto you; wherefore amend your fault, and I will sharpen my pen. I need not write of the news, as your other friends will advertise you, and some I doubt not will write of that which is not. The kingdom was never more quiet, but I will not assure the continuance of it, if foreign invasion happen; and many are looking for novelty. Besides, we receive so little comfort from England. I remain here in the greatest prison in the world, tied from doing good, or helping others. I doubt not but you are sitting upon me, and censuring all my doings, according to the old manner, before you know the truth. You and they equally forget me, and do not procure my revocation. I am content to remain till Michaelmas, when it is rumoured I am to return; though we have neither victual nor sixpence in store to answer foreign attempts. I hear of great preparations beyond sea. If you will not suffer me to come hence shortly, I think verily I shall not see Christmas, for my stone is grievous unto me, my stomach is very weak, and my legs do swell so greatly. By God! I do not dissemble. If any care were had of me, or credit given unto me, you there would not wilfully lose me. My second son is here gone before me. There is no more of our race left but myself and my other son, who is now here, whom I pray God send well hence. Remember my only suit to her Majesty, which is to see her once before I die. For my own part death is the least thing that I care for.

Dublin, 9 August 1587. Signed.

Pp. 2. Addressed. Endorsed. Vol. 618, p. 6a. 2. Copy of the preceding.

Feb. to Sept. 636. ALLOTMENTS by the UNDERTAKERs in MUNSTER.

Vol. 631. Province of Munster, 21 February 1586. Certificate of all such castles, lands, and territories within the counties of Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford, within the said province, being parcel of the lands lately found to be escheated and concealed from the Queen, as are by mutual agreement and consent of us the Undertakers for the peopling


and inhabiting of all those lands within the said province, whose names are hereunder subscribed, assigned and allotted for the parts and portions of Sir Edward Fytton and his associates, and whereof we do in like manner agree that he and his assigns shall be presently put into possession, according to her Highness' pleasure signified from the Lords and others of her Privy Council by their letters to the Lord Deputy and Council, dated at Greenwich, 10 February 1586. That is to say: the manor of Awnye, the castle of Carrykettell, the castle and lands of Gromewell, the broken castle called Collenoughwonagh, all late the said Earl of Desmond's; the castle and lands of Ballneightie otherwise Whyte's Town, late Kennedye McBrien's ; the tenement or house in the tenure of William Thewe, late the said Earl's, in the city of Waterford; the manor and castle of Kyllmannahyn in the country of Cosheshorye, late Sir John of Desmond's.

If the lands above mentioned do not amount to the full quantity or proportion of two seignories appointed for the said Sir Edward and his associates, then we do agree that he and his said associates shall have of other lands within the said counties, as near to the premises as may be, so much as shall make up the full number of two seignories.

Signed : Chr. Hatton, William Herbert, Valentine Browne, E. Phyton, Walter Leveson. J. Popham, George Beston, Hen. Slyngisbe, Lancelot Bostock.

“Mem., that notwithstanding this particular, Sir Edward Phyton is contented that upon the coming into Ireland of the rest of the Undertakers, all the lands herein contained, except Kilmannahin, which was appointed to him by all, shall be apportioned in what sort shall be best for the furtherance of the service and of contentment of all.”

(2.) Similar certificate, indented, 18 May 1587, of the lands in the county of Kerry assigned and allotted to Thomas Herford, Ambrose Lacy, and George Stone, and their associates; sc, “the village and butt-end of a castle, late Bally McDaniell;” the castle and lands of Ballyacartan, late Nicholas Funs'; the villages and lands late McEdmond's ; the villages and towns of Dounekyne and Ballyneighe, with their lands, besides Smerwick (?); the town and lands of Menarde, “late Shane McEdmond's McDlick;” the villages, towns, and lands of Farryn Edyllhe, near Loscahe ; the two Clonduffs, Glangorta..... , and Ballynecourtye, late Morice McShane Hussey's ; one close called the Park, with a watermill, &c., in Dyngleycushe, together with Bally . . . . . . , and all other lands and villages within the “trokohed” of Corkonyne escheated. These lands are part and parcel of the lands allotted to Sir Walentine Browne, and exceed not one whole seignory of 8,000 acres.

Signed : Chr. Hatton, canc., W. Ralegh, W. Courteney,


Valentine Browne, Ed. Phyton (1587), J. Popham, Henry
Ughtrede, Henry Billingsley.
Endorsed : “Mem., that the twelfth of July a” 1587
possession and seizin by cutting out of a clod of earth in the
lands...... , and delivering unto Ambrose Lacy within named
the same clod,” &c. William Herbert.

(3) Certificate indented, 25 July 1587, of the lands in the counties of Kerry and Desmond allotted to Mr. Jenkyn Conway and his associates; sc, the castle and town of Kyllorglan, and the castle and lands of Castelldrome, late the Earl of Desmond's.

Signed : Chr. Hatton, canc, Fra. Walsingham, W. Rawgley.

These lands were parcel of the proportion of Sir Walentine Browne, and by him assigned to Conwaye.

(4.) Certificate, 26 June 1587, of the lands in the country of Connello allotted to Mr. Anthony Hungerforde and his associates; 8c, the towns and lands of Killydie and Glancoyne, with the lands of Killabouchier, late Thomas Cams', in the county of Limerick; the castle and lands of Portrenarde, late the Earl of Desmond's; the site of the late cell called Nephelaugh, belonging to the late monastery of Nenaughe. If these lands do not amount to 8,000 acres, as appointed to them, they shall have other lands near the premises. Signed : Chr. Hatton, Fra. Walsingham, Valentine Browne, John Popham, Ed. Barkley. (5) A [Partilcular (date lost by mutilation) of the lands in the county of Limerick, by us the Undertakers subscribed, allotted to Richard Phitton and Alexander Phitton and their associates ; se., Balligibbyn, Ballenskaly, Cossh, Ballenehuishy, Ballenecury, Elan Bwye, Bwolly, Ballenstephen, Grangpaden, Raas, Ardingillinagh, Bullenlondery, Ballermystialynedowe, Glanehagylshy, Ardpatricke, Ballederout, and all the rest of Gerrott McThomas's lands; i.e., 4,000 acres apiece. Signed : Ed. Phyton, William Herbert, Thomas Fletewude, George Beston, Marmaduke Redmayn, Hen. Slyngisbe, Lancelot Bostock, Edmund Mainwayring. Endorsed: Possession delivered 19 August 1587. R. Wingfelde, vic (sheriff). (6) Certificate, 18 May 1587, of the lands in the county of Connollo allotted to Henry Ughtrede and his associates; 8c., the castle, manor, and lands called Meane, late the Earl of Desmond's; the castle and lands called the Pallice, late Richard McThomas's otherwise McThomas of the Pallice; the castle and lands called Mohannogh, late McGybbyn's; the castle and lands of Ballynoa, in the parish of Clonelty, late Owyn McEdmund Oge McShehi's and Owen McBryen's; the castle called Gorttnetubberde, late Thomas Cams', of the Clenlish ; the castle and lands of Cranshaugh, late the Earl of Desmond's; the castle, town, and lands of Kilbolane, late

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