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III. Patronages of churches in her Majesty's gift.

Iv. Names of places where there are eyries of hawks.
As to mines, “ignoramus.”

Cork, 7 November 1584.
Signed by Thomas Sarsfelde and the rest of the Town Jury.
Pp. 7

Nov. 7. 550. CoNCEALED LANDS.

Vol. 627, p. 61. Verdict of the Grand Jury at Cork respecting such lands

and goods as are concealed from her Majesty in Cork co., and ought to come to her hands by escheat, attainder, suppression of abbeys, &c.

It is stated that Matthew Sheyne, Bishop of Cork, died 13 June 1582.

Cork, 7 November 1584. Sigmed.

Pp. 7.

Nov. 7. 551. TENANTs in CAPITE.

Vol. 627, p. 69. “The names of such persons who [held] lands of her Majesty by knights’ service in capite, and died seized of the same lands, leaving their heirs within age, together with the day of their death,” &c.

II. “The names of such persons who held lands of her Majesty by knights' service in capite, whose fathers or kinsfolks to whom they be heirs died leaving them of full age, and have nevertheless entered into the same lands without suing their livery or utterlevayne,” &c.

Opposite most of the names the word “Ignoramus” is written.

Cork, 7 November 1584.

Signed by the Town. Jury.

Pp. 12.

[Nov. 7..] 552. ALIENATIONS.

Vol. 627, p. 75a. “The names of such as have made alienations without licence, whereof some are of the city of Cork, and others of the Lord Barry's Great Island, and of other parts of his Lo. country, Barretts' country, Kerry whirry, Kynnaly, and Cursei's country.” “Ignoramus.” (No names are given.) P. 1.

Nov. 7. 553. DESMOND's LANDS, &c.

;Vol. 627, p. 79. The verdict of the Grand Jury respecting the rents and beeves of the Earl of Desmond ; the names of poets, chroniclers, or rhymers; and the names of kerne and idle men, and their maintainers.

1584. The Earl's rents were levied in “halfface” moneys and

sterling moneys, at Easter and Michaelmas.
Cork, 7 November 1584. Signed.

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Vol. 627, p. 83. Names of seven persons slain in the rebellion and attainted
for treason. Respecting their lands, “ignoramus.”
Cork, 7 November 1584.
Signed by the Grand Jury.

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Vol. 627, p. 85. Release and quitclaim by Gerrott Earl of Desmond to Barnaby Dale, and his heirs male, from cony, livery, and all other Irish exactions due to the Earl out of the plowland of Ballinpillicke and Knockecapell in Kerycurihye, Cork co.; saving that Dale shall make suit to the court of Bever alias Karrigilyn, and pay the yearly rent of 38. ster.—Traly, 16 November 1578. “We, the jury whose names are underwritten, have seen the original of the above writing in parchment,” &c. Cork, 7 November 1584. Signed : Thomas Sarsfelde, Edmond Tyrrye, &c.

P. 1.

[Nov. 7..] 556. JAMES BARRETT.
Vol. 627, p. 86. I. Names of the Town Jury of Cork.

II. Writ from Nicholas Walshe, John Myeghe, and James Golde, the Queen's Commissioners, to Thomas Sarsfelde and the rest of the jury to inquire into the circumstances of the death of James Barrett, last Barrett of Barretts' country, and who ought to be his heir.

Cork, 6 November 1584.

III. The Presentment of the Jury. (Not signed.)
Pp. 2.


Vol. 627, p. 90. “The names of certain persons [of Cork co.] ye are to inquire of, and are thought to be very evilly disposed to work mischief, if time might serve them.” Sia: names. Opposite each is written, “Billa vera.” “This leaf we present for our verdict.” Cork, 7 November 1584. Signed by the Grand Jury.

1584. Nov. 4 & 7. 558. DESMOND'S LANDS. Vol. 617, p. 55. Copies of the foregoing presentments, dated 4 & 7 November 1584. At the end there is a pedigree of the Barretts. Pp. 32.

Nov. 28. 559. SIR JOHN O’RELY.

Vol. 617, p. 159. Indenture, 28 November, 27 Eliz., between Sir John Perrott, Lord Deputy General of Ireland, and the Council, and Sir John O'Rely of the Cavan in co. Cavan, commonly called O'Rely's country. O'Rely covenants to surrender in the Court of Chancery all the said country and the towghe called Clamahon, now the barony of Rathknavyn; the towghe of Castellrayne, now the barony of Castellrayne; the towghe of Loghety, called the barony of Cavan; the towghe of Tullaghegarvy, called the barony of Tollevyn; the towghe of both the Clankyes, called the barony of Ineskeyne; the towghe of the two towghes, called the barony of Clonballykernan; and the towghe of Tallaghaa, called the barony of Lissenovir, in the county aforesaid, when he shall be thereto required by the Governor. The Lord Deputy and Council agree that O'Rely shall have in fee simple the said baronies of Cavan and Tollevin, with the seigniories, rents, &c. of the baronies of Clonballekyran and Lisnovir. All the freeholders and inheritors in the same shall hold their lands of him by knight service. He shall receive the moiety or halfeindle of the lands and goods of felons, the moiety of the forfeiture of recognizances, the whole goods and chattels of persons outlawed, and goods wayed and strayed. These articles shall be established by Parliament. O’Rely shall suffer his brethren to enjoy all their lands in co. Cavan; and they to yield and pay all duties and charges to him and his heirs. He shall permit all persons who shall have by grant or agreement from her Majesty any portion of the rest of co. Cavan, otherwise called the Brengorely, to enjoy the portions granted to them. He will yield yearly one chief horse and 90 fat beeves, and serve at all roads, hostings, &c. with 20 horsemen and 40 footmen, either shot, kerne, or galloglasse, for 40 days. Nothing herein shall prejudice any lands belonging to the Queen, or to any lord spiritual or temporal, in the said county.

“Copia vera, concordans cum originali, ex’ per Nath: Dillon.”

Copy. Pp. 24.

Nov. 28. 56O. The O’REYLYES. Wol. 613, p. 64a. Indenture, 28 November, 27 Eliz., between her Majesty and Hugh Reogh O’Reyly of Loghnony, Cahir Garte O’Reyly of Carick, Mulmourry O’Reyly, alias the Prior's son, of Downdavane, and his brethren, in the county of Cavan, who are bound to pay her yearly one sound goshawk and 47 bedves, and to serve in all hostings, &c. with 10 horsemen and 20 footmen for 40 days.

Abstract. P. A.

Nov. 28. 561. PHILIP O’REYLY.

Vol. 613, p. 64a. Indenture, 28 November, 27 Eliz., to the same effect as the preceding.

Abstract. P. 3.

Nov. 28. 562. EDMOND O’REYLY.

Vol. 613, p. 65. Indenture, 28 November, 27 Eliz., to the same effect as above.

Abstract. P. A.

[Dec. 18.] 563. JUSTICEs of the PEACE.

Vol. 600, p. 87. “Orders to be observed by the Justices of Peace within their several limits throughout the Realm.”

(1.) That they or three of them shall hold quarter sessions four times in the year. (2.) Respecting the charge to be given to the grand juries. (3.) The inhabitants of the shires between the ages of 16 and 70, as well men as women, to be booked, and sworn to their loyalty. (4.) A general muster to be taken twice a year. (5.) Butts to be made in every parish for archery; and common pounds. (6, 7.) Two high constables to be chosen and sworn within every barony, and two petty constables in every parish. (8.) Two overseers and searchers to be chosen and sworn in every parish, to search any suspected persons' houses for beef, mutton, pork, or swine killed. Any person, not being a gentleman of good accompt, who shall kill any beast or cattle without showing them the mark beforehand, is to be imprisoned and fined. (9.) All cattle, stud mares, sheep, and lambs to be marked with an iron mark or ear mark on pain of forfeiture. “These articles to be left with the Custos Rotulorum.— Jo. Perrot.”

Copy. Pp. 3. Endorsed.

564. The EARL of ORMOND.

Vol. 635, p. 64. “A true Note of certain Territories subtracted and concealed by the Earl of Ormond from her Majesty, pretending the said

* Dated by Carew, “1584 vel 1586.” These orders were enclosed in letters from Lord Deputy Perrot to the justices of the peace in every county, 18 December 1584.


Vol. 635, p. 75.

Dec. 23. Vol. 611, p. 217.

lands to be within his county palatine of Tipperary;”
showing the ancient divisions of Munster and their Irish
At the end : “This above written was alleged by Sir Charles
O'Carrol against the Earl of Ormond that now liveth in anno
Copy. P. A.


“A Certificate of Able Men for defence in the Cities and Towns of Munster; certified in anno 1584;” &c., in Waterford, Cork, Limerick, &c.

Total : 740 shot; 1,840 billmen.

II. “The Note of the particular Lords and their ordinary Forces in Munster, which was maintained by their tenants at all times; collected when Sir John Perrot was Lord President there.”

III. “A Note of the Bonogh-beges that belonged to the Earl of Desmond.”

IV. “A Note how Galloglasse have been cessed, as well within the county of Cork as Limerick, accustomably heretofore.”

Copies.t. Pp. 2.


Indenture, 23 December, 27 Eliz., between Sir John Perrot, Lord Deputy General, and the Council, and Sir Donnell O'Connor, of Sligo, otherwise Sligaghe, in Connaught.

As Sir Donell surrendered to the Queen the captainship and government of the baronies of Carbrie, Tereraghe-Moye, Tererell Laine, Coryn, and Calavin, and all his castles and lands within the county of Sligo; and as her Highness was pleased that, upon survey and inquisition taken of what castles, &c. he had, the same should be granted back again to him with certain reservations, conditions, and covenants: inquisition and survey have been duly made, and a new grant made back to the said Sir Donell and the heirs males of the body of his

father of all the premises, excepting only one town and castle

called Ballemote, as by letters patents, dated at Westminster, 20 January, 10 Eliz., and by an inquisition taken at Sligo before Thomas Dillon, Chief Justice of Connaught, and other commissioners, whose commission is dated 12 May, 20 Eliz., and by other letters patents under the Great Seal of Ireland, dated the 22nd of this month, may more particularly appear.

* See Mr. Hamilton's Calendar of Irish State Papers, 1574–1585, p. 541.

f Nos. II., III., and Iv. have been calendared at length in the preceding Volume (pp. 392–395), from MS. 614, under the date furnished by Carew. No. 1 v. ends with the words “McBryan Arra, 60 axes or spears.”

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