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Sept. 2.
Vol. 628, p. 233a.

Sept. 2. Vol. 628, p. 234.

stayed, by giving their information to the Lord Deputy who is now appointed, when he shall come over, if by any means you can.”

Sidney has been charged to make answer to your demand for the restitution of your castles now in her Majesty's possession.

Worcester, 19 August 1575.

Contemp. copy. Pp. 4. Headed : “To the Earl of Desmond.


The Earl of Essex desires to have 300 soldiers in our pay during his life, which we are given to understand may be very profitably employed for Farney, with none other conditions but that they may be used elsewhere in that realm for our service, as urgent cause shall require. We desire to have your opinion therein.

“Another request is touching McGuise Island, the granting whereof we referred to your consideration. We desire to gratify our cousin, unless there appear great cause to the contrary,

Woodstock, 2 September 1575.

Contemp. copy. P. 1. Headed: To Sir Henry Sidney L. Deputy.

28. [The QUEEN] to the EARL of Essex.

The humble and most dutiful manner of writing used in your two last letters did not a little content us. We perceive that, after long exercise of patience, you have achieved the reputation to have a mind armed with such rare constancy as no adversity can daunt, or prosperity cause to exceed the limits of true temperance. You may think it has been a dear conquest to you, in respect of the great care of mind, toil of body, and intolerable charges you have sustained, to the consumption of some good portion of your patrimony, but you have invested yourself with immortal renown.

“Now to come to your question, by the which you desire to know whether we think that your demands made unto us were grounded on the respect of your own benefit or our service, you shall for answer thereof understand that we conceive for both, interpreting as we do the word benefit not to import that servile gain that base minded men hunt after, but a desire to live in action, to make proof of your virtue, and not unprofitabl[y], or rather reproachfully, (being made of that metal you are,) to fester in the delights of English Egypt, where the most part of those that are bred in that soil take greatest delight in holding their noses over the beef-pots. And thus much touching your question.

“Now for full answer of your demands. We are persuaded you rest contented with that we made touching your land and charges, as also concerning the Earl Marshalship. And


Sept. 9. Vol. 605, p. 50.

Sept. 27. Wol. 628, p. 291 a.


as for the latter of these two, we protest unto you, on the word of a Prince, that none but yourself (whose credit we especially tender and whose satisfaction we greatly desire,) could have obtained at our hands. For the other two, the one concerning the entertainment for 300 men, to have continuance during your life, and the other touching McGuise Island, these are to let [you] wit, that for the first we are grown to a full determination with the Deputy last sent over, both touching the government, as also the charges, (a certain proportion of the treasure, which we mean not to exceed, being set down for the defraying of the same) and therefore cannot, without alteration of our former resolution therein taken, directly answer you until we have heard from him. Notwithstanding, we have some cause to think that he will well allow that we shall yield to your request, for that we are given to understand the said number you desire may be very profitably employed at the Farney, and yet to be used in other places for our service as urgent cause shall require to use them. And because we think it convenient for many respects that with some speed you know his allowance thereof, we have directed (by this bearer) our letter unto him, requiring him to signify unto you his opinion therein.”

Touching your last demand for McGuise Island, although we referred it to our Deputy's consideration, yet are we content absolutely to yield that you shall have the same.

Woodstock, 2 September 1575.

Contemp. copy. Pp. 3.

Headed : To the Earl of Essex.

Constable of Catherloghe.

Sir Peter Carewe has complained that you have not restored his pledges according to our order taken at Trym. As he is to enter into bonds of 100l. st. to pay you such lawful duties as you shall prove before us, we straightly charge you to deliver the said pledges.

Maribourghe, 9 Sept. 1575.

Contemp. copy. P. 1.

30. The QUEEN to the LoRD DEPUTY (SIDNEY).

On consideration of certain petitions which the Mayor, bailiffs, and commonalty of Limerick have caused to be made unto us here, we have resolved in such sort as hereafter par ticularly ensueth.

They require confirmation of their privileges and liberties, and that there may be added their charter, warrant and commission to have a sword borne before the Mayor of that city, with a hat of maintenance, and authority to deliver the gaol of the said city; that none cf the Irishry be preferred to any ecclesiastical living in the cathedral church of


Sept. 30. Vol. 628, p. 244.

Limerick; that no ship coming within the river there do sell
or discharge any munition, shot, powder, wines, or other
wares to any other than to the said corporation; to have all
such fines and forfeitures as are given by statutes penal, con-
cordatum, or by any other means which are or shall hereafter
be due upon any of the said citizens; that neither the Mayor
nor any of the bailiffs, during their being in office, shall be
compelled to travel in person to Dublin; and that the
dwellers in Clankillan may appear at all assizes and sessions
in Limerick, as heretofore. We have thought good to grant
the same petitions by letters patent under our Great Seal of
They do also make petition that their Mayor and his
successors may be Admiral within the river of Limerick, and
also for grant of an island, lying in the said river, called
Iniskattie. We think it meet to be further advised upon the
first point, but as touching the said island, we refer it to be
granted by you.
Whereas they are indebted to us in the sum of 241. 3s. 4d.,
Irish, for the arrearages of the fee farm of the said city, being 15l.
Irish yearly, payable in our Exchequer there, they desire to be
released from the same in consideration of their great charges
and expenses about the repairing of their old walls and
building of new fortifications. We are contented to release
to them 100l. Irish, parcel of the said arrearages, and also to
allow to them out of the remainder “so much as they can
show any way due unto them by us for such cesse as hath been
there taken by order from our Deputy.”
They also require to be as free from cesse as the cities of
Dublin and Waterford are. We refer this to your consider-
They require also that the said corporation of Limerick
may have in their own disposition the granting of the offices
of searcher and gauger* of the said city. We refer the same
to you.
Finally, they require us to grant a commission to such as shall
be thought good, “to inquire what lands, tenements, or other
hereditaments have been granted to the said corporation by
any of our progenitors, Kings of England, and of other common
land of the same city. This we refer to be done by you
Manor of Woodstock, 27 September, 18 (sic) Eliz., 1575.
Contemp. copy. Pp. 3.
. Headed: From the Queen to the Lord Deputy.


Accompt of Sir Edward Fitoun, Knight, Treasurer at Wars in Ireland, from 1st April 1573, 15 Eliz., to 30th

* “granger” in MS.


September 1575, 17 Eliz., containing all payments by him
made not only for services under the Lords Deputies, but also
for the like charges under Walter, Earl of Essex, Lord" General
of Ulster.
“Defalcations of imprests under Sir William Fitz William,
Lord Deputy, which were delivered by:—By indenture from
Sir William Fitz William, knight, late Treasurer at Wars,
25,076l. 19s, 83d. Stephen Waters, clerk of the fines in
Mounster, 226l. 17s. 9; d. Thomas Sackfourde, for victuals
delivered anno 1574, 2,0261. 16s. 84d. Henry Sackfourde
and the said Thomas for victuals delivered ammo 1575,
11,033l. 3s. 7#d. Jaques Wingfeilde, Master of th’ Ordnance,
for munitions by him delivered, 1,556l. 4s. 1 #d. Sir Nicholas
Bagnall, Knight Marshal of th' army, for beeves by him
delivered in the camp, 4151, 16s. 540. The Earl of Bedford,
for money imprested to Thomas Prideux, besides 321. 6s. 8d.
for coats, conduct, and upon transportations by him paid,
101l. 6s. 8d.: [Total, 40,4371. 5s, 0}d.”
Like defalcations made under the Earl of Essex:-Ready
money by divers ministers serving under the said Earl,
9,956l. 78.5%d. Wares provided for the clothing of soldiers by
sundry ministers under the said Earl, 321. 10s. 94al. Victuals
delivered by divers victuallers serving under the said Earl,
5,531 l. 14s. 1d. Munitions by the ministers of the ordnance
under the said Earl, with 5811, 19s. 53d. by Ja. Wingfeilde.
Ready money out of England, from the Court of the
Exchequer there, 127,857l. 8s. 6d. ; from the Court of her
Majesty's Wards and Liveries, 2,3171. 20%d.
The clear “remaine” of her Majesty's revenues for one half
year, ended at Mich., 15 Eliz., 1,3921. 2s. 5d. ; for one whole
year, ended at Mich., 16 Eliz., besides the impost of wines
that year, 4,5291. 3s. 7. d. ; for one other whole year, ended
at Mich., 17 Eliz., 1,7791. 17s. 5d.
Impost of wines for 15 Eliz., 1,985l. 148.7; d. ; for 16 Eliz.,
670l. 17s. 1140. ; for 17 Eliz., 8371.4s. 74d.
Foreign receipts.-Checks taxed, 2,430l. 58. 2d.; cesse money,
9s. 4d. Money and warrants received of divers persons, for
which the Treasurer hath given bills, to be repaid by her
Majesty, 9,366l. 143d.
Sum total, 211,543l. 15% d.

Fiton has paid and laid out the following sums for wages and other charges, under the government of the Lords

Coat money, 531. 6s. 8d. “Old debts due upon sundry
captains’ pays which were long sithence discharged, 551 l. 15d.
“Full and whole pays” of the Lord Deputy and chief officers,
Presidents and Councils, bands of horsemen and footmen,

* Sic. Qu., mistake for Lieutenant.


warders in castles, Irish horsemen and kernes, pensioners,
victuallers, ministers of the ordnance, and impotent soldiers,
89,335l. 12s. 03d.
Extraordinary and necessary payments for sea services,
freights, and transportations, diets of Justices and Commis-
sioners, carriage of letters, gifts and rewards, charges of
prisoners, hire of gaols, recompence of losses, riding and
travelling charges, over prices and losses in victuals, buildings
and reparations, “allowances to the Lord Deputy and Secre-
taries' clerks,” espial money, allowances of checks over taxed,
hawks for the Marquis of Sara in Spain", emptions necessary,
land carriages, parchment and paper for these three years
accompts and foreign accompts, and portages of treasure,
12,6811. 3s. 33d.
Surplusages upon accompts for victuallings and buildings,
3,1591. 6s, 5%d.
Prests upon accompts for victuallings, buildings, and the
office of the Ordnance, 19,245l. 14s. 94d.
Prests upon entertainments, 21,018l. 7s. 33d.
Debts.--Thomas, Earl of Ormond and Ossory, for money
lent to him in England, 666l. 13s. 4d. ; Malachias O'Crossy (sic),
Bishop of Carbry, 81.17s. 9}d. ; Thomas Mighte, late victualler,
for money paid in England for his debts, 297l. 6s. 24d.; Don
Diego, late pensioner, deceased, for money to him prested
beforehand upon his pay before his death, 131. 198. 10}d.;
William Bassnete, late captain of horsemen, for money over-
paid to his soldiers, which his executors are to repay,
16l. 8s. 5; d. ; John Pette, executor of Nicholas Pette, for
money to him imprested by Sir John Perrote, whereof the
said Sir John was repaid after the said Nicholas's death,
which the said John is to repay, 537. 6s. 8d. ; Arthur Brer-
tone, late pensioner, for so much munitions to him delivered,
not defaulked upon his pay for want of certificate, 100s. 2d.;
the administrators of Thomas Chestone, for so much paid
upon their ticket to his soldiers, 12l.; George Bourchier, “for
money to him prested more than was due, and would not
come to his reckoning,” 628. 3d. ; Thomas Morgan, who came
not to his reckoning for money to him prested more than was
due, 221. 13s. 4d. ; Sir Peter Carewe, for money to him im-
prested beforehand more than was due at the time of his
decease, 17 l. 200. : total, 1,116l. 9s. 830.
Sum total of all the payments before specified, 147,161 l. 18d.

“The like wages and charges under the regiment of the
Earl of Essex, in Ulster.”
Conduct money to William Selby, for certain horsemen,
I011. 15s. 6; d. ; full and whole pays of the chief officers and
ministers, bands of horsemen and footmen, warders in castles,

* The sum paid was 371. 6s. 8d.

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