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his household men was slain, and his head brought to this town; therefore the Lord Justice and Council proclaim him and all his adherents traitors against her Majesty. Provided that any of his adherents presenting their bodies simply before us the Lord Justice or the Earl of Ormond, General in our absence, shall be received and used as liege subjects.

Given at Rathkell, 2 November 1579.

Signed at the beginning and end William Pelham ; at the end: Thomas Ormound, the Mayor of Waterford and Lismore, James Donboyne, Edmond Montgaret, Nicho. Malbie, Ed. Waterhouse, Edmond Butler, Tibald Butlere, Edward Butler, Pierse Butler.

Contemp. copy. Pp. 64.

147. LORD JUSTICE PELHAM to the LORD KEEPER and Council,


At my coming to Cashell the Earl of Ormond presented to me a company of 200 horsemen, with which and my own band and the Berwick soldiers we marched to Limerick; and there meeting with Sir Nicholas Malbie and his companies, we made a journey into Conneloughe, having first from Cashell written to Desmond desiring his repair to me. At length the Countess came with letters, accusing Malbie of divers hurts. Ormond met him beside Adare. As he would consent to none of our offers, he was yesterday proclaimed a traitor. I have left Ormond as General of this war, and delivered to him 800 footmen (besides the 100 footmen under Sir William Morgan), 250 horsemen, and 200 kerne. I would have continued longer in this action, but for the want of victuals and carriage. Through Malbie's long absence out of Connaught, some practice is made for stirs there. I will see that province in my repair towards Dublin. You, my Lord of Kildare, have had garrisons laid here upon your lands in Cosmaie, namely, at Crome and at Adare, but shall suffer no loss. Camp at Poplebrian, 3 November 1579. Signed. Contemp. copy. Pp. 24.


I have sent this gentleman, Captain Fenton, with letters to the Privy Council containing all such matters as have happened since the departure of the Lord Chancellor. Desmond has been proclaimed a traitor. Ormond has already drawn

blood and kindled fire in the midst of Desmond's country.

I have left the prosecution of the war to him.

I now return through Connaught, accompanied with Sir Nicholas Malbie, Governor of that province. Secretary Waterhouse has spared no travail.

Limerick, 4 November 1579.

Contemp. copy. Pp. 2.

1579. Nov. 4. 149. The JUSTICE and Council, to the Council, in ENGLAND. Vol. 597, p. 97a. We dispatch Captain Fenton to make declaration of all things that have passed since the departure of the Lord Chancellor.

Limerick, 4 November 1579.

Signed : William Pelham, Thomas Ormound, Nich. Malbye,
Ed. Waterhowse.
Contemp. copy. P. A.


Vol. 597, p. 98. Dated at Limerick, 4 Nov. 1579. Declare that the cause of our sudden repair into Munster was the distress which I the Lord Justice supposed Sir Nicholas Malbie to be in, and to establish the Earl of Ormond to be General of these wars, according to the commission granted him at Dublin. That we met Ormond at Kilkenny, and proceeded from thence to Cashell, where his 230 horsemen were. That, after negotiating with Desmond to no purpose, we proclaimed him traitor. “That the cause why we did not besiege Asketten was, for that we had no victuals, tents, or other necessaries, and especially because the house is circuited with a deep water and well fortified; and we had no ordnance in those parts but one culverin, and that not mounted.” That the next day after the proclamation we received letters from the captains of the Queen's ships and from Sir Warham Sentleger, wherein his practices were farther manifested. That he expects foreign aid to come to his relief, and that Saunders has solicited all persons of any countenance to join in this rebellion, and wrote to Ulicke Bourke, that they look for the bursting out of their faction in England, and call their camp the camp of his Holiness. That those letters were after a month's detaining of them sent to Malbie by Ulicke Bourke, when the encounter between Malbie and the rebels was known in Connaught. That we desire 300 choice trained soldiers to be sent over with the horsemen appointed to Mr. Norris and remaining yet at Lerpoole (Liverpool). The lack of money. That as foreign aid is to be sent, the ships should be stayed upon this coast, and sent about to the Shenen. That Desmond sent letters into Spain by one that embarked in the town of Galway. Ask what shall be done with DesInond's son. Declare what continual hindrance grows for lack of carriages, and that every band of 100 should have 25l. 13s. 4 I. to buy 20 garrons. That the spoil made in the country of corn, as well by the rebels as by the army, must needs make a present dearth;


and therefore we wish that some wheat might be sent “as well to this port as to Cork and Limerick.”

Declare the stirs growing in Connaught by the O'Mailes, and the quarrels made by the Baron of Dungannon upon O'Reighlie. That I cannot get one spy or guide for any hire. That since the Berwick soldiers arrived, and their wages are known to be 8d, ster. a day, our soldiers require to have the like. That the Lord Barrie has taken Sir Thomas of Desmond prisoner. Learn what shall be done with the two sons of Rowrie Oge in the Castle of Dublin.

“To be a solicitor that, in respect since the proclamation the Countess of Desmond hath left her husband, she may enjoy her jointure.”

Signed by Pelham at the beginning; and at the end by Ormond, Malbie, and Waterhouse.

Contemp. copy. Pp. 5}.

Nov. 4. 151. The EARL OF ORMOND.

Vol. 597, p. 101. “The Earl of Ormond's demands answered by the Lord Justice and Council, the 4th November 1579, at Limerick,” respecting horsemen, footmen, victuallers, garrisons, munition, money, &c. Contemp. copy. Pp. 2.

Nov. 5. I52. LORD JUSTICE PELHAM to the LORD KEEPERf at Dublin.

Vol. 597, p. 102. I heartily thank you for your letters discoursing the occur

rences in the Pale and borders, and commend the course you

have taken for the stay of the Baron of Dungannone from

invading the Brenny. The dealings of Mr. Marshal and Sir

Edward More shall add help therein. If any such attempt

should be offered, the Earl of Kildare should assist O'Reliegh.
I send you the copy of the proclamation against Desmond,

to be published in Dublin forthwith.
Limerick, 5 November 1579. Signed.
Contemp. copy. P. A.


Vol. 597, p. 102a. I have deciphered your letters, and sent them to her
Majesty. Deliver all the munition to Captain Piers, to be
brought to Limerick.
Limerick, 6 November 1579.’ Signed.
Contemp. copy. P. 3.

Nov. 6. 154. PROCLAMATION.

Vol. 597, p. 102a. That all horsemen, both English and Irish, in this assembled army, in order that they may be known from others, not 1579. - being of the same retinue, shall provide, before Wednesday morning," red crosses either of silk or cloth, the one to be fastened on the breast and the other on the back, as usual, and to contain in length 8 inches and in breadth 1% inch, upon pain of 20s.

* “Cork, Limerick, and Dublin,” in the margin. This is very probably the meaning of the passage quoted in the text; but the document is dated at Limerick, not at Dublin.

t Adam Loftus, Archbishop of Dublin.

Limerick, 6 November 1579.

Signed by Pelham at the beginning.

Contemp. copy. P. #.

Nov. 7. 155. WARRANT to ANTHONY FYTTON, Collector of the Impost Vol. 597, p. 103. on Wines at Galway.

Whereas there are yearly due to Sir Nicholas Malbie, Governor of Connaught and Thomond, six tuns of wine for his house, free, without impost, we require you to deliver the same to Anthony Linche, of Galwaie, merchant.

Galway, 7 November 1579.

Signed by Pelham.

Contemp. copy. P. A.

Nov. 9. 156. GALWAY.

Vol. 597, p. 103a. “The copy of certain Privileges granted [9 March 1577–8]

by Sir Henry Sidney, Lord Deputy, to the city of Galway, and renewed by Sir William Pelham, Lord Justice [at Galway], 9 November 1579.”

Privilege respecting writs of subpoena and attachment. No new officer or office to be erected by the governor in the town. The mayor to grant protections. “That the merchants that bring wares on credit or penny bargains shall be bound to deal well with [merchant] strangers.” None to speak opprobrious words to the mayor. To continue their ancient customs. The mayor to use the advice of the graver sort of aldermen. The mayor and bailiffs to take no fee of sentence, called in Irish oleigeth, for any judgment or recovery. The dead to be buried without the walls.

Contemp. copy. Pp. 6.

Nov. 9. 157. GALWAY.

Vol. 597, p. 106a. “Articles to be observed by the Mayor and his brethren at Galwaie, dated the 9 November 1579.”

That they be careful of all shipping brought in by

That neither principal merchants nor any other be suffered

to view the strength of the town.
That a general muster be taken within the town. -
That all suspicious persons, mere Irish, and the poor and

aged be sent forth of the town.
That every householder make provision of victual for his

* Nov. Il.

family for 10 months. The corporation also to prepare a mass
of victual in storehouses. -

That the Queen have a convenient house for a staple of victual. That order be taken for the placing of 100 soldiers within the town, and another 100 at Athenry. The soldiers to pay for their diet.

Signed at the beginning : William Pelhaun; at the end: N. Malbie; Ed. Waterhowse. The Berwick soldiers garrisoned in the province of Connaught:—Captain Case and his band of 100 footmen to remain at Galway; Captain Walker and his band at Athenry; Captain Pickman and his band at Athlone. Contemp. copy. Pp. 2.

; Nov. 10. I58. The BERWICK SOLDIERs.

Vol. 597, p. 107 a. “The Berwick soldiers garrisoned in the province of Con

naught the 10 November 1579.”
Captain Cace and his band of 100 footmen to remain at

Galway; Captain Walker, with 100, at Athenry; Captain
Pickeman, with 100, at Athlone.
P. 3.

Nov. 12. 159. WARRANT to the TREASURER, SIR HENRY WALLOP. Vol. 597, p. 107a. To pay to Edward Waterhowse, Secretary, his fees and entertainment. Athlone, 12 November 1579. Signed by Pelham. Contemp. copy. P. A.

Nov. 19. 160. CoMMIssion to the CAPTAINs of her Majesty's GALLowVol. 597, p. 108. GLASE.

By your indenture dated 7 May 1578, you have covenanted to serve with 90 spears of gallowglas. These are to charge you to put that number in readiness for war, to meet at Carrig by the 25th, and to serve under the Earl of

Ormond against the proclaimed traitors, the Earl of Desmond, his brethren and others, for 42 days.

Castle of Dublin, 19 November 1579.
Signed by the Deputy and Council.
Addressed: To Molmorrie McEdmond, Hugh Boie Mc
Yeallagh, and Tirrelagh Oge McAllexander, Captains of her
Majesty's three Septs of Clandonells Gallowglas.
Contemp. copy. P. 1.

Nov. 20. 161.

The LORD JUSTICE and Council to SIR PETER CAREw E. Vol. 597, p. 108a.

Captain Mackeworth with his band repairs presently to the
Earl of Ormond. For the guard of the fort we charge you to
send 50 of your band thither. -
Castle of Dublin, 20 November 1579. Signed.
Contemp. copy. P. 3.

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