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T. Combe, M.A., E. B. Gardner, E. P. Hall, and H. Latham, M.A.,

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THE text of this Hymnal (except in those few cases in which it is noted as a variation) is that of the original authors. When it differs (except by abridgment) from that of the Book of Praise,' the difference is the result of a more accurate verification. In one instance only, (viz. the first two lines of Wesley's Christmas Hymn, No. 30 of this Hymnal,) the author's text, as given in the Book of Praise,' has been departed from, in favour of a variation, (Madan's couplet,

Hark! the herald angels sing,

Glory to the new-born King,') which, though not itself beyond criticism, has been too long and too generally established in our Churches to be now easily set aside: especially as the word 'welkin,' in the original, is not satisfactory.

To the Hymns from the Book of Praise,' which (subject to some necessary abridgments) seemed best adapted for the purposes of public worship, a few others, consisting chiefly of selections from the Old and New Versions of the Psalms, have been added.

The order of the arrangement, which is the same as that of the ‘Book of Praise,' (though not always assembling, under one head, all Hymns suitable for use at the same season,) will, it is believed, make it easy to select those most proper for particular occasions. Thus, the Hymns best suited for Advent will be found, according to their distinctive characters, under the divisions, . Christ Incarnate,' Christ's Kingdom and Judgment,' and Thy Kingdom come;'— those for Lent and Passion-Week, under Thy Will be done,' Forgive us our Trespasses,' The Forgiveness of Sins,' and ' Christ Crucified ;'— those for Harvest-time, under 'God the Creator,' and

Seed-time and Harvest ;'- those for Funeral Services, under "Resurrection and Eternal Life,' and 'The Burial of the Dead.'- Christmas and Epiphany, Easter, Ascension-tide, Whitsuntide and Trinity Sunday, have their appropriate Hymns, under the titles of Christ Incarnate, Christ Risen,' * Christ Ascended, God the Holy Ghost,' and 'The Holy Trinity.' And, although there are not, in this volume, any Hymns for each particular Saint's-day Service of the Church of England, thoss under the divisions, The Holy Catholic Church,' and The Communion of Saints,' are conceived to be sufficient, and perfectly appropriate, for all such commemorations.

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