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See also Table of amendments, p.

Code of criminal procedure amended:
certificate of reasonable doubt determined in court of special sessions,
New York city, § 529...
criminals, commissioner of correction to report to legislature; further
reports; officers to furnish information, §§ 948, 948a, 949.....
fingerprints, central bureau of criminal identification; old records
to be consolidated, §§ 945, 945a....
commissioner of corrections to classify, identify and report;
information to be presented to the court, §§ 942, 942a.........
identifying criminals; taking; forwarding for identification,
§§ 940, 941 ...

records to accompany prisoner; cooperation with federal
bureau of identification, §§ 943, 944.

identification, records and statistics, title 10, synopsis amended,
$$ 941-946 repealed, §§ 941-949 added..

records at Washington and New York city, interchange of records,
statistics, §§ 946, 946a, 947...

constables, fees, § 740b..

defendant not to be admitted to bail in certain cases, § 555 amended felony committed while armed with a weapon, defendant convicted not to be admitted to bail, § 555...

fourth offender not to be admitted to bail, § 555.

grand juries, crimes against elective franchise, attorney general to appear, § 264..

persons who may give advice, § 262.

[blocks in formation]

witnesses, § 263..

759 1634

grand jurors, compensation, § 267a, subd. 1.

171 310


grand jury stenographer, appointment in Genesee or Livingston counties,

[blocks in formation]

money of deceased persons paid to legal representatives by county treasurer, & 787...

[blocks in formation]

Monroe county, stenographer, compensation for copy of testimony furnished to district attorney, § 952v.

[blocks in formation]

New Jersey interstate bridge and tunnel commission, appointment of peace officers, § 154..

[blocks in formation]

New York state bridge and tunnel commission, appointment of peace officers, 154..

[blocks in formation]

port of New York authority, appointment of peace officers, § 154.
probation, condition, period, discharge, violation, powers and duties of
probation officers, title 9 (§§ 932-937) added, § 11a repealed....
definitions; probation officers; compensation; bonds; investigation,
title 9 (§§ 927-931) added, §§ 11a repealed....

New York city criminal courts of record, physical, mental and
psychiatric examinations, title 9 (§§ 938, 939) added, § 1la

[blocks in formation]

property delivered to county treasurer by coroners, sale, § 786.
slot machines, violation for keeping, § 56, subd. 35a added.
Ulster county, grand jury stenographers, compensation, § 952v.
stenographer, salary in taking testimony before grand jury, § 952v.

[blocks in formation]

ld Spring town:

assessment of state lands for school purposes, education law, § 440, subd. 2 amended



llege Point reef:

land for lighthouse purposes, occupation by United States...



lony development:

appropriation for state hospitals, mental hygiene department. . . . . . . . lumbia county:

[blocks in formation]

appropriation for state and county highways, maintenance and repair 200 maintenance of certain highways, highway law, § 170d added.....

Commission of Delaware river water resources:

appropriation for salaries and expenses (re.)..

Commission to examine and change laws relative to reorganization of state


Chap. P

520 1135

[blocks in formation]

Kings county, salary increased, special revenue bonds or certificates of indebtedness issued


appropriation for maintenance and operation...

Commission on uniform state laws:

national conference, expenses.

Commissioners of appraisal:

75 915 519 11


871 1873

729 15

520 li

Erie county, greater motorways system of highways, establishment, bond issue

[blocks in formation]

term of office, recommendations for appointment, election law, § 30, subd. 3, § 31 amended....

Commissioners, sewer:

718 174


777 164

sewer commissioners, actions by and against, judgments, town law, § 284 added...


Commissioners, water:

water commissioners, actions by and against, judgments, town law, § 287b added.

Commissions, departments, boards, bureaus, state, created, reorganized or abolished: See also Names of special commissions, departments, boards and bureaus.

498 1

appropriation for commission, reorganization of state government.... 638 abandoned canal land for park or parkway purposes, public lands law, 57b amended...

assessments and taxation bureau in towns, town law, § 143a amended boards of education of cities. financial reports, education law, § 877a added

boards of water commissioners in villages of first class, number of members, village law, §§ 63, 65 amended..


503 1%

595 1


Buffalo city, grade crossing and terminal station commission, contracts
for expenditures to be approved by common council...
Buffalo and Niagara frontier port authority commission, report to

child welfare commission to examine laws relating to child welfare, L. 1920, ch. 699 repealed.

commission to investigate defects in law of estates, report, time extended to 1929..

conservation department, commission, water control commission, New York water power commission, functions, powers, duties, conservation law, § 5...

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Commissions, departments, boards, bureaus, state created, reorganized
or abolished -Continued:

definitions, department, commissioner, commission defined, conser-
vation law, § 2...

eligibility to certain offices, conservation law, § 7

crime commission of New York state, report, time extended, appropriation for expenses..

departmental action, construction of provisions of law, state departments law, § 343, subd. 16a added.

Erie county park commission, purchasing supplies, contract. escheated lands, conveyance where value exceeds ten thousand dollars, public lands law, § 62 amended..

Chap. Page.

[blocks in formation]

728 1581

75 222

estates, commission to investigate defect in laws, appropriation (re.) George Washington, 200th anniversary of birth, temporary commission to cooperate with federal government in celebration, appropriation 615 1374 Hempstead town, development commission created, planning commission abolished..


housing board, approval of transfer of buildings and structures; construction; acquisition of land; increase of rentals, state housing law, §§ 18, 20, 21 amended....

512 1095

[blocks in formation]

change of public to private or private to public limited dividend
housing company, state housing law, § 52 amended.
investigation; duties, execution of projects; control of rentals,
state housing law, $$ 12, 13, 14, 16 amended..
limited dividend housing company, purchase of property, judg-
ments, sale, state housing law, §§ 44, 45 added..
public limited dividend housing companies, organization, duration,
state housing law, § 30 amended..

[blocks in formation]

stock, issuance, consideration; limitations; tax exemptions, state housing law, §§ 35, 36, 38, 39 amended, § 37 repealed 722 1566 mortgages and mortgage bonds; surplus; reduction of rentals; foreclosure, state housing law, §§ 40, 41, 42, 43 amended.. private limited dividend housing companies, powers, exemptions, state housing law, § 51 amended..

722 1570

722 1572

industrial board, representation on behalf of claimants, license, work-
men's compensation law, § 24a added.... . .
investigations by person appointed by governor, compensation, ex-
ecutive law, § 8 amended...

[blocks in formation]

members of board, counsel or commission disqualified to serve as trial jurors, judiciary law, § 503 amended..

[blocks in formation]

New Jersey interstate bridge and tunnel commission, appointment of peace officers, code of criminal procedure, § 154 amended...... sale of unused portions of land, appraisal, proceeds, where deposited

New York battlefields commission, composition, control of adjutant general

New York city, board of commissioners of pilots, state departments law, § 198 repealed, new § 198 added...

New York state bridge and tunnel commission, lands, construction,
appropriation (re.)..

peace officers, appointment, code of criminal procedure, § 154

[blocks in formation]

sale of unused portions of land, appraisal, proceeds where deposited parole board, membership; officers, duties, state departments law, $ 408 amended..

[blocks in formation]

police department in towns in certain counties, establishment, town law, art. 14b (§§ 319k-319r)...


Port of New York Authority, services and expenses (re)

peace officers appointed, code of criminal procedure, § 154 amended 388 public service department continued, state departments law, § 430 amended

evidence, certified copies of papers filed; orders, service and effect,
public service commission law, §§ 17, 23 amended...


1673 75 222 902


732 1589

Commissions, departments, boards, bureaus, state created, reorganized

or abolished-Continued:

Chap. Page

false billing by carrier or shipper, public service commissions law,
§ 34 amended..

metropolitan division, public service commission law, § 3 added,
§ 4a amended

officers; meetings; payment of salaries; public service commission
law, §§ 10, 14 amended....

railroad corporations and common carriers, reorganization subject
to supervision of commission, public service commission law,
§ 55a, subd. 1 amended.

divisions; removals; public service commission law, schedule of
articles, title, art. 1, §§ 1, 2, subd. 1, §§ 4, 4a amended; §§ 3, 4b

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732 1586

state division, public service commission law, § 3 added, § 4 amended railroad tunnels, compliance with orders, railroad law, § 104 amended. 546 127 reforestation, temporary commission to investigate, appropriation.... 241 river regulation, organization of board, acquisition of real estate, preliminary plans, hearing, conservation law, §§ 438, 446, 452, 453.. 242 Rochester water supply, damages, determination and payment, supply of water to other public water supply systems, conservation law, $$ 526-529 added..

state athletic commission, deputies, salary and expenses..

862 12

state probation commission, membership, powers, duties, state depart-
ments law, § 405 amended, § 409 repealed; § 409 added....
street surface railroad, tracks at grade across tracks of any railroad,
consent, railroad law, § 101 amended..

state office site and building commission, services and expenses, appropriation (re.).

state lands, notice of assessment mailed to tax commission, tax law, § 22 amended...

State Camp for Veterans, Bath, transfer of title to United States.. 240 state food commission, L. 1919, chapter 64 and acts amendatory thereto repealed

758 15.

133 2

703 133



[ocr errors]

546 2

Syracuse grade crossing commission, elimination of grade crossings.. Syracuse grade crossing elimination, commissioners continued in office, powers and duties, bond issue....

tenement house commission; construction, maintenance and alteration
of dwellings; investigation; revision of tenement house law, appro-

tenement house law, commission to revise, reappropriation..
town survey commission established, duties, commissioners, compensa-
tion, powers, contracts, condemnation, bonds, annual tax, sewers....
tax commission, information furnished by clerks of boards of super-
visors, time, tax law, § 61 amended...

Westchester county park commission, acquisition of land, appropria-
tion (re.).. . ..

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

water power and control division, agricultural lands, drainage, court review, conservation law, § 499...

Westchester county park commission, jurisdiction; reservations, parks, parkways exempt from taxes and assessments; contracts for public utilities; trials, competency...



Common carriers: See Railroad law amended.

Communal forests:

county, city, town, village, school district may acquire lands for forestry purposes, conservation law, § 60....



See Workmen's compensation headings.


appropriation for salary, audit and control department....



audit and control department, head to be comptroller; deputies; records
and data in aid of audit, executive law, art. 4, title, §§ 40, 41
amended, § 41a added.
undertakings, bulletin board, statement of appointments and de-
positories posted, executive law, § 41a renumbered § 41b and
amended; § 45 amended..

mileage tables of highways, filing, highway law, § 102 amended..
removal by senate, public officers law, § 32 amended...
state officers and employees, retirement system, fund for payment of
pensions, annuities and other benefits; contributions, civil service
law, § 57, subd. 3, § 78 amended..

Chap. Page.

[blocks in formation]

vacancies in office filled by legislature, public officers law, § 41 amended. Concurrent resolutions:

[blocks in formation]

amendments to constitution, annexation of territory to cities, art. XII,
§ 8 added, adopted..

budget, executive, art. IV-A added, adopted.

civil service appointments and promotions, art. 5, § 6 referred
to legislature chosen at next election of senators.

excess condemnation by counties, art. 1, § 7 amended, adopted..
governor and lieutenant-governor, salaries, art. IV, §§ 4, 8 amended,




debt for grade crossings, elimination, cost, apportionment, art. VII,
§ 14 amended, adopted









699 1528

head of executive department, art. V, § 4 amended, adopted..
indebtedness of cities, limitation, art. VIII, § 10 amended, adopted
legislature, members' salaries, art. III, § 6 amended, adopted.....
New York city, debt for new rapid transit railroads, limitation,
art. VIII, § 10a added, adopted........

state highway through forest preserve, Wilmington to Whiteface
Mountain, art. VII, § 7 amended, adopted....

charge for publication, public officers law, § 70a amended.

Condemnation proceedings:

acquisition of lands for street purposes, village law, § 89, subd. 40

Dunkirk city, lands for public improvements, definition..

excess condemnation by counties, constitutional amendment, art. I, § 7 amended, adopted

[blocks in formation]

Harlem River ship canal, appropriation for claim of Isaac G. Johnson and Company..

[blocks in formation]

highway bridges, closed to traffic by superintendent of public works, highway law, § 19a, subds. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8; subd. 7 repealed, new subd. 7 added, § 19a, subds. 15, 16 added..

Long Island state park commission, conservation law, § 781.
New York city, condemnation of real property, advance payments,
§ 1438a amended.

Ossining village, land for public parks, squares, athletic fields and
playgrounds, charter, § 20 added..

railroad corporations, minority stock in aid of merger, railroad law, § 160 amended

[blocks in formation]

rapid transit railways, partial payment of awards, rapid transit act, § 47a added..

808 1701

Conduit boulevard:

temporary crossings at grade, construction and maintenance, payment, appropriation

588 1321

Coney Island creek:

nets, size of mesh, conservation law, § 332..

242 570

Confidential clerks:

supreme court justices, seventh judicial district, confidential clerks, salaries, judiciary law, § 279, subd. 7 amended; appropriation..... 235


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