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Abandoned canal lands: See Canals.


Chap, Page.

Jefferson county, abstractors in county clerk's office, payment for

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Academies: See School headings.

Accidents: See also Insurance headings; Work men's compensation headings.
motor vehicles, operation by non-residents, service of process, security
for costs, highway law, §§ 285a, 285b added..


receivers of stolen goods, penal law, § 1308a added...

Accounts bureau:

appropriation for salaries, labor department.


conservation department, power to bring actions, suits or proceedings,
conservation law, § 9..

foreign corporations, limitation of time to commence action, civil prac-
tice act, § 19 amended..

joint tort-feasor, action by one against another, civil practice act,
§ 211a added..

Adirondack park:

Adirondack or Catskill park land, tax sale, claim of title of state;
acquire by purchase from persons claiming adversely, public lands
law, § 19 amended...

boundaries, conservation law, § 63.

claim of title to land, tax sale, conservation department may purchase,

public lands law, § 17 amended..

signs and billboards, use restricted, conservation law, § 62..

Adjutant-general: See also Military and naval affairs division.
appropriation for salary, military and naval affairs division..
construction, replacement and repairs at State Camp of Instruc-
tion, Peekskill

armories, additional employees or emergency expenditures, military
law, 198 amended..

apportioning and collecting funds, military law, § 178 amended..
furnishing, alteration, repair, equipment, military law, §§ 22, 179–
181 amended

headquarters for regiments and battalions; acquisition of addi-
tional site and land; floor space, military law, §§ 182, 185, 188,
par. 3, subd. a amended...

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840 1773

840 1773

naval militia; annual estimate for maintenance; emergency ex-
penditure; inventory of property; disposal of useless property,
military law. §§ 191, 193, 194, 195, 196 amended...
temporary provision for new armory, military law, § 198 amended.
armory, erection, site, for cavalry in city of Utica, appropriation..... 616 1375
arsenals, armories or other quarters of militia, control, military law,
§ 21 amended; § 31a repealed...

land in Geneseo village, gift from Troop M. Club, Incorporated, juris-
diction and control.

land in Geneseo village, gift from Troop M. Club,-Incorporated, juris-
diction and control..

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745 1610


New York battlefields commission, composition, control.
office seal, military law, § 17, subd. 10 repealed....

salary increased, bonds required of assistants, military law, § 19

sick and disabled New York veterans, bureau for relief, supervision,
military law, art. 1A (§§ 24, 24a-24g); art. 1B (§§ 24m-240);
art. lc (§§ 25, 25a-25f) added; art. 1A renumbered art. ID......

Administrative division:

appropriation for maintenance and operation, public works department.
Administration of state institutions division:

appropriation for salaries, charities department....
charities department, functions, powers, duties, state charities law, § 11
Administrators: See Executors and administrators.


adulterated or imitation milk and cream, sale prohibited, agriculture
and markets law, §§ 46, 50 amended..


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fees to be paid by public officers, public officers law, § 70a added......

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After care service bureau, New York city:

appropriation for salaries, labor department..

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forest preserve, use of lands for agricultural purposes, prohibited, con-
servation law, § 61..


Agricultural and Industrial School, Industry:

appropriation for overhead crossings, new equipment for shop (re.)..

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Agricultural counsel:

appropriation for salary, law department..


Agricultural department: See Agriculture and markets department.

Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva:

appropriation for Fredonia Experiment Vineyard, expenses, personal

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insect pests and diseases affecting raspberry plants, control.
laborers, education department..

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Long Island Vegetable Research Farm, maintenance and operation

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agriculture and markets department, appropriation for apportionment.
state fair division, county exhibits..

state institutions exhibits..

Agricultural lands:

water power and control division, drainage, court review of decision
of commission, conservation law, § 499..

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