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But, long before Æneas had concluded his narrative, the queen, pierced with love's painful darts, feeds a wound in every vein, and consumes by slow degrees in Aames unseen. The may virtues of the hero, the many honours


400 years.

Before we enter upon the subject of this cut down for building temples ; which shows book, it may be proper to discuss the question that he was the same with the Hiram recordconcerning the famous anachronism which Vir- ed in the Bible, who lived in the time of Sogil is charged with, in making Dido and Æneas lomon. From Hiram to Ithobalus, priest of contemporary. Bochart is so positive about Astarte, who put Philes to death, and posit, that he says, if it is not one, nothing is sessed himself of the throne for thirty years, certain in bistory.

is a succession of seven kings. This Ithobalus Between Æneas and Dido, continues he, he finds to be the same with Ethbaal menaccording to the lowest computation, are at tioned in Scripture to have lived in the time least 260 years; for none of the ancient chro- of Ahab, who married his daughter Jezebel. Hologers, of any name, set the destruction of This fixes the times of Ithobalus, and conseTroy at the distance of less than 60 years from quently of Pygmalion and Dido, who were the time of Saul; and from the first year of his grand-children. Pygmalion reigned fifteen Saul's reign, to the time of Dido's building years after the death of Ithobalus, and Dido Byrsa, the fortress of Carthage, are at least Aed into Afric in the seventh year of Pygma

lion's reign ; that is, according to his compuHe grounds his assertion on the chronicles tation, when Jehu reigned in Samaria, and of the Tyrians, which have always been reck- the wicked Athalia in Jerusalem. Hence he oned very authentic. Sanchoniathon, who concludes that Virgil is unquestionably guilty comnients upon them, lived before the Tro- of an anachronism. What he thinks had misjan war, and is preserved in Philo-Biblius's led Virgil is, that under the pretext of Dido's translation..

having built Byrsa, or rather Bosra, which But what he lays most stress upon is a pas. was the fortress of Carthage, several anthors sage in Menander of Ephesns, quoted by Jo. had given out that she was the founder of Car. sephus in several places of his history, and by thage itself: and if so, she must have lived in Theophilus of Antioch in his third book to the time of Æneas, or even before him; for Autolychus. In this passage we have a series Carthage was built before the destruction of lof kings who reigned at Tyre, from Abibaløs Troy. down to Pygmalion, Dido's brother, and of Notwithstanding all that this author lias to the years that each of them reigned, together say for himself, the illustrious Sir Isaac New. with an account of the principal transactions ton, in his chronology, was cleared Virgil from of their several reigns. There particular this charge, and finds Æneas and Dido con.

piention is made of Hiram, who succeeded temporary. Abibalus, and who is said to have ordered a He brings the æra of the destruction of Troy vaat quantity of the cedar of Lebanon to be


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