The Kingdom of God In Spirit and In Truth

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AuthorHouse, Aug 24, 2005 - Religion - 284 pages
This book addresses the issue of who is a Christian and what it means to be a Christian (or born-again).  Most new converts have no understanding and are not taught the dynamics of their faith and often the tribulation new converts go through after a true commitment to Jesus Christ baffles them. What should be the foundational teaching for every new convert?  While addressing the needs of the new believer, preachers too will find this book very useful. This is because the author has set down the essential doctrines of the Christian faith following closely the outline of the elementary principles of doctrine laid out in Hebrews 6:1-3.  In addressing contemporary issues in the church (seven years of active observation in America), he has not shied away from controversy while being governed by love and the Word of God.
The book moves from the premise that there is a spiritual realm as well as the material.  The spiritual realm determines every activity of the material.  21st Century post-modern society, in denial of spiritual truths, has resorted to psychology in order to circumvent the word of God in seeking for explanations in life.  Sadly, Gospel preachers are also turning to psychology instead of the Word of God with authority in the power of the Holy Ghost to set the captives free.  The author sets out to correct this anomaly in this treatise. The author posits that while it is beneficial that God would give to us happiness on earth, it is clearly stated within these pages that true Biblical Christianity is not exclusively the pursuit of worldly happiness. Rather, it is the pursuit of the will of God.  What is the chief goal of the believer?  What does God call true success?  This book is meant to be an inspirational as well as discipleship material for those interested in more than token religion from the new convert to the mature in ministry.

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About the author (2005)

The author, Associate Pastor, Amazing Ministries, Milwaukee Wisconsin was a licensed attorney in Lagos, Nigeria until 1994 when he had a Damascus experience of demonic oppression, near-fatal motor accident and a tooth-attack that led him in "coincidences" into a Pentecostal church in Jos where he was converted.  Before his call to minister to the Nations, the author engaged in the practice of law, and as a Democracy/Human Rights activist has been awarded the Achievement Award by Advocates International.


Currently, as a missionary to the USA, the author preaches the gospel in Revival and discipleship on the streets to all; to prostitutes, pimps, drug addicts and as Associate Pastor at Amazing Ministries Worship Center Milwaukee, on the Radio, Cable Television and on the web at


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