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20. What per cent. of 126 is 90?

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22. C bought a horse for $210 and sold him at a gain of $42; what was the gain per cent.?

23. A merchant bought goods for $540 and sold them for $500; what was the loss per cent.?

24. A regiment entered battle with 960 men and came out with 912 men; what per cent. were missing?

25. If A's salary is $1500 and his expenses are $1250, what per cent. of his salary does he save?

26. What per cent. do I gain by buying apples at $4.25 a barrel and selling them at $6 a barrel?

27. A merchant buys lead-pencils at a cent apiece and sells them at 3 cents apiece; what per cent. does he gain?

28. B sold his farm for $10,200, which was at a gain of 331 per cent.; what would have been his gain per cent. if he had sold it for $8109?

29. If I gain 15% by selling a carriage for $184, what would I have lost per cent. by selling it for $150?

30. If of the cost of an article is loss, what is the loss per cent.?

31. If a merchant buys goods for 4 of his selling price, what per cent. does he gain?

32. A speculator bought 80 horses at $150 apiece and sold 30 of them at a gain of 163%; at what price per head must he sell the remainder so as to lose but 16% on the transaction?


1. What is 40% of £214 5 s.?

2. 10 A. 120 P. is 33% of how much land?

3. 4 lb. 6 oz. is what per cent. of 15 lb.?

4. What is 16% of 1163?

5. 82 is 421% of what number?

6. 212 is what per cent. of 9163?

7. If I buy goods at 20% below cost, and sell them at 20% above cost, what per cent. do I gain?

8. A miller bought 1200 barrels of flour for $4500, and sold 1000 barrels for what they all cost; what was the gain %?

9. A merchant sold goods worth $6544 at a gain of 37%; required the gain.

10. A firm makes a reduction of 8% for cash; how much is A's bill, who pays $368?

11. How must cloth which cost $2.25 a yard be marked to gain 20%?

12. B invests 45% of his capital in railroad stock, and has $11,000 remaining; what is his capital?

13. B sold cattle at an average price of $35 a head, and thus lost 16%; would he gain or lose, and how much per cent., by selling them at an average price of $44 a head?

14. What must I ask for a house which cost $6400, so that after falling 20% from my asking price I may still gain

15. From a tank containing 120 gallons of oil 14 gallons leaked out; what per cent. of the contents remained ?

16. Mr. Smith bought a horse for $210, and set such a price on him that after falling $18 he still gained 20%; what per cent. did he abate from the asking price?

17. A merchant who sells goods at a gain of 16% clears $368; what is the cost?

18. The number of boys in a certain school is 75% of the number of girls; what per cent. of the number of boys is the number of girls?

19. A fruit-dealer bought 300 barrels of apples for $660, and lost 20 barrels; at what price per barrel must he sell the remainder to gain 10% on the transaction?

20. What per cent. is gained when chestnuts are bought at $1.60 a bushel and sold at 7 cents a quart?

21. Mr. Sumner sold his horse for $240, and thereby cleared of this money; what would he have gained per cent. if he had sold him for $300?

22. A house was sold for $3160, which was at a loss of 21%; for what should it have been sold to gain 21% ?

23. If I buy at 40% below cost and sell at 40% above cost, what per cent. do I gain?

24. Mr. Reed drew 45% of his bank deposit to pay for a house which he bought for $9000; what amount of money remained on deposit?

25. A bought 120 barrels of flour at $4 a barrel, and paid $30 freight for shipment; at what price per barrel must he sell it to gain 20% on the transaction?

26. A book-case was sold for $60, which was at a gain of 12%; what would have been the loss per cent. had it been sold for $40?

27. A farmer sold two cows for $40 apiece: on the one he gained 20%, and on the other he lost 20%; did he gain or lose, and how much?

28. A man is 72 years old, and 121% of his age is 331% of his son's age; what is the son's age?

29. M drew 33% of his bank deposit, and paid 25% of it for a house worth $5000; what was his original bank deposit? 30. A wagon was sold for $371, which was at a gain of 33% another one was bought at $374, and sold at a loss of 331%; what was the gain or loss?


158. Commission.

Commission is the sum paid to an agent for the transaction of business.

The agent is sometimes called a factor, a broker, a collector, or a commission merchant.

The Base in commission is the amount received when selling and the amount paid when buying.

The amount remaining after deducting the commission and other charges is called the Net Proceeds.

159. The cases of commission are the same as those of percentage.


1. My agent sold goods for $4500: his commission is 3%, and other charges are $15.50; what amount is due me?




$135.00 15.50



$4349.50, Ans.

The commission is .03 times $4500, which is $135. Adding to this the other charges, the entire sum to be deducted is $150.50.

Subtracting this from $4500, the net proceeds are $4349.50.

2. I sent my agent $3075 to invest in flour after deducting his commission at 21%; what amount did he invest?

The sum invested, increased by 2% of itself,


$3000, Ans.

is $3075.



If 1021%, or 1.02 times the sum invested, is $3075, that sum must be $3075 divided by 1.02, which is $3000.

3. An agent sold land for $6428, and received as his commission $144.63; what was the rate of commission?

1.021, or 21%, Ans.

$6428)$144.63 12856

Since $6428 multiplied by some rate is $144.63, that rate is $144.63 divided by $6428, which is .021, or 21%.


4. An agent sold $4550 worth of goods at 2% commission; what was his commission?

5. An agent's commission at 3% is $216; what amount of goods did he sell?

6. An agent sells $7316 worth of goods, and receives $256.06 as his commission; what is the rate of commission?

7. An agent bought 200 barrels of flour at $4.75 a barrel: his commission was 3%, and other charges were $21.50; what was the entire cost?

8. What is the commission on $9540 at 31%?

9. Mr. Brown sent his agent in Chicago $7000 to invest in pork, after deducting his commission at 21%; what was his commission?

10. An agent bought sugar, charging $150 commission and $28.45 storage: his entire bill was $5178.45; what was the rate of commission?

11. My agent in St. Paul sells goods to the amount of $4370: his commission is 2%, and freight charges are $65.25; what sum is due me?

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