The Works of John Marston, Volume 2

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John Russell Smith, 1856 - English drama

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Page 219 - O ye dumb and raw-air'd nights, How vigilant my sleepless eyes have been, To watch the traitor ! record, thou spirit of truth, With what debasement I ha...
Page 297 - At London Printed by VS for William Aspley, and are to be sold at his shop in Paules Church-yard.
Page 235 - Men. Why, we are both but dead : the duke hates us ; ' And those whom princes do once groundly hate, Let them provide to die, as sure as fate. Prevention is the heart of policy.
Page 138 - As oxe or horse ; no murther to kill these. As for that onely part which makes us man, Murther wants power to toucht. O wit, how vile ; How hellish art thou, when thou raisest nature Gainst sacred faith...
Page 197 - Majesty's Servants Written by John Webster Enter W. Sly, a Tire-man following him with a stool Tire-man. Sir, the gentlemen will be angry if you sit here. Sly. Why, we may sit upon the stage at the private house.
Page 289 - lord. " BIL. My lord, I did know your lordship in this " disguise ; you heard me ever say, if Altofront did " return, I would stand for him: besides, 'twas your " lordship's pleasure to call me wittol and cuckold : " you must not think, but that I knew you I would
Page 202 - s take some tobacco. — Have you never a prologue ? Lowin. Not any, sir. Sly. Let me see, I will make one extempore. [Come to them, and fencing of a congey with arms and, legs, be round with them, Gentlemen, I could wish for the women's sakes you had all soft cushions; and, gentlewomen, I could wish that for the men's sakes you had all more easy standings.
Page 289 - O, I have seen strange accidents of state! The flatterer, like the ivy, clip the oak And waste it to the heart ; lust so confirm'd That the black act of sin itself not sham'd To be term'd courtship. O, they that are as great as be their sins, Let them remember that th...
Page 200 - Faith, sir, the book was lost; and because 'twas pity so good a play should be lost, we found it, and play it. Sly. I wonder you would play it, another company having interest in it.
Page 244 - CANNOT sleep, my eyes' ill-neighbouring lids Will hold no fellowship. O thou pale sober night, Thou that in sluggish fumes all sense dost steep ; Thou that...