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shore, uncertain whether every act of tender assistance was yielded him; but remember, dear friend, the provision of the highest reached him there, and that the everlasting arm supports and succours the islands afar off! I have not a doubt of his being admitted where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest.

Endeavour, therefore, to suppress the sigh and the tear which border upon murmuring: good is the Lord in all his works: he deals with his family in a wisdom we cannot comprehend : my heart is too full for language to discharge, and my feeble hand hardly sustains this labour : but I wanted to mingle with thee the tear of condolence, on account of the dear deceased; and to endeavour to lead to a calm resignation, and to a pursuit of riches, unchangeable in their nature, and everlasting in their duration.


10th Mo. 9th, 1771. DESIRES for thy welfare have frequently suggesed sentiments, which a variety of en. gagements, or indisposition, have prevented my intimating to thee; this consideration hath also prevailed, What can I say to him which he knows not, either with respect to his present or future well-being ? the opportunities of information, outwardly, and the impressions of essential truths, inwardly, have foreclosed every plea of ignorance, of duty, or of what makes for peace. But remember, that happi. ness consisteth not in knowledge; the words of our great Lord are, “ If ye know these “ things, happy are ye if ye do them.” My soul seeks earnestly, that the blessing of faithfulness may accompany the privilege of knowledge ; otherwise the greater will be the condemnation.

Thy lot is changed from the warm bosom of society to a land of drought, where the diştilling of heavenly doctrine outwardly as the dew, is little known, and with many little de. sired. Nevertheless, those who seek wisdom, so as to be made wise unto salvation, may find in themselves the flowings of that ri. ver which makes glad the whole city of God. Feel after this in thy own heart, to preserve thee, among the few names in that Sardis who walk in white, and have not defiled their garments; that so thy peace may be promoted, and others helped. Think of this awful query, “ What is a man profited, if he could

gain the whole world, and lose his own soul ?"

The climate is often unhealthy ; let it put thee upon thy guard, in every respect, and raise fervent care, that whenever the Master of the house cometh, he may not find thee sleeping, or worse employed.

I am, with sincere desires for thy presentand eternal happiness, thy assured friend.


2d Mo. 18th, 1755. I RECEIVED thy awakening epistle, of the 30th of 12th month last; the more acceptable as it comes from one who seems to have un. dergone dispensations of Providence nearly like those which have lately fallen to my share. I can truly say, I concur with thee in wishing, that our being raised up from the brink of the grave in this the evening of our day, may occasion our being more devoted to God, and less to the world, and ourselves. I have been long of the mind that all our outward concerns should be consecrated to God, and transacted with a constant view to his will, in the several stations assigned us: and, that a multiplicity of business is a great enemy to

the spiritual life, and prudentially to be avoided in these our declining days; which, in an especial manner, should be devoted to a preparation for another life, by a vigilant introspection into our own hearts; and submission of will to the Divine will, in all things !

The inward anatomy, that of the soul, and its passions, with the mental medicine, blessed be God, begins to gain a degree of ascendency, never known before : and I humbly hope, for us both, shall end in triumphing over the natural, and corporeal, to which my endeavours have hitherto been too much de. voted. I congratulate us, and these nations, that the experimental religion, amidst an almost unexampled depravity of manners, among priests, and people, is beginning to dawn; I will say, in favour of the doctrine of immediate revelation, I never was so thoroughly convinced of it as in my late illness : never had so clear a sensation of a being, distinct from my own mind, immediately and instantaneously enlightening and enamouring my soul with the love of eternal truth and justice, as then ! nor ever had I so complete victory over the peculiar inordinate affections of my mind as then : a time I cherish the remembrance of, with great delight, as having shewed me the possibility of a complete victo. ry over sin. I see now the necessity of deep mortification, as a proper discipline, penance, and even condition of our being admitted into the ocean of undisturbed happiness and glo. ry.

Let me now observe, from the regard I have to thy bodily health, (who art also but lately immerged from the most imminent danger) that on the principle of self-preservation, and with very good effect, I practice great economy and care of the shattered bodily and mental fabric; avoiding inclemencies of weather, eating and drinking moderately, and sometimes fasting; reading, and writing less; and taking the air, on a favourable day, before din.


So wishing us to study peace and tranquillity of body and mind, I conclude thine affectionately.


2d Mo. 14th, 1756. I NOW begin, with some degree of zeal and affection, and according to thy good resolution and exhortation, to adhere chiefly to subjects of a spiritual nature, and such as

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