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fit from another man, there was little ail or confolation to be looked for from so unpromising a quarter. Alas!

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when he came where he was, and beheld his distress,--all the unfriendly passions, which at another time might have rose within him, now utterly forfook him and Aed: when he saw his misfortunes-he forgot his enmity towards the man,dropped all the prejudices which education had planted against him, and in the room of them, all that was good and compassionate was suffered to speak in his behalf. - • In benevolent natures the impulse to pity is so sudden, that like instruments of music which obey the touch-the objects which are fitted to excite such impressions work so instantaneous an effect, that you would think the will was scarce concerned, and that the mind was altogether passive in the sympathy which her own goodness has excited. The truth is - the soul is generally in such cases so busily taken up and wholly engroffed by the object of pity, that she does not attend to her own operations, or take leifure to examine the principles upon which fhe acts. So that the Samaritan, though

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« comfort of a friend to fupport him in' « his last agonies, õrvthe prospect of a. “ hand to close his eyes when his pains si are over. But perhaps my concern « Thould lesen when I reflect on the re« lations in which we stand to each other is that he is a Jew, and I a Samaritan. 6 V But are we not still both men; is partakers of the fame nature-and « subject to the faine evils ? let me « change conditions with him for a « moment and consider, had his lot be« fallen me as I journeyed in the way, « what' measure I should have expected si at his hand. -Should I wish, when he i beheld me wounded and half-dead, to that he should shut up his bowels of “ compassion froin me, and double the * weight of my miseries by passing by: Wand leaving them unpitied ?-But I * am a stranger to the man;-be it so «:<but I am no stranger to his condi«« tion-misfortunes are of no particular

tribe or nation, but belong to us all; **s and have a general claim upon us,

* without distinction of climate, country, Bild visi . E 3

outen. Berides, cirou gii I an a an migue 'cis so fauit oc iis chat I do dosin now him, and therefore unequi.

civic he ihauid iufer by it:-Had I s drown nim, pofiolz I foult have * va caure to love and pay but the 66 more-or augu I kor, he is fone so one of uncorson neriig taw sofe Life is - renwered 2 core precious, as the « iires 200 Sosial or canes ray be "javcived to part ads at initant as dit de les here forsken, in ail this * miierv, am vole virtuolis fanmiy is «iurut larg for his return, and

Testocately counting the bours of is his deat. Ch! did they know what << evi bad befallen him how would e cicr fy to succour him!-Let me e cien haften to supply those tender ** cances of binding up his wounds, ** ad carrying him to a place of safety ** -Or if that affistance comes too late, & I shall comfort tin at least in his « Saft hour-and, if I can do nothing << elfe,-I hall foften his misfortunes or kr dropping a tear of pay over them.”

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