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filled an entire square. The city was situated in a vast plain, whose soil was extremely fat and fruitful.

Amelia.-Would you have the goodness, Sir, also to favour us with some account of the hanging gardens ?

D.-It will afford me pleasure, Miss, to give you every information in my power. Nothing was more stupendous than they were. They contained a square of four hundred feet on each side, and consisted of terraces, one above another, carried up to the height of the walls of the city; the ascent from terrace to terrace being by steps ten feet wide. The whole pile consisted of substantial arches upon arches, and was strengthened with a surrounding wall of twenty-two feet thick. The floors on each terrace were laid in this order: First, on the top of the arches was laid a bed or pavement of stones, each sixteen feet long, and four broad: over this, a layer of reed, mixed with a great quantity of bitumen: over this, two courses of brick, closely cemented with plaister: over all these were thick sheets of lead; and on these, the earth or mould of the garden, so deep, as to give sufficient root to the largest trees, with a variety of other vegetables pleasing to the eye. Upon the uppermost terrace was a reservoir, supplied by a certain engine with water from the river, and from whence the gardens on the other terraces were supplied with moisture. Nimrod, the first king of Babylon, and perhaps in the world, is generally allowed to have founded this city.

Now, young ladies, let me hear whether you can as well recognize the following, as you did the preceding


Harriot..I am sure I cannot tell what this means. “ Nor does it strike me,” said Amelia ; “ there are cattle in the distance, and the herdsmen seem to be at variance, for they are driving the cattle about as if each was determined to have the pasture which he most approved; perhaps I shall know presently, for there are two men coming forward; the elder appears the superior, is of a captivating countenance, and mild deportment; the other looks displeased. I wish I could hear the subject of their conversation; will you direct your ventriloquist to cause them to speak a little louder ?”

D.-Not at present, Miss; I think you know something of their history, and am desirous to try your recollection. Have you not read concerning a good man and his nephew, who left Haran, intending to go together into the land of Canaan ?

Amelia.--You mean Abram and


D.--You are so far correct; will you have the goodness to proceed?

Amelia. - With the assistance of your representation, I will endeavour to do so.

Lot and Abram separate ; Lot journies towards the east; Abram removes his tent, dwells in the plain of Mamre, and, according to his usual custom, builded there an altar unto the Lord. Your scene, Sir, has very accurately displayed the choice of Lot; it appears well watered, and very fertile.—0, you have altered the scene! Lot is now in Sodom. The wicked inhabitants are pulling him about he is rescued-gets into his house-the shades of night come on, -I cannot distinguish any thing further.

D. - Allow him time to converse

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