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pleasure even at her funeral. However, we will not think about that at present, but attend to Mr. Davenport. Will it be improper, Sir, for me to enquire how they proceeded?

Ex.-Not in the least, Madam, the embalmers, who were looked upon as sacred, drew the brains of the dead person through the nostrils, with a hooked piece of iron, and filled the skull with astringent drugs; they drew all the bowels except the heart and kidneys, through the hole in the left side; the intestines were washed in palm wine, and in other strong and binding drugs. The body was anointed with oil of cedar, with myrrh, cinnamon, &c. about thirty days, so that it

was preserved entire, without putrefaction, without losing its hair, and had also a good scent.

After this, the body was put into salt about forty days. Wherefore, when Moses says, that forty days were employed in embalming Jacob, we understand him of the forty days of his continuing in the salt of nitre, without including the thirty days past in the previous ceremonies, so that in the whole they mourned seventy days in Egypt, as Moses observes.

Afterwards the body was taken out of the salt, washed, wrapt up with linen swaddling bands dipt in myrrh, and rubbed with a gum, which the Egyptians used instead of glue. Then

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the body was restored to the relations, who put it in a coffin, and kept it in their houses, or in tombs.

Having initiated you in the art of embalming, will you, young ladies, inform me, whether this scene disappoints you?

Harriot.-O no, Sir, not the least; I believe I do not mistake, in supposing it to be the one of which we were in expectation. Amelia added, this is not a difficult lesson, it is one we frequently practised while studying the history of the Patriarchs. Without any doubt, this is a representation of the funeral of Jacob. What a crowd is here assembled! Joseph, the servants of Pharaoh, the elders of

his house, and the elders of the land of Egypt, accompanied with officers, who are busily employed in marshalling the attendants on this solemn occasion for their journey to Canaan. Joseph leads the procession, followed by a large oblong chest, ornamented with hieroglyphics, which I imagine contains the corpse of his father. Ex.-) perceive, Miss, that


have well studied this history, you are perfectly correct.

Harriot.-What a long train of carriages and horsemen appear in the distance, they join the cavalcade, which moves slowly on in funeral procession. O, Sir, I was endeavouring to examine it more closely, but you

have dropped the curtain which separates the whole scene from our observation.

Ex.--Another will soon be presented, with which perhaps you are equally well acquainted, only give my attendant time to prepare it.

Mrs. N.-I am glad to find that my girls are likely to recover your good opinion.-“ Mamma, Mamma,” said Harriot,with evident delight,“here they come again; now appears what we previously expected, the threshing floor of Atad. What a spacious area it presents ! Joseph makes a solemn pause, the coffin is placed in the centre, the various members of the cavalcade, directed by the officers, take


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