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AuthorHouse, Oct 1, 2006 - 616 pages
Five Foundations of Human Development (FFHD) "Is our Materially Driven Life a Threat to the 'Spiritual Purpose' of our Existence?" The book is a philosophical, religious and practical discourse on Five Foundations of Human Development. It offers compelling philosophical, analytical and empirical arguments for a better world, which is inherent in the worship of God, service to humanity, obedience to governing authorities and management of God's creation. The authors examine problems that we encounter daily, and they postulate solutions from Spiritual, moral, social, intellectual and physical perspectives. They essentially explore some of our past and present approaches to solutions to human problems. They propose new "revolutionary" approaches to human development that call the reader's attention to a new "enlightenment," new "hope" and new "optimism," informed by a new "Body of knowledge." The authors strive to explain the Christian message of God as delivered and taught by Jesus Christ, however it is not a work that is exclusively for Christians. Their discourse recognizes the comparable message and desire for the unity of humanity by other world religions. They present their discourse not as experts or giving expert advice, but simply as individuals with a desire to add another dimension of thought and enquiry to the vast storehouse of human knowledge. The primary purpose of their discourse is to demonstrate the positive benefits to humanity when Biblical (religious) perspectives underpin every human endeavor. These endeavors include (but are not limited to) family relations, national and international relations, engineering, science and technology, economics, history, education and health. These endeavors dictate human progress. Gibbs and Grey contend that humanity can realize the greater ideals of leadership and authority in the world through the application of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the great prophets. The authors appeal to leaders of the 21st century - educational, political, scientific, and business to seek the knowledge, wisdom and understanding of God in using our vast global "natural" wealth, science, technology and human capital to educe relevant and applicable strategies for the betterment of "all" humanity. Genre: (Christianity, Religion/Inspirational, Religion/Enlightenment & Philosophy (General)

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Five Foundations of Human Development FFHD
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