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INTRODUCTORY CHAPTER-General description of Bacon's · Promus'

-- Mr. Spedding's description-Some arguments to be derived from
the · Promus ' in favour of Bacon's authorship of the Plays called
Shakespeare's-Various objects with which the illustrative extracts
have been appended to the Notes-Forms of Speech-Phrases -
Quotations--Antithetical expressions common to Bacon's prose and
to the Plays-Bacon's remarks upon the fact that the habit
of taking notes is a great aid to the 'invention’-English and
Foreign Proverbs— The · Adagia' of Erasmus-Bacon's erroneous
theory of flame--Metaphors and Similes—Turns of Speech and
Single Words-Mottoes to Chapters of Meditation'_'Antitheta'-
* Play'-Morning and Evening Salutations -- Miscellaneous entries
- The Two Noble Kinsmen '-'Edward III.'-Contemporary and

Early English Literature-Negative evidence as to authorship-

Authors consulted—Plays professedly written in Shakespeare's

style--Doubtful Plays


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846. Metaphors-Aphorisms--Pithy Sayings, &c.
85. Aphorisms, Forms of Speech--Notes on Judgment, Cha-

racter, Honesty, Licence, &c.- English Proverbs-A few

Quotations from Ovid's 'Meti' and Terence's Heaut.

856 Texts from Psalms, Matt., Luke, Heb.--English Sayings and


86. Forms of Speech - Metaphors Sayings -- Proverbs from


866, Texts-Latin Quotations, chiefly upon the Blessed Dead,

Slander, Occasion, Fate, Good in Evil, Arbitration,

Phoebus, Wishes, Unequal Lot, Care, Contrarieties, Dis-


1 See footnote, page 1.






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88. Texts from the Proverbs, Eccles., Matt, and John, chiefly on

Folly, Wisdom, the Light of God, the End and the Begin-

ning of Speech ---On Knowing Nothing--The Truth-What

is Written-What is Said


885. Texts from Matt., Acts, and from the Epistles, chiefly on

Learning, Wisdom, Excellency of Speech, Proving the

Truth, Prophets, Witnesses, Errors, Struggle for Existence,



89. English Proverbs from Heywood-Short Forms of Speech 163

896. Latin Quotatious (Hor., Virg.) chiefly on Aspiration, Great

Themes, Success, Reason, Impulse, Belief, Dullness, Wis-

dom, Causes


90. Quotations from Virgil's · Eclogues,' Appius in 'Sall. de Re-

publ. Ordin.,' Ovid’s ‘Ex. Pont. Am.' and 'Met.,' Erasmus'

* Ad.,' Lucan, and Homer, chiefly on Orpheus, the Human

Mind an Instrument, Carving out Fortune, Desires, Coun-

sellors, Princes, War, the Beauty of Autumn, Love of one's



905. Miscellaneous Latin Quotations, chiefly on how to Avoid and

Endure Trouble, on Dress, Income, Expediency, a Crowd,
Birth, Doing Good, Contempt, Wrangling, Offence in
Trifles, Court Hours, Constancy, Forgetting, Leisure--A
few English Sayings..


91. Quotations from Psalms, Erasmus' 'Ad.,' Ovid, and Virgil,

chiefly on Life, its vanity and brevity--Truth-Great

Minds-Silence--Simplicity--Judgment of Character-

Time-Corruption in Justice--An End to all Things-

Pilots of Fortune, &c.


916. Text and Quotations from Virgil and Horace, chiefly eon-

cerning the Law, corrupt, noisy, verbose, &c.--Step-dame

evil-eyed-Oracles of the State-Power--Successful Crime

--Sinners, Saints----Pain Bearable by Comparison, &c. . 201

92. Horace's Od.,''Ep.' and · Sat.,' Virgil, Erasmus, &c. Of the

Shades or Manes-Sarcasm --Rich Men--World consists of
Stuff or Matter-A Lunatic-Real (Sp.)-Form --Ulysses
sly-- Discernment-- Daring Talk, &c. – Some English



92b. English Proverbs from Heywood's Epigrams'


93, 94. Erasmus' · Adagia'.



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946. Erasmus, and a few Italian Proverbs

95-966. English Proverbs from Heywood, and Spanish Proverbs

and a few Latin .
97-986. Erasmus' Ad.”—Miscellaneous-Mingling Heaven and

Earth-Great Ideas and Small
99. Erasmus''Ad'-Of Work, how to undertake it-Stum-

bling-Hooking-Persevering-Oracles-Omens .
996. Erasmus' • Ad.'—Of Vain Hopes, Vain Labour, &c.-

Weak Resolution-Panic
100. Erasmus' 'Ad.'—Of Versatility-Chameleon-Proteus-

Dissimulation-Fading Pleasures-- To-morrow-Fret-

ting Anger- To the Quick-A Tight Ring
1000, 101. Erasmus' Ad.'Cream of Nectar-Charon's Fare- The

Amazon's Sting-Bitterness of Speech--The Pyrausta
-Bellerophon's Letters - Wax - Patches - Trouble-

— -

some Flies, &c., chiefly to be used as Metaphors-Hail

of Pearl-Innard Singing --Janus--Shipwreck-To

grow old in one day, &c.

1015, 102. French and Italian Proverbs

103, 104. English Proverbs from Heywood, and Erasmus' 'Ad.'

104b. Quotations from Virgil's ' Æn.' and Ovid's 'Ars. Am.' on

the Art of Poetry -- Sounds — Style -- Difficulties --

Words well weighed-Iteration-Great Things and

Small-Alternate Verses-Shrubs and Trees ---Gabbling

like a Goose-Truth in Jest-- Business-Play--Servile

Imitators—Expediency-- Ridicule

105. Quotations from Horace's 'Sat.'-A few (Ovid) on Ridi-

cule, Frenzy--Absurd Styles in Poetry--Trifles-In-

flated Diction-Fiction-Whetstones of Wits
1055. Virgil's ' Æn.'-Fury- Dying for one's Country-Fate-

Degenerate Fear-Fame-Lovers — Women furious--
Suffering nobly-Punishments in the Under-world-
Dotage - Patient Labour - Juno — Bearing High

— –


106. Hope in Ourselves--Chances of War-Feigned Tears -

Artful Behaviour-Hope-Simplicity-The Event-
Youthful Crime-Marry an Equal-Fear is most in
Apprehension-Arms of Kings-Hope fails-Counsels
-Pursuits-Character Modesty--Chastity-Laziness

-Fear is cruel, &c.

107. Forms of Speech-Some apparently original, a few from


108. Upon Impatience of Audience-Upon question to Reward

Evil with Evil - Upon question whether a Man should

Speak or Forbear Speech


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1086. Benedictions and Maledictions


109. Forms of Speech .


110. Play-Expense - Idleness - Society-Friends-Servants-

Recreation--Games of Activity, of Skill, of Hazard 373

111. Forms of Morning and Evening Salutation-Notes on

Sleep, Death, Rising from Bed, Early Rising, · Uprouse,'

Serenade, with other Notes which seem to be introduced

especially in passages in ‘Romeo and Juliet'


114. Formularies, January 27, 1595—Of Possibilities and Im-

possibilities--Affections of the Mind-Dieting the Mind

-Zeal-Haste-Impatience, &c.


116. "Colours of Good and Evil --Flattery-Detraction


1186. Colours of Good and Evil '- The Future—The Past-

Things New and old


117. Of Deliberatives and Electives


1176. Col. G. and E.'-Excuses-Too much, too little .


118. Miscellaneous Entries; some on Hope, Imagination, Fear;

some used in the Med. Sacræ


120. Fallacious Impressions .


122. Virgil and other Latin sentences-What our Enemies wish

- Treacherous Gifts -- Desire for Battle - Treachery--

Blame-Praise - Second Husband-Neutrality


122b. Colours of Good and Evil'- Perfection - Blooming too

early-Erring with Danger to One's Self-Keeping a

Retreat-Human Accidents-Privation-Satiety- Means

to the End-Meeting or Avoiding Labour- Fruition--



123. Col. G. and E.Of Praise-Qualities–Virtues-- Race 431

123b. Col. G. and E.'-Latin sentences Of the Bent of Nature -

Ignoble Minds - The Greater contains the Less—Great

Desires---Prudent Choice-Creation and Preservation-

Consequences - Types Surpassing Things - Desirable

Things-Means to an End-Beginnings-Ends-Diffi-



124. Col. G. and E.'--Of Hidden Things--Experience-No Re-

treat--Adversity-Martial Love - Circumstance --- The

North Wind-Coid parches, &c.


126. • Analogia Cæsaris '--Short Forms of Speech

128. Semblances of Good and Evil for Deliberations-Extremes

-Neutrality—The Mean--Origin-Foundations—Turns

in Affairs--Effects-Ends

. 463

130-132. French Proverbs


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