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My book, "HOW TO BECOME AN EXPERT Wishing is never going to make your dreams ELECTRICIAN," has started thousands of come true. You've got to study-to learn. young men on the way to splendid success. A new edition A man is worth $2 or $3 a day from his neck down-and of this book has just been printed. I want every young no more; but there is no limit to what he can be worth man interested in Electricity to have a copy, and will from his neck up. send you one ABSOLUTELY FREE AND PREPAID.

A trained mind is what gets the big pay. It Write me to-day.

is this training that you need, and I can train you in a few months. Are you ambitious to make a real

success—then send me the coupon-today. As Chief Engineer of the Chicago Engineering Works I know exactly the kind of training a man needs to enable him to get and hold good positions, and to earn big pay. I have trained hundreds of men who are To every student who answers this ad I am giving

holding splendid electrical positions. Many are now a Splendid Electrical Outfit of standard size, Electrical successful Electrical Contractors.

Tools, Instruments, Materials, etc., absolutely free.

Furthermore, to every Electrical Student I give a truly I give each of my students personal atten valuable surprise that I cannot explain here. tion and a complete and thorough training. I give him a SPLENDID ELECTRICAL OUTFIT FREE, and much of the training is done by actual work. When my stu

I am continually receiving requests from employdents graduate and receive their CertiChief

ficate they are ready for a real position. Engineer

ers to send them trained Electrical men. I assist But still more, at any time you wish you COOKE,

my students to secure good positions. I keep in touch can come to our splendidly equipped

with them for years, helping and advising them in every Electrical Shops for special training. Dept. 121

No other school can give you this. possible way. 1918 Sunnyside Ave. Chicago, III.

Str: Send at oncefully prepaid and entirely

Delay never got you anything. Action is what counts. Get startedfree complete particulars of your great offer for this

and get started now. Write me, or send me the coupon, right NOW. month,


Chief Engineer
Dept. 121 1918 Sunnyside Ave.


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The Lowe Observatory
Edgar Lucien Larkin, Director

Los Angeles, Call., Dec. 6, 1916.
Mr. C. F. Haanel, St. Louis, Mo.
Dear Sir:

Your booklet. "Master-Key," ought to be expanded into a book. Its teachings that Mind is the all-dominating creative force is precisely in line with the wonders of the most recent psychology. All persons having desks should have this pamphlet thereon. And it would be & Atting pocket companion.

EDGAR LUCIEN LARKIN, Author of the Matchless Altar of the


The International New Thought
Alliance, General Headquarters

Washington, D. C., Nov. 14, 1916.
CHAS. F. HAANEL, St. Louis, Mo.
My Dear Mr. Haanel:

I have read your little booklet, "The Master-Key," carefully, and think it very good indeed. I am enclosing stamps for a few more copies, which I wish to give to those whom I know to need just the dynamic message which your book con. tains.

Yours sincerely, GRACE WILSON, Sec.

Ualty School of Christianity

Kangas City, Mo., Dec. 14, 1916. Dear Mr. Haanel:

Your little book, entitled "MasterKey," is a very practical presentation of the power of mind in its various felds of action. It conveys to one the conviction that Mind Is All Powerful and All Present.

Falthfully, CHARLES FILLMORE, Pres.

First Nautilus Center 160 Claremont Ave., New York

New York, Nov. 18, 1916. I have made a thorough examination of the little booklet which you 80 appreclatively have called the "Master-Key," and can unbesitatingly endorse it and its teachings.

In this pamphlet of only a few pages you have led a hungry world to the threshold and placed in their hands a "key" with which the understanding ones may unlock the door and enter "The Secret Places of the Most High," and enjoy the abundance of all good to be found therein. With best wishes,


leedcan unbe called hich you

Which can unlock
the Secret Chamber
of Success, can throw
wide the doors which
seem to barmen
from the Treasure
House of Nature,
and bids those enter
and partake who are
Wise enough to Un-
derstand and broad
enough to Weigh the
Evidence, firm
enough to Follow
Their Own Judg-
ment and strong
enough to Make the
Sacrifice Exacted.
FREE! There is no charge for the Master Key.

The Day Star Publishing Co.

Topeka, Kangas, Feb. 15, 1917. "The Master-Key' is the answer to the demand "knock and it shall be opened," and truly it will open the "Gate Beautiful" leading into every "temple of the living God." All the world seeks this marvelous key. Oh ye who sit in darkness "Knock"-use this "Magter-Key" and the door shall be opened unto you, revealing to your eyes of flesh, peace, power and plenty


THE MASTER MIND Annie Rix Milits, Editor.

Los Angeles, Calif. The "Master-Key" is an excellent booklet of strong, scientific reaching of the allness of mind, not lacking in Spirituality, yet especially appealing to the intellect desiring logical proof of Truth.

Washington, D. C., Nov. 21, 1916. I have just recelved and read your booklet called "The Master-Key." It is exceedingly thoughtful and in many ways masterful. I thank you for the privilege of reading it and will ale it away with my strong presentations of the philosophy of life. I am truly yours,


Home Life Insurance Company of

New York,
James Lee Bost, General Agent

Washington, D. C., Dec. 29, 1916.

St. Louis, Mo. Dear Sir:

Your little booklet, entitled “The Magter-Key," has been received and I had great pleasure in studying It carefully. It is very clear and concise, yet forceful presensation of tbe big subject handled, and shows a very wide study of the absolute teachings and deep understanding of the same. Very truly yours,


It is FREE

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The Weltmer Institute of Suggestive


Nedava, Mo., Dec. 17, 1916. CHAS. F. HAANEL, St. Louis, Mo. Dear Sir:

"The Master-Key" gives a most scientlfic, direct and comprehensive presenta tion of the constructive power of thought.

Your most sincere friend,

are NOTE–There is a Master Key for every reader of THE

NEW SUCCESS. Be sure you get yours!

The N


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Máyden's Magazine

422845 AT



Volume V.

NEW YORK, January, 1921

Number 1



Cover Design, "Which?”.

:.:·:· · · · · . . . . . .William Grotz

A New Year, A New Day, A New Chance . .... .Orison Swett Marden

A Voice in the Night (a Story) ...........Ben Ames Williams

Illustrated by Joseph F. Kernan

The Nation's Cash Drawer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W. A. Lewis
The Man Who Said, “I Will!" (Life-story of George F. Lumb) .A. S. Gregg
The Hundred-Per-Cent-Home ...........Orison Swett Marden
Then You Never Had a Chance (a Poem) ....... Rhodes D. Stabley

“How Do Y' Get That Way?" (a Story, Part I) .......Olin Lyman

quustrated by John R. Neill

An Interview with David Belasco . . . . . . . . . . . . Ada Patierson

Which Way Are You Facing?............Orison Swett Marden

An Interview with Rabindranath Tagore ....... Stanton A. Coblentz

If I Were President ...

. Orison Swett Marden 65

“The Meanest Man in the World.” George M. Cohan's New Play

Selma H. Lowenberg

Will the Next Vice-President of the United States Be a Woman? A.W.Dunn 72

Birthright (a Poem). ..

right (a Poem). ............... Richard B. Bennett
Why Good Clothes Are An Asset in Business ...... Frank Winslow
The Best Rules for Success............ Frank A. Vanderlip

How Jim Downes Paid Up (Serial Story, Part III). George William Baker

Illustrated by Charles F. Jaeger

This Means YOU! .....

U! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thomas L. Masson

“Why Worry?". :::..Illaistrated by Alton E. Porter

::::::: : :::::. .Ellis Parker Butler 93

At the Top (a Poem) .....

....J. A. Edgerton 100

The Great Decision (a Story, Part II). ........ Alfred E. Winton 101

Making Use of the Hours That Go to Waste.... Albert Sidney Gregg 105

Senate Pages Who Became Famous . .......... David S. Barry 109

The New Success Prize Contests .

. .. . ..




Conversation as the Basis of Oratory .........H. Burnham Rigby 122

“I put it off-just put it off


Merely changing the names to protect his pride, let us tell his story in his own words.

He had written to the Institute asking for information about the Modern Business Course and Service; and our representative found him in his "office"-a box-like structure eight feet square attached to a ramshackle building which was the "works." ALEXANDER Hamilton Institute!"

| he exclaimed with a pathetic smile,

1 “Will it be any use I wonder, now that the funeral is over?'

He paused a moment and then went on

"Six years ago I clipped a coupon to send to the Institute, but-I didn't send it. I put it off ... just put it off. I was thirtynine then, with a flourishing businessand considerable property besides. Now I am forty-five and all I own is the tools out there in the shop. ... . Last week I sent in a coupon-six years late. ....

"You know where the Emerson Store was, don't you?" he asked. “Well, I'm it. I'm the bankrupt." "Lack of experience?" the Institute man ventured. one or more vital departments of business. So the

opportunities that should lift them overwhelm and "On the contrary I've had a pretty broad experi- destroy them instead. ence. I've made money as a retailer, as a salesman and a jobber. And I know the heating and sheet

We save years of men's lives metal business as well as any man in this country The Alexander Hamilton Institute was established

to teach business as a profession, as law schools teach But I didn't know enough

law or medical schools teach medicine. "The National Homes Company built a hundred

With the help of leaders in the various departments homes here during the War. I got the contract for the

of business-sales, accounting, factory and office manheating and roofing work. It was my big opportunity.

agement, costs, merchandising, advertising, transporBut I'd never been thoroly grounded in the fundamen tation, corporation finance-its Course was prepared. tals of business; I didn't understand all the underlying The Institute has had the privilege of helping thoucurrents that can carry a man forward or hurl him on sands of men to reach a higher place at a younger age; the rocks.

to save the years that most men lose in dull routine, or "Rising material and labor costs got me. . . . The

... The " in energy misapplied. business and $18,000 is gone. . . . And so you see me

You may put it off buthere today ... with one man, and my tools-all that is left after twenty years' work. At home it's

The Institute urges no man to accept its training; it wants no inan

who needs to be urged to consult his own best interests. It seeks pretty tough."

only the opportunity to lay the full facts of its Modern Business He stopped and lighted his pipe, then his slightly

Course and Service before you, leaving you to decide. The facts

are contained in a 116-page book entitled "Forging Ahead in Busistooped shoulders straightened.

ness." It was this book that the man whose story is told above "But it's not too late to begin again," he declared.

meant to send for six years ago. It will be sent without obligation. "And this time I'm going to start right. That's why Alexander Hamilton Institute I sent in the coupon and asked you to call. . . . But what a world of difference it would have made to me," 965 Astor Place

New York City he concluded, “if I had acted on my impulse six years Canadian Address, C. P. R. Bldg., Toronto ago, instead of putting it off!”.... Opportunity can either make

Send me "Forging Ahead in Business" were

which I may keep without obligation, or destroy Some day, you say to yourself, your opportunity Name will come. And it will. It comes sooner or later to

Print here almost every man, giving him the chance to do bigger

Address things and make larger profits than ever before.

Some men are ready. They seize their chances and establish themselves for life. Countless other men also seize their chances—men who know enough to Business handle smaller things but lack absolute knowledge of Position ...

Copyright 1921. Alexander Hamilton Institute

Everyone Plus The Subtle Prin

ciple of Success Equals Supreme Success

THIS SUBTLE PRINCIPLE in my hands, ment of mind and body. I felt that I was shut Twithout education, without capital, with out of the world of success and I lived in a world

out training, without experience, and without of failure. study or waste of time and without health, vitality I was such a pauper in spirit that I blindly or will power has given me the power to earn more depended on drugs and doctors for my health, as than a million dollars without selling

my father before me. I was a "floater" merchandise, stocks, bonds, books, drugs,

and depended on luck for success. The appliances, or any material thing of any

result of this attitude on my part was character.

greater weakness, sickness, failure, and This subtle and basic principle of suc

misery as is always the case under cess requires no will power, no exercise,

similar conditions. • no strength, no energy, no study, no

Gradually my condition became worse. writing, no dieting, no concentration,

I reached a degree of misery that seemed and no conscious deep breathing. There

intolerable. I reached a crisis in my is nothing to practice, nothing to study,

realization of my failure and adverse and nothing to sell.

condition. This subtle and basic principle of suc

Out of this misery and failure and cess does not require that you practice

pauperism of spirit-out of this distress economy or keep records, or memorize,

-arose within me a desperate reaction or read, or learn, or force yourself into

-"a final effort to live"—and through any action or invest in any stocks,

this reaction, arose within me, the disbonds, books, or merchandise.

covery of the laws and principles of life, The subtle principle must not be con

evolution, personality, mind, health, sucfused with Metaphysics, Psychology,

cess and supremacy. Also out of this New Thought, Christian Science, arbi

misery arose within me, the discovery of trary optimism, inspiration or faith.

the inevitable laws and principles of failNo one has yet succeeded in gaining

ure and sickness and inferiority.

When I discovered that I had unconsuccess without it.

sciously been employing the principles of No one has ever succeeded in failing

failure and sickness, I immediately began with it.

to use the principles of success and suIt is absolutely the master key to

premacy. My life underwent an almost success, prosperity and supremacy.

immediate change. I overcame illness

through health, weakness through power, inferior My True and Actual Experience evolution by superior evolution, failure by success,

and converted pauperism into supremacy. When I was eighteen years of age, it looked I discovered a principle which I observed that to me as though I had absolutely no chance to all successful personalities employ, either consucceed. Fifteen months altogether in common sciously or unconsciously. I had but one disease public school was the extent of my education. -failure, and therefore there was but one cureI had no money. When my father died, he left success, and I began to use this principle and out me twenty dollars and fifty cents, and I was earning of its use arose my ambition, my powers, my educahardly enough to keep myself alive. I had no friends tion, my health, my success, and my supremacy, for I was negative and of no advantage to any one. etc., etc. I had no plan of life to help me solve any problem.

You may also use this principle of success In fact, I did not know enough to know that life

deliberately, purposefully, consciously, and profitis and was a real problem, even though I had

ably. an “'acute problem of life" on my hands. I was

Just as there is a principle of darkness, there blue and despondent and thoughts of eternal

is also a principle of failure, ill health, weakness misery arose in my mind constantly. I was a living and negativeness. If you use the principle of and walking worry machine.

failure consciously or unconsciously, you are I was tired, nervous, restless. I could not sleep. sure always to be a failure. Why seek success I could not digest without distress. I had no and supremacy through blindly seeking to find power of application. Nothing appealed to me. your path through the maze of difficulties? Why Nothing appeared worth doing from the fear that not open your "mental eyes” through the use of I could not do anything because of my poor equip- this subtle success principle, and thus deliberately

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