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The Secret of Being a Convincing Talker

How I Learned It In One Evening

By George Raymond

"H Ή

good. From that I was given the job of making collections. When Mr. Buckley joined the Officers' Training Camp. I was made Treasurer. Between you and me, George, my salary is now $7,500 a year and I expect it will be more from the first of the year.

"And I want to tell you sincerely that I attribute my success solely to the fact that I learned how to talk to people."

* * * * * * *

When Jordan finished, I asked him for the address of the publishers of Dr. Law's course, and he gave it to me. I sent for it and found it to be exactly as he had stated. After studying the eight simple lessons I began to sell to people who had previously refused to listen to me at all. After four months of record-breaking sales during the dull est season of the year, I received a wire from the chief asking me to return to the home office. We had quite a long talk in which I explained how I was able to break sales records and I was appointed Sales Manager at almost twice my former salary. I know that there was nothing in me that had changed except that I had acquired the ability to talk where formerly I simply used "words without reason." I can never thank Jordan enough for telling me about Dr. Law's Course in Business Talking and Public Speaking. Jordan and I are both spending all our spare time making public speeches and Jordan is being talked about now as mayor of our little town.

Special Summer Offer $

AVE you heard the news about nouncement stating that Dr. Frederick
Frank Jordan?'

Houk Law had just completed a new This question quickly brought course in business talking and public me to the little group which had gath- speaking entitled 'Mastery of Speech.' ered in the center of the office. Jordan The course was offered on approval and I had started with the Great East- without money in advance, so since I ern Machinery Co., within a month of had nothing whatever to lose by examineach other, four years ago. A year ago, ing the lessons, I sent for them and in Jordan was taken into the accounting a few days they arrived. I glanced division and I was sent out as salesman. through the entire eight lessons, reading Neither of us was blessed with an un- the headings and a few paragraphs here usual amount of brilliancy, but we “got and there, and in about an hour the by' in our new jobs well enough to hold whole secret of effective speaking was them.

opened to me. Imagine my amazement then, when “For example, I learned why I had I heard:

always lacked confidence, why talking "Jordan's just been made Treasurer had always seemed something to be of the Company!"

dreaded, whereas it is really the simplest I could hardly believe my ears. But thing in the world to 'get up and talk.' there was the “Notice to Employees" I learned how to secure complete aton the bulletin board telling about tention to what I was saying and how Jordan's good fortune.

to make everything I said interesting, Now I know that Jordan was a ca- forceful and convincing. I learned the pable fellow. quiet, and unassuming, art of listening, the value of silence, and but I never would have picked him for the power of brevity. Instead of being any such sudden rise. I knew, too, that funny at the wrong time, I learned how the Treasurer of the Great Eastern had and when to use humor with telling effect. to be a big man, and I wondered how in “But perhaps the most wonderful the world Jordan landed the place.

thing about the lessons were the actual The first chance I got, I walked into examples of what things to say and Jordan's new office.

when to say them and after congratu

to meet every conlating him warmly

dition. found I asked him to let

that there was a me "in" on the

knack in making details of how he

oral reports to my jumped ahead so

superiors. I found quickly. His story

that there was a is so intensely in- (REGULAR PRICE $5.00)||

right way and a teresting that I am Realizing the ever increasing need for

wrong way to pregoing to repeat it such a system as Dr. Law's "Mastery of

sent complaints, to as closely as I re- Speech," for a short time we are making a give estimates, and member.

special summer offer in order to put this to issue orders. "I'll tell


amazing work in the hands of a still “I picked up just how it hapgreater number of people. We are reduc

some wonderful pened, George, be

ing the price from $5 to only $3 for the
Summer months.

pointers about how cause you may pick You should not miss this splendid oppor- to give my opinup a pointer or two tunity. Our five day FREE Trial Offer ions, about how to that will nelp you.

still holds good-simply fill in and clip answer complaints, “You remember coupon. Then, after you have seen the about how to ask how scared I used

course, send only $3 in complete payment.
But you must act quickly--we can only

the bank for a loan, to be whenever I

hold this price open for the summer months. about how to ask had to talk to the

for extensions. Anchief? You remem

other thing that ber how you used to tell me that struck me forcibly was that instead of every time I opened

my mouth I

antagonizing people when I didn't agree put my foot into it, meaning of course with them, I learned how to bring them that every time I spoke I got into around to my way of thinking in the trouble? You remember when Ralph most pleasant sort of way. Then, of Sinton left to take charge of the Western course, along with those lessons there office and I was asked to present him were chapters on speaking before large with the loving cup the boys gave him, audiences, how to find material for • how flustered I was and how I couldn't talking and speaking, how to talk to say a word because there were people friends, how to talk to servants, and how around? You remember how confused to talk to children. I used to be every time I met new "Why, I got the secret the very first people? I couldn't say what I wanted evening and it was only a short time beto say when I wanted to say it; and I fore I was able to apply all of the prindetermined that if there was any, pos- ciples and found that my words were sible chance to learn how to talk I was beginning to have an almost magical going to do it.

So confident is the Independent Corporation, publishers of "Mastery of Speech," Dr. Law's Course in Business Talking and Public Speaking, that once you have an opportunity to see in your own home how you can, in one hour, learn the secret of speaking and how you can apply the principles of effective speech under all conditions, that they are willing to send you the Course on free examination.

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effect upon everybody to whom I spoke. "The first thing I did was to buy a It seemed that I got things done innumber of books on public speaking, stantly, where formerly, as you know, but they seemed to be meant for those what I said 'went in one ear and out of the who wanted to become orators, whereas other.' I began to acquire an executive what I wanted to learn was not only ability that surprised me. I smoothed how to speak in public but how to speak out difficulties like a true diplomat. In to individuals under various conditions my talks with the chief I spoke clearly. in business and social life.

simply, convincingly. Then came my "A few weeks later, just as I was first promotion since I entered the acabout to give up hope of ever learning counting department. I was given the how to talk interestingly, I read an an- job of answering complaints, and I made

Dept. L-588, 319 Sixth Ave., New York Gentlemen: - Please mail me "Mastery of Speech" for 5 days' free trial. If I decide to keep it I will remit $3. the Special Summer Price. Otherwise I will return it to you. is understood that this coupon puts me under no obligations whatsoever.



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