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Volume V.

NEW YORK, August, 1921

Number 8






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LEADING CONTENTS OF THIS ISSUE Only the People Can Censor Moving Pictures

Rer Beach A Stenographer to See You, Mr. Business Man

Helen Southwick The McFlimsey Emporium.

.Orison Swett Marden

Cartoon by Gordon Ross
Sam Hodge, American (A Serial. Part II).

Henry Irving Dodge
Illustrated by Charles F. Jaeger
The Men Put Me Up to Run for Congress (Interview with Alice M. Robert-
son, M. C.).

Matilda Weidemeyer Gantt
From Plowboy to Banker (Life-story of Thomas R. Preston). A. F. Harlow
I Wrote a Song a Day for Thirty Years (Interview with George M. Cohan)

Ada Patterson How Acorns of Ideas Became Oaks of Prosperity

Frank Winslow Woman's Place in Medicine

Charlot!e C. West “Gold,” The Play of the Month

Edwin Markham What Did I Fear? Darned If I Know!

Raymond Oswell Mrs. George W. Loft, Deputy Police Commissioner Stanton A. Coblentz An Interview with Postmaster-General Hays

Kenneth Harris An Interview with Don Carlos Seitz, of the New York World. Ada Patterson Erika Morini, Master of the Violin

Luther Emanuel Widen Physically Done Up at Forty.

.Orison Swett Marden

Cartoon by Gordon Ross The Loafer ...

Orison Swett Marden Pertinent Sayings of President Masaryk (Translation) . F. 0. Barton The Doubting Thomas. (A Story. Part I)

Howard P. Rockey

Illustrated by John J. Griffin
The Man Who Came Back. (Life-story of Robert E. Hicks)

Albert Sidney Gregg
The Triumph of Katherine O'Day (A Story)

Beulah Sheldon
Illustrated by Robert A. Graef
What One Immigrant to America Accomplished

Irene O'Connor
The Pass-It-On Club
Think It Over

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THE NEW SUCCESS is published monthly at the St. James Building, 1133 Broadway, New York City, by THE LOWREY-MARDEN CORPORATION.Dr. Orison Swett Marden, President and Editor; J. W. D. Grant, Treasurer; Robert Mackay, Secretary; Chas. H. Desgrey, Advertising Director. Advertising Rates on Application.

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“He's Lucky”

-They Say in Denver

But luck alone doesn't give a man a million-dollar business in five years

HERE are

in Surely there is no special element of confidence to grasp it. And it may not

good fortune in such a career; thousands return for three years or five years or

of men who entered business in 1908 ten. a clerk. In those days some of

were farther along in 1916 than George Ultimately you will arrive at the point them said: “There is nothing in G. Gregory.,

where you want to be, but how much is this idea of Gregory's that business

But with the Institute's Course there it worth to you to arrive while you are

came a change; he began to think in still young? How much more will you can be studied at home; it doesn't bigger terms, to dare to plan a really enjoy the fruits of success if you can get you anywhere.

large success. Feeling sure of his reach them in five years instead of And today when he is the head in business for himself owning a part ground he resigned his job and embarked fifteen? How much is a year of your

life worth to you? of the company where he used to interest at first in a little store, later Surely it is worth the little effort reclerk, those same men will tell you other stores, until there were seven in the quired to get the full facts about the that he was “lucky," and let it go chased the Scholtz Drug Company,

training that has meant so much to Mr.

Gregory and to thousands of other sucat that.

forming a million dollar corporation. cessful men. But he himself has a different

Just 5 yearswhy wait 15 Forging Ahead in Business" explanation; and because it may

INjust five years from the days INnseilute MrizGregory sent for the be of help to other men he has when he was a branch manager, he

came back as President and chief owner Ahead in Business." allowed the Alexander Hamilton

The book has been of the corporation for which he had revised twenty times since then; it is a Institute to tell the story here. clerked.

vastly better book, one that every busiThe vision of bigger things Five years to cover the ground that, ness man's library ought to have. The

in most lives, requires fifteen or twenty! hour that Mr. Gregory spent with it was

To say that such a man is made by the most valuable hour in his business CIS name is George G. Greg

the Alexander Hamilton Institute would life. Will you spend an hour with it, ory, and he went from Ken

be an absurdity. Successful men make getting for yourself at first hand, the tucky to Colorado Springs in 1908, themselves; nothing could have pre- full facts about the Modern Business and began work in Macy's Pharvented Mr. Gregory's progress.

Course and Service? The book is sent But the Institute can claim this, and

without obligation to thoughtful men; macy at a salary of $5 a week. No Mr. Gregory's written testimony sup

send for your copy today. special luck about that.

ports the claim, that by its training A set-back in health caused him to seek outside work for a while; think large and gave him confidence to 285 Astor Place, New York City

Course helped him to see clearly and Alexander Hamilton Institute and in 1910 he was back in a drug attempt big things because he had apstore as a soda-clerk at $65 a

propriated for himself the experience

and methods of the most successful Send me "Forging Ahead in Busimonth. Later he resigned to be- leaders in American business. He knew ness" which I may keep without come clerk in a wholesale drug

business facts; and knew that he knew obligation.

them. house, and to finish at night his


Print here own training as a pharmacist. You know what a year of your

Business Graduating in 1913, he became as

life is worth

Address. sistant pharmacist in the Scholtz Drug Company; and in 1916, when he had man can forecast opportunities. become manager of the Branch store, he

Tomorrow opportunity may enrolled with the Alexander Hamilton come to you, and pass you by, because Business Institute.

you have not the knowledge and self- Position Canadian Address, C.P.R. Building. Toronto; Australian Address, 8a Castlereagh Street, Sydney

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Modern Business


Copyright, 1921, Alexander Hamilton Institute

What does the future hold for you?

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How a“Fool Stunt" Suddenly Made Me a $10,000 a Year Star Salesman

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By Warren Hartle
ARTLE, you're all wrong. Take

Each month my sales kept increasing

and raises in salary seemed to follow my advice and stay where you

one on the heels of another. are. "But, listen, Jim"

Why I am in the $10,000 “Nothing doing. You can't convince

a Year Class me that you can learn how to sell. If

Still, I take no great credit for my you had a Selling personality, or if you

sudden rise in the Selling game. What had the 'gift of gab' it might be differ

I have done any one else can do. For ent. But you haven't. I don't want

instance, there is George Kearns of

Oklahoma City. Kearns had to discourage you but you know your


than $15 a week. He self that you were never cut out to be a

learned the Secrets of Successful SellSalesman. You'd just be wasting

ing and today he is averaging over

$200 a week. Then there is P. W. your time trying to learn. It's a fool

Broedel of Woodhaven, N. Y., who after stunt, that's all.'

six months on the road was making $92 a week. Such was my running mate's answer

C. W. Birmingham of Dayton, Ohio, was a

clerk making $800 a year. Today he is a Sales when I told him that I intended to

Manager and is earning $6,500 a year. J. L. learn the Selling game. True, I didn't

Debonis was earning $15 a week as a clerk. know the first thing about Selling, and

Now he makes as high as $100 a day! it didn't seem as if I was cut out for it.

My Secret Disclosed Clerking in the railway mail service was far removed

If you wish to get out of the rut and get a real job my from selling goods, and I didn't blame Jim for advice to you is learn these Secrets of Successful Selling. trying to discourage me.

They are now revealed in full to every ambitious man by Yet I had heard of a new and easy method of

the National Salesinen's Training Association. Hundreds

of men have learned these amazing secrets and are now learning Salesmanship that was accomplishing won- filling splendid Selling positions at salaries ranging from ders. This amazing method disclosed the very

$3,500 to $10,000 a year.

You can learn these secrets in your leisure moments in secrets of Selling that were used by the most

your own home. And just as soon as you are qualified successful Salesmen in the Country. Men who and ready you are given free access to the N. S. T. A. previously knew nothing about Selling were getting

Employment Service which puts you in touch with many

fine Sales positions. results that were actually astonishing. Why even one of my brother railroad workers,

A Great Book on Selling Sent Free E. C. Kisler, of Rockford, III., who had never sold a

I am authorized to state that the wonderful book "A thing in all his life, was now earning almost $100 a

Knight of the Grip" will be sent absolutely free to those

sending in the attached coupon. This valuable Book tells week as a Salesman. And then there was another

you all about the N. S. T. A. method of Salesmanship fellow—a fireman-who had learned these secrets Training and their Free Employment Service, which has and was now making $10,000 a year! If these

at present more calls for Salesmen than it can fill. In ad

dition you will read of the big opportunities now open for fellows could make good, I felt that I could too, so YOU in the Selling game. I determined at least to try.

This amazing Book is entirely free. Simply tear out and

mail the attached coupon and it will be sent you at once. My First Selling Job

Dept. 56-K

From the day I began to study these wonderful secrets
of Selling in my spare time, I was filled with new hope-

NATIONAL SALESMEN'S TRAINING ASS'N, new ambition. It seemed like no time before I had mas

Dept. 56-K, Chicago, Ill.

Send me Free Proof that you can make me a Star Salesman and tered them. It was then that I was informed that my first

tell me how you will help me land a Selling job. Also list showing Selling job was waiting for me.

lines of business with openings for Salesmen. This does not obliWhile I had always felt that these wonderful secrets gate me in any way. would eventually make a successful Salesman out of me, I never dreamed that my success would come so soon.

Name. the end of my first week I received a letter from my Sales

Street. Manager congratulating me on my success. I had made a pcord for my territory!


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tunity for advancement; your own business or working for others.
5000 successful graduates. Good board reasonable near school.
Catalog FREE. Cleveland Auto School, 1826 E, 24th St., Cleve-
land, O.

Agents Wanted

Landscape, Arc uitecture & Engineering, Estates and Grounds ant Additions. Full Artistic Effects. Personal Supervision. C. L. Mead, Grand Theatre, Columbus, Ohio.

AGENTS, $60 to $200 a Week, Free Samples. Gold
Letters for Store and Omce windows. Any one can do it. Biz
Demand. Liberal offer to general agents. Metallic Letter Co..
431 W. N. Clark St., Chicago.
Sensational Opportunity. One sale a day means $200 per
month! Five sales-$1,000 per month!! Marvelous new adding
machine. Retails $15.00, Work equals $350 Machine. Adds,
Subtracts, Multiplies, Divides, Automatically. Lightning Speed.
Errors impossible. Five year guarantee. Used by U. S. Govert-
ment and Largest Corporations. Tremendous demnand everywhere.
Amazing profits. Write quick for trial offer and protected territory.
Calculator Corporation, Dept. K, Grand Rapids, Mich.
WE START YOU without a dollar-Soaps, Extracts, Per-
fumes, toilet goods. Experience unnecessary. Carnation Co., 213
Olive, St. Louis.


Big profits in Mail Order Business, if you import your goods
direct at Rockbottom prices: profiteering middleman unnecessary!
Any 5 reliable addresses 25c. None printed! P. Waechtler, 181
Washington St., Newark, N. J.

"FIVE HUNDRED OPPORTUNITIES FOR PROFIT AND DISTINCTION," by Henry Woodhouse may lead you to success. It also tells of Inventions, Discoveries and Activities that created Billion Dollar Industries and defines Billion Dollar Industries to be. Mr. Woodhouse unaided achieved financial independence, international prominence and distinction before thirty-five. Send $2.00 for a copy. THE SCIENTIFIC LIBRARY, 299 MADISON AVENUE, NEW YORK. (Established 1914.)

Found! The easiest article to sell. 200% Profit. Write for
particulars. Sample $.25. Premier Specialty Sales Co., 806 L.
Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich.
World's Greatest Auto Invention: no more storm blurred
windshields; Mystic Felt works wonders; one rub keeps glass clear
24 hours; steel mountings; its pocket: Vetter made $75 first day.
Security Mig. Co., Dept. 318, Toledo, Ohio.

Letter Specialists

American Made Toys

Convincing letters, booklets, folders for those demanding clearness, exactness, quality in their advertising. Submit your

problem; advice gratis. Arthur Crosby, desk 41, Seven East 54th MANUFACTURERS wanted for larger production and Home

St., New York. workers on smaller scale for Metal Toys and Novelties, Toy Soldiers, Cannons, Cowboys, Indians, Buffalo Bills, Wild Animals, Whistles,

Francis Writes The Best Sales Letters In The World. Floyd Bird Whistles, Race Horses, Prizefighters, Religious Statuettes, Puzzles and hundreds of other Toys and Novelties. Hundred and

Delos Francis, Box 604, Atlantic City, N. J. more made complete per hour. No experience or tools needed. Bronze Casting forms with complete outfit, from $5.00 up. We are buyers of these goods all year, paying fixed prices. Contract orders placed with manufacturers. Exceptionally high prices paid for

For Advertisers painted goods. An enormous business offers industrious men an excellent opportunity to enter this field. An open market for these goods all over United States, Canada and South America. Write OUIJA, WHAT SHALL I DO? The Spirit said, “I'm only us only, if you mean business. Illustrated Catalogue and Booklet a dead one: write Jacobus for live advertising advice." Letters mailed free. Toy Soldier Manufacturing Company, Omice and $3.50 JACOBUS ADVERTISING SERVICE, IRVINGTON Showrooms: 1696 Boston Road, New York.

N. J.
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