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The Guilty Hung Their Heads in Dishonor

Society was shocked at his merciless exposures. The guilty, branded with their infamy, hung their heads in dishonor They cried out to stop him—they invoked the powers of earth to silence him. Alone he defied the world. Was he master of the

passions of men that he could craze with hatred and hypnotize with love? What was this strange magic that held hundreds of thousands spellbound? Why did one man give his own life to take the life of Brann, the Iconoclast?


BRANN, the Iconoclast

He tore off the sham draperies of Virtue-snatched away the purple cloak of Hypoc. risy-threw aside the mock mantle of Modesty-laid bare the blinding nakedness of Truth. With the fury of an avenging angel he hurled himself upon every fake and fraud of Christendom. With a boldness that outraged convention, struck terror to the hearts of the timid, blasted the lives of the guilty, he revealed the shame of the great and mighty, the rich, the titled, the powerful.


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No influence was strong enough to encompass
Brann's downfall. For he wielded the power of
words. He wove a pattern of words, and it breathed
with life, shone with beauty, scintillated with satire.
At his touch cold type kindled into fire, glowed with
the red heat of wrath, blinded with the white flare
of passion. With the genius of his pen he ruled the
emotions of men, played upon the heartstrings of
humanity. Under his inspiration his pen
became an instrument of destruction that
wrought the crashing havoc of a cyclone
-again it became as a scourge of scor-
pions that flayed into the raw-or again
it was a gleaming rapier that pierced


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Volume V.

NEW YORK, August, 1921

Number 8

Per Beach




23 27



Only the People Can Censor Moving Pictures...
A Stenographer to See You, Mr. Business Man . .... Helen Southwick
The McFlimsey Emporium. ...

....Orison Swett Marden

Cartoon by Gordon Ross
Sam Hodge, American (A Serial. Part II). ..... Henry Irving Dodge

Illustrated by Charles F. Jaeger
The Men Put Me Up to Run for Congress (Interview with Alice M. Robert-

son, M. C.). .............. Matilda Weidemeyer Gantt From Plowboy to Banker (Life-story of Thomas R. Preston). A. F. Harlow I Wrote a Song a Day for Thirty Years (Interview with George M. Cohan)

Ada Patterson
How Acorns of Ideas Became Oaks of Prosperity . ,.... Frank Winslow
Woman's Place in Medicine . . . . . . . . . . . . . Charlot!e C. West
“Gold,” The Play of the Month ........... Edwin Markham
What Did I Fear? Darned If I Know! ......... Raymond Oswell
Mrs. George W. Loft, Deputy Police Commissioner . . Stanton A. Coblentz
An Interview with Postmaster-General Hays ....... Kenneth Harris
An Interview with Don Carlos Seitz, of the New York World . Ada Patterson
Erika Morini, Master of the Violin ....... Luther Emanuel Widen
Physically Done Up at Forty............ Orison Swett Marden

Cartoon by Gordon Ross
The Loafer ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Orison Swett Marden
Pertinent Sayings of President Masaryk (Translation). ... F. 0. Barton
The Doubting Thomas. (A Story. Part I) ...... Howard P. Rockey

Mustrated by John J. Griffin
The Man Who Came Back. (Life-story of Robert E. Hicks)

Albert Sidney Gregg
The Triumph of Katherine O'Day (A Story) ....... Beulah Sheldon

Illustrated by Robert A. Graef
What One Immigrant to America Accomplished ..... Irene O'Connor
The Pass-It-On Club ........................
Think It Over . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. .








THE NEW SUCCESS is published monthly at the St. James Building, 1133 Broadway, New York City, by THE LOWREY-MARDEN CORPORATION. Dr. Orison Swett Marden, President and Editor: J. W. D. Grant, Treasurer; Robert Mackay, Secretary; Chas. H. Desgrey, Advertising Director. Advertising Rates on Application.

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