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Wilson First President in 50 Years

to Have Two Full Terms WHEN Woodrow Wilson left the White House, as

President of the United States, he was the first Chief Executive in almost fifty years to complete two full terms of office. The last one before Wilson was Grant, who became ex-President in 1877. His first inauguration was in 1869, his second in 1873. Since his time the man who came nearest to serving two full terms was Roosevelt. He was President for 7 years, 5 months and 18 days, following the death of President McKinley on September 14, 1901.

Of the twenty-eight Presidents (counting Cleveland twice) we have had only seven, including Wilson, who have served two full terms of four years each. Washington served 7 years, 10 months and 4 days, from April 30, 1789, when he was inaugurated in New York. His second inauguration was in Philadelphia.

The first President to serve eight years was Jefferson, who was followed in turn by Madison and Monroe, eight years each. Then came John Quincy Adams, who had one term only. He was followed by Jackson with two full terms, ending in 1837. Then came a break of forty years, until 1877, before President Grant retired after eight years' occupancy of the White House. Cleveland served eight years, 1885-89 and 1893-97, but his two terms were interrupted by that of Benjamin Harrison, 1889-93.

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If the Head Remains Intact HERBERT KAUFMAN, in commenting upon the

ravages of war, says: “How much of his body does a man need to earn a living in this year of wheels and wires. For instance: Legs are not requisite at the cigar bench; expert typists never look at the keys; the watchful eye of a supervisor is not hampered by the absence of arms. Why, with telephones, elevators, motor-cars, and like couriers and carriers, a respectable remnant of the human frame can overcome most of the handicaps of mutilation. If the head stays intact a missing feature or so isn't necessarily a sentence to dependence."

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The Guilty Hung Their

Heads in Dishonor

Society was shocked at his merciless ex- passions of men that he could craze with posures. The guilty, branded with their hatred and hypnotize with love? What infamy, hung their heads in dishonor. was this strange magic that held hundreds They cried out to stop him—they invoked of thousands spellbound? Why did one the powers of earth to silence him. Alone man give his own life to take the life of he defied the world. Was he master of the Brann, the Iconoclast?


BRANN, the Iconoclast

He tore off the sham draperies of Virtue-snatched away the purple cloak of Hypoc. risy-threw aside the mock mantle of Modesty-laid bare the blinding nakedness of Truth. With the fury of an avenging angel he hurled himself upon every fake and fraud of Christendom. With a boldness that outraged convention, struck terror to the hearts of the timid, blasted the lives of the guilty, he revealed the shame of the great and mighty, the rich, the titled, the powerful.

BRANN, the Iconoclast


No influence was strong enough to encompass
Brann's downfall. For he wielded the power of
words. He wove a pattern of words, and it breathed
with life, shone with beauty, scintillated with satire.
At his touch cold type kindled into fire, glowed with
the red heat of wrath, blinded with the white flare
of passion. With the genius of his pen he ruled the
emotions of men, played upon the heartstrings of
humanity. Under his inspiration his pen
became an instrument of destruction that
wrought the crashing havoc of a cyclone
-again it became as a scourge of scor-
pions that fayed into the raw-or again
it was a gleaming rapier that pierced


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C The Remarkable Story of

Robert E. Hicks

(See Page 81)

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