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San Francisco warned him of Darrow's speedy arrival, They had arrived at the new villa. Billy stepped out he felt like a hunted criminal.

of the car first and deferentially put out his hand to Would Darrow know--would he suspect? It was the assist Jason Darrow. His employer waved aside the same hideous question. He knew he had failed in little courtesy, and leaped out with surprising alacrity. things before--just as he had failed in a big thing now. "I'm glad, Billy,” said Darrow, “I'm glad that you He knew that he had not been honest with any one- didn't do what I thought you would do--that is, ask with his conscience with his future-with his wife your wife to come along and see how I liked it. For the with Darrow. And, as usual it was too late when he same reason I didn't care to have Mrs. Darrow come reluctantly but decisively put his finger on his fully. with us on this inspection trip. There will be a lot of

Mary was keen to see the house before Darrow saw it. things she won't like when they're done, and I don't She knew the momentous things which hung upon his want her to have them altered meanwhile. I'm also approval. But her loyalty was too great to permit her glad that you didn't bring the contractor. I don't care to slip off and view it without Billy's consent. So she who he is—and I'm not interested. I want to see the awaited Jason Darrow's return with as much anticipa- house." tion as Billy awaited it with dread.

On the morning that Billy met Darrow in the latter's THEY walked up the concrete steps, Billy quite private office, he was shaking like a leaf.

conscious of the fact that Darrow had been all "Well, Billy,” Darrow began, his tanned face break- the while considering its outward appearance. Billy ing into a friendly smile, “how's the house going?" tried to soothe himself with the thought that it was a

“It's finished, sir,” Billy announced, throwing out his substitute building. chest just as boastfully as if he had really performed an On the wide veranda, Darrow paused. He scraped honest job. Billy believed in himself, right or wrong. his square-toed boot across the red tiles of the porch He had always cherished the mistaken thought that floor. "You should not have bought that sort of brick, bluff can get away with error.

Billy,” he said. “It is good; but I would have liked "Finished!” Darrow exclaimed. “How did you better. However, it can be relaid later. I am more manage to get it completed in so short a time--what eager to see the inside. Mrs. Darrow and I want to with tardy deliveries, broken mill-promises, labor move in as soon as possible.” delays, and what not? I should have put you at the Then they went inside. They went from cellar to head of our traffic department long ago if you can do roof, Darrow's practical eye peering into every nook that sort of work."

and cranny, neglecting no detail. He saw that his

memorandum of instructions had been carried out DARR

ARROW'S face beamed with genuine pleasure, apparently to the very last letter. He saw that little

and Billy felt his heart sink. He was being touches of ingenuity had been added to carry out the praised when he should have been blamed. Nothing ideal vision of the luxurious home that had been outhurts like praise when it should have been censure lined by him. But he saw, too, that the house was a -just as nothing hurts like censure when it should thing of veneer be praise.

“Let's run out and see the place at once," Darrow WHEN they were again on the veranda, and suggested, as he pushed the electric button on his desk.

Darrow was looking over the grounds, which A stenographer appeared and he told her to summon were still to be improved, he turned and grasped the his car at once. “I'm crazy as a kid with a new toy!" limp, clammy, frightened hand of the half-relieved Darrow told Billy, accompanying his remark with a Billy. “My boy,” he said, “I want to congratulate healthy slap on Hobson's back. “This vacation has you! You have built a beautiful house. You rememgiven me a new lease on life. I've enjoyed every minute ber the old Bible story: how one man built his house of it, and now I know that my lieutenants have been upon the sands-how the wind and the storm came good and faithful servants—that my own interests have and blew it down. The wiser man built his house been looked after in my absence.”

upon the rocks, and when the winds and the storins Something went through Billy's brain like a red-hot came the house stood? I feel that you have built iron; something seemed to tear the heart out of him. for me just such a house as the wise man would As the motor-car glided along the avenue, toward the have built for himself. And now, Billy Hobson, I drive to the country place, it passed the bank where want to take off my mask of hypocrisy and reveal Billy's ill-gained profits were reposing. He wanted to myself in my true colors. I love your wife as I'd love leap out and cancel his account.

my own daughter. I want her to be happy, comfortThe remainder of that ride was a nightmare. But the able, rich, for I was her father's best friend as he was end of it was a startling awakening. As they went up mine. You didn't quite size up to my ideas of ability the roadway, still turf, and not yet macadamized, since until now. But I wanted you to be real. You have Darrow had reserved these finishings to himself, Old proved to me that you are honest-that you have Jason pointed out various matters which he wanted brains. You have built a house which I think your expert landscape gardeners execute. “Billy,” he said, wife--and my wife will care for and cherish-one they'll "if they'd all work as quickly and as efficiently as you be happy and proud to live in. And now I'll tell you have, I'd be a fortunate man."

the whole truth!” Never before had Billy Hobson realized that con- Darrow stopped short-laughed-and slapped Billy science, when hurt to the quick, is the most painful full on the back. wound known.

“I told you to build this house--gave you carte

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blanche to do it—and gave you a hundred thousand to do so—for just two reasons.'

Billy looked at him with a blanched face. He waited silently, pitifully, during the remainder of Darrow's speech. It sounded to his nervous, guilty, burning ears, like the charge of the judge to a jury.

“My reasons were these," Darrow went on. “I wanted to test you. You didn't measure up in working for me, and you didn't prove up as Mary's husband. I wanted to know that you were good enough to be her husband-good enough for me to keep as a valuable assistant. I wanted to be sure that you weren't weak; but that you have enough brains to be corrected, to be set on the right path. These things may seem like a great many reasons; but they narrow down to two: your fitness for Mary and your fitness for me.

Billy still stared at him-his faith in himself seemed like a hopeless, dying thing.

Rut Darrow was talking again. Billy could not believe his ears. “You built this house-thinking it was for me. You built it for me as you have worked for me. I am giving you your reward. What you have put into this house is the same sort of value you have put into every job I gave you. When I told you to spend a hundred thousand on a house for me-I intended that the completed house should be yours-yours and Mary's—to live in." He paused abruptly, then continued. "I am aware of the commissions you received from Jacoby. They may compensate you for the deception--but I'm certain they won't. I told you to build the house of the finest materials—to spare no expense. In deceiving me you have deceived yourselfcheated your wife. If she's willing to take your handi

work—it is still yours. I wouldn't have it at any price -except the price at which I have bought it, the price of a man's worth. If Mary is willing to take you and live in this house, well and good. If she isn't, I'll take the hundred thousand her dead father left in my care, and give it to her in cash-provided she comes to live with Mrs. Darrow and me.”

Darrow paused again to glare at Billy. "If, on the other hand, this is an example to you—if it points the way to what you owe your wife-and what you owe me -you'll live in this house until it wears out—and your salary is—well it's what it is now until you've made good!”

Darrow turned and hurried down the steps. He entered the motor car and was gone.

Billy, dazed, conscious stricken, trembled on the cheap tiles of the veranda. He stooped and buried his face in his hands, leaning against the cheaper veranda rail.

Then Mary issued from some mysterious recess of the place. She went up behind her husband and put both arms about him. “Dear," she said softly, with a little laugh in her voice, "you've made a Hobson's choice, and in such a choice the best of it is always the worst."

“You mean you'll stick?” he asked incredulously.

“Certainly,” laughed Mary. “Jacoby, who was put up to his trickery deliberately, has been paid back what he gave you in commissions. I did it out of dad's estate. And it's up to you to pay back to me what you have in the bank, as a result of your foolishness."

There was a bit of a tear in her big cyes as she let him kiss her. In his heart was the sorrow of genuine repentance.


Every day, Every month, Every year. day's tasks are me. Let my judgment be well founded. Let me act quickly and with firmness. Let me deal justly, speak sparingly, clearly and truly. And if the trade goes against me, let me take my losses without complaint. Likewise, if the trade turns to my favor, let me not boast nor gloat over my profits but let me remember that rainy days may come and my profits wiped out by my expenses.

Let me avoid the trickster as I would the plague, but should I be forced into the trade with him, let me hold him fast to the agreements neither asking nor granting favors. Let me regard each transaction as I do an advertisement-a thing to be lived up to, fully, a bid for bigger business.

Let me be rewarded for my energy, my determination, my willingness to venture and my foresight. Let me be not afraid of competition. And when the Game is called off on account of The Darkness, let me have done my work in such a way that I shall not need to explain. This is my task to-day.


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