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learned to do themselves—to control their temper and prevent them from saying and doing things that they will afterward bitterly regret.

Before physicians discovered the antidotes of the different poisons, multitudes lost their lives by poisoning when the remedy that would have saved them was close at hand. Hundreds of people have died by poison when they had the antidote right in their homes and didn't know it. Just a glass of milk would have saved many

of them. Now, however, not only physicians, but those who have learned elementary lessons in first aid to the injured, when they know what poison the sufferer has swallowed-and the symptoms tell this-they also know just the antidote for that particular poison, and, by applying it immediately, save a human life.

Just as multitudes of human beings have died in the past from physical poisoning because the antidotes to the different poisons were not known to them, so multitudes have died of mental poisoning because they didn't know the antidote for it. They didn't know that there was such a thing as mental chemistry, a science of mind that furnishes antidotes for all sorts of mental poison: anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy -all the explosive passions and harmful emotions that work such havoc in the lives of human beings.

We are beginning to learn that just as water is the natural antidote for fire, so there is an equally simple and natural antidote for the fire of anger. When our own or a neighbor's house

When our own or a neighbor's house is on fire, we know that no one but an insane person would

try to extinguish the flames with kerosene

is on fire, we know that no one but an insane person would try to extinguish the flames with kerosene. The sane man would at once throw water on the flames. That is, he would apply the natural antidote.

Now, when a friend's brain is all on fire with anger, that is just what those of us who know anything about mental chemistry do-we at once apply the natural antidote of anger-Love. We do not throw kerosene on the flames by adding our own anger fuel to his brain con

So we

flagration. We do not get angry with him, because we know that would only increase the fire which he is powerless to extinguish, and that it would also fatally injure ourselves. antidote the anger flame burning in our friend's brain with love, with kindness, with gentleness. Instead of retaliating, we try to help him put out the fire which is consuming his vitality and making a fool of him against his wishes.

A little knowledge of mental chemistry will

enable any man to neutralize his own hot temper before it gets the better of him, by applying its natural antidote, the love thought, the peace and harmony thought, the good-will thought. The Creator has implanted in every human being a divine power that is more than a match for his worst passion. If he will only develop and use this power he need not be the slave of his temper, or of any degrading, destructive emotion.


How Madame Curie Struggled Until She Found the Needle in the Haystack



HEN M. and Mme. Pierre Curie were working with a metal called uranium, their

interest was aroused by evidences of a strange presence which seemed to be exhibiting electrical activity. To study it more thoroughly, Mme. Curie determined to visit the mines where uranium was being extracted. By the side of the mine she saw a huge pile of minerals thrown aside as waste.

“May I use this?" she asked.

Her request was granted and with this material, in which no one else saw the slightest value, she began her tests. To her delight, she found that it was many times as strong as uranium in electrical power. She knew that the familiar metals in the ore, such as silver and lead, possessed no such power so she dissolved them out and found that the remainder was 60 times as strong as uranium.

What was this powerful substance? Was it something hitherto undiscovered? Many others had noticed the peculiar rays associated with uranium and were working at the same problem. Day and night, Mme. Curie and her husband worked in their laboratory.

“The problem seems hopeless,” said her husband. "You must not go on; you will break down."

But with a dauntless determination she would not leave her task. At thirty-one years of age a mere baby among the scientists—she announced the discovery of a new element called radium from the rays it emitted.

The words, “new element,” have a harmless sound but they mean to a scientist what a new planet means to an astronomer.

The importance of a new element is that it may prove useful to man. So scientists seize upon it eagerly. They heat it, freeze it, combine it with hun

dreds of other substances, and finally decide on its value. Only experiments will create its value.

One day, Professor Antoine Henry Becquerel, Mme. Curie's co-worker, placed a tiny tube of the new substance in his vest pocket. Some time later, he discovered that his flesh near the tube was being eaten away. Thus originated the “Becquerel burn.” Immediately to Mme. Curie came this idea: If it has this effeet on the body, it may be used in medicine. Perhaps it is the long-dreamed-of cure for cancer, next to tuberculosis and pneumonia, man's most deadly foe. Herein lies her claim to fame.

Nearly all of Mme. Curie's radium is exhausted. The Austrian emperor once gave her a ton of radiumcontaining metal, but it yielded only a fraction of a gram.

From 21 carloads of radium-containing metal received at the National Radium Institute of America, only .01 of a pound of radium was extracted.

Mme. Curie's gift from American women-a gram of radium, weighs 1-454 of a pound. At current prices, if it could be obtained, a pound of radium would cost about $54,000,000, nearly 8 times the amount we paid for Alaska. However, officials of the Bureau of Mines in Washington tell us that there is hardly a quarter of a pound of the extracted substance in existence. A gram of radium is capable of giving out as much energy as a ton of coal, which weighs 907,000 times as much.

Mme. Curie has used her talents for the sake of generations yet unborn. She has brought to light a substance 170,000 times as valuable as gold, a substance so rare that practically none of it is available to-day, yet so potential in its possibilities that the lives of millions may depend upon

its power.

It is much easier to keep up than to catch up.



R. PERRY GREEN says that Job's It is the victorious consciousness that achieves

lament, “The thing which I feared is victory in every age and in every field. After

come upon me," should be changed to many years' study of the lives and methods of The thing which I was greatly conscious of is successful men in every department of life, I have come upon me.” That is, it is the thing we hold found that the men who win out in a large way in our consciousness, whether good or ill, that are great believers in themselves, in their power comes to us.

to succeed in the things they undertake. Great The whole secret of individual growth and artists, scientists, inventors, explorers, generals, development, of health, of success, of happiness, business men, and others who have done the big is locked up in our consciousness, for this is the things in their specialty, have always held the door of life itself. Every experience, whether of victorious consciousness. Success was the goal joy or of sorrow, of

they constantly visualhealth or disease, of

ized, and they never success or failure, must

wavered in their concome through our con

are not huddled together in a WE

viction that they would world of chance, buffeted about sciousness. There is

reach it. by a cruel destiny; we are in a curno other way by which

The trouble with rent which runs Heavenward in a it can enter and be

those of us who do not world of absolute law and order, come a part of our life.

win out, who make a You cannot have what

where nothing happens by chance
nothing without a cause, a sufficient

bungle of our lives, is you are not conscious

that we do not hold cause, -where the minutest detail of of; you cannot do our lives obeys a law as unerring as

the right consciousness. what you are not con

We do not hold the that which holds the heavenly bodies scious of being able to

victorious consciousdo. In other words, in their courses with such perfect ad

ness, the consciousness justment that they do not vary a your consciousness, fraction of a second in a century in

that we are going to that is the sub-con

win. We do not live in their orbits of untold millions of scious power which

the expectancy of winmiles. feels, knows, visual

ning, in the belief that izes, decides what will

we will succeed in atcome to you in life;

taining the goal of our what you will achieve; what you will be. ambition. If we could only learn to hold con

The thing that Job feared, or the thing that he stantly in mind the consciousness of our ambition held in his consciousness was the thing that came whatever it is, the consciousness of our heart's upon him because nothing else could come. So longings, our soul's desire; if we could only hold will the thing that you fear or hold in your con- the truth consciousness, the God consciousness, the sciousness, look for, and expect, come to you. harmony consciousness, then we should really beSo, also, will the good thing, for it is the law, that gin to live. Life would mean something more than it whatever you hold in mind and believe you will does to most of us-a mere struggle for existence. get is the thing that will manifest itself in your life. Joan of Arc saved her country because, UR consciousness is the creative force in from childhood, she held the consciousness that she our lives; that is, it puts the mentality in a had been born to do that very thing. This poor, position to attract from the great cosmic supply unlettered peasant girl knew nothing about the its affinity—that which is like itself. If you have great law of mental attraction, but unconsciously a poverty consciousness, a limited consciousness, she worked with it. Otherwise she never could a “can't-afford-it” consciousness, a consciousness have accomplished her stupendous work. But for of limitation and failure—these are the things her consciousness of victory and her unshaken you will attract, that you will bring into your faith in the "voices” that bid her go forward, she environment, that you will manifest in your life. never could have reorganized and heartened the A penury consciousness cannot demonstrate, demoralized French armies, routed the English, cannot attract a fortune; a failure consciousness and put the Dauphin on the throne of France. attracts more failure; it's a law.



All of life and its achievements, its possibilities, is equivalent to supremacy itself, the consciousdepend upon our consciousness, and we can de- ness of self-confidence is what gives us the assurvelop any sort of consciousness we wish. The ance that we are equal to the thing we undertake. great musician has developed a musical con- What we are conscious of, we possess. We cannot sciousness of which most of us are ignorant, be- get what we are not conscious of. It is not ours cause we are not conscious of this mode of activ- until we become conscious of it. If you are not ity; our musical consciousness has not been conscious of the ability to succeed, you can't developed. The mathematician, the astronomer, succeed. If you are not conscious of your own the writer, the physician, the artist, the specialist superiority you cannot become superior. But if in whatsoever line, has developed a particular you hold in your consciousness the picture of consciousness, and he realizes the fruits of that masterfulness, of invincibility; if you hold the consciousness. He manifests and enjoys a thought of superiority in your mind, you are special power just in proportion as he has de- putting in operation a little law of mastership, a veloped his specialty consciousness, which at- little law of superiority, you begin to manifest tracts that which corresponds to itself.

these things in your life.




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HAT sort of a consciousness do you want TOUR enjoyment, your happiness, your

to develop? What do you want to get, satisfaction, your achievement, your power, to do, to become? The first step toward the your personality, will all depend upon the development of a new

nature of your consciousness is to get

sciousness, the aim and a thorough grip upon

direction in which that WE shall some time learn that only your purpose, your de

consciousness will unthe good is true; that harmony sire, your aim; to get a

fold. Just keep this is the reality; that discord is merely picture of it firmly the absence of it. There is only one

one thing in mind; that fixed in your mind, to

we are always creating, visualize it into

Creator, and He made all that is
made; hence everything must be in

always manifesting in The next thing is to His likeness, perfect; nothing that is

our lives the things establish the convic

which correspond to real can be unlike Him, and theretion that you

our consciousness. fore, only the good, the harmonious,

If achieve whatever you the pure, the clean, the true, can be

that is a wholesome desire. This is a trereal.

consciousness, All else must be false, a seemmendous step in the ing, a delusion. God could not cre

worthy consciousness, way of accomplishate anything unlike himself.

creating ment, for conviction is

worthy thing, just in stronger than will-power.

proportion as we back That is, you may will

up our consciousness ever so hard to do a thing; but if you are con- with our best efforts to realize it on the plane of vinced that you can't do it, the conviction of your our activities. We are all creators with the great inability will prevail over your will-power. Your Creator, and can make our lives according to the conviction is your strongest lever of accomplish- plan of our consciousness. ment. This is what has enabled so many poor

The half satisfied consciousness is a curse to boys and girls to climb to high place and power in multitudes of people. It is dissatisfaction, a spite of all sorts of obstacles, and going contrary divine discontent, a burning desire to lift life to the opinion and advice of those who knew up to its highest that has pushed man on to do them best. They were so thoroughly conscious of the great and noble things that have carried their ability to do the thing they wanted to do civilization forward. It is consciousness of and so convinced that they would do it, that power to do the higher thing that brings out nothing could hold them back from their own. our divine possibilities and ennobles

The beginning of every achievement must lives. be

your consciousness. That is the starting point Emerson says, “Every soul is not only the inlet of your creative plan. In proportion to the but may become the outlet of all that is in God." intensity, the persistence, the vividness, the The consciousness of this great truth is the definiteness of your consciousness of it do you

secret of all power. It is the full realization of begin to create in any line. The consciousness our connection with Omnipotence, with Omnisthat you can sets into operation the power that cience, with the Source of all there is, that enables

For instance, consciousness of power us to use the vast powers that are within us, creates power; the consciousness of supremacy always waiting to accomplish our ends.



Do You Understand what the Great Scientist Is Driving at When He Talks About His Theory of Relativity ?

If Not-Read This Article




ALKING with Dr. Albert Einstein, one created a sensation, but the reason for that would scarcely realize that he is sensation is as mysterious to him as the differ

scientist. This is not because appearances ential calculus or the social customs on Mars. argue against that fact, for there is a breadth to He reads that there are not over a dozen his forehead, a keepness to his eye, an intel- scientists who actually understand relativity, lectual alertness about his face that indicate and he concludes that he cannot expect to be the man of thought and vision. But to judge the thirteenth; and so, perhaps with a sigh of by his kindly countenance, his genial manner, regret, he dismisses the matter from his mind. or his long graying hair, one would be inclined Yet he has no reason to do so. It may be true to think of him more as a poet or a musician that few have the mathematical equipment to than a genius in mathematics or physics. follow in detail the reasoning by which Einstein

Yet this mild-mannered German professor, arrived at the theory of relativity, and, thereso engaging to speak to, so artistic in appcar- fore, to pass judgment on the theoretical validance, has made one of the most profound ity of that theory; that does not mean that the scientific discoveries in an

average person of educaage of unparalleled scien

tion and intelligence cantific progress-has rea

not comprehend the consoned his way into a pre


Einstein has viously unimagined realm

reached. of thought that is revolu

A person who wishes to tionizing our conceptions

know when an eclipse of of the physical universe

the sun is to occur does has accomplished what

not have to verify the some acclaim as the most

mathematical details by stupendous scientific feat

which astronomers bave since Newton.

foretold the event; the But just what are the

conclusion is all that conachievements of Einstein?

cerns him, and he can What is the theory of

learn that from relativity, which has occa

almanac regardless of sioned such a world-wide

whether he understands sensation? What are the

how that theory has been conclusions it has reached?


In the same What are their impor

way, one may follow an tance? What changes have

easy short-cut if what he they made in previous

desires is merely an conceptions? What is

quaintance with the relikely to be their effect in

sults of Einstein's invesfuture? What is the rea

tigations. son for all the excitement

What, then, are the Einstein has aroused?

theories of Einstein? In The average man, per

the first place, since they Underwood & Underwood, N. Y. haps, is too inclined to

attain new results, it must

ALBERT EINSTEIN regard the theory of relaWho defies the theories of Euclid and

be apparent that they tivity as utterly beyond Newton. “Time and Space," he says,


methods. his ken. He knows it has "must be treated as essentially equal."

Those methods consist,





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