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Suggestive Helps for the Multitude of Readers of THE NEW SUCCESS,

Who Write to Dr. Marden for Advice


Focus Your Energies

that you will blaze your way through forests of difficulty, if necessary, straight to your goal.

Resolve that things are going to move around you of the Bethlehem Steel Company, had managed to

because you have discovered you are a real force, a work himself up from the rank of an ordinary truckman

dynamic power. in the steel company to the head of that enormous

It is the executive that is wanted—the doer, the concern, came the reply, “His devotion to everything he

practical man; it is not the theorizer, it is not what undertakes.” That is the secret of Mr. Grace's phe

might, could or would do, but what will do that is nomenal rise in the business world: absolute devotion

wanted everywhere. It is the man who can carry a to whatever he undertakes. Could this be said of you, my friend? If so, you

message all the way to Garcia, who can do the “impos

sible,” who reaches the goal and wins the prize. cannot complain of your hard luck or failure, for you

The man who can get things done, who can stick to must have succeeded. The trouble with most people who do not get on, or

a thing and put it through, who can deliver the goods

by honorable methods, is the man the world is looking who are disappointed, whose ambitions have been

for. Until you can show you are such a man there thwarted, is that they are not all there in what they

will not be a very big place for you. undertake. Their energies are split up, they do not focus with that tremendous energy which achieves.

Absolute devotion to the thing undertaken-therein lies the secret of success. You do not need to go any

Who's to Blame? further into the cause or the mystery of any man's If he shows absolute devotion to everything My friend, if you are dissatisfied with what you

have so far done in life, who's to blame? Do you he undertakes, if he throws his whole life, all his

think you have been cheated because you haven't energy and ambition, all his being into his work,

achieved the success you thought you would? Do you achievement will follow,

not know that you have gotten what you have paid for, Someone has said of Mr. Grace. “He knows how to

and that there would have been a much larger success make a small job big, to make a big thing out of a small

for you if you had paid the larger price? For every opportunity.” When he wants anything and goes out to get it, he

effort you have made the law of cause and effect has brings it back, he gets what he seeks; failure is not in

paid you accordingly. If you are dissatisfied with your his thoughts.

bargain, you can blame no one but yourself.

You cannot have achievement without paying the Absorption in his work is characteristic of this man. You may say he takes his job too seriously; but no

price. You cannot get anything without paying the

price. Perhaps once in a million times, luck may man ever does a big thing who does not focus his

strike you, just as lightning sometimes strikes an energies upon it. A man who takes his job lightly gets

individual. But what are the chances of your ever small returns, just as a farmer who sows lightly harvests

being struck by lightning? An insurance company a light crop.

would regard the chance as practically infinitesimal. A

similar thing is true of luck. Carrying a Message Part Way to

Luck is such a negligible quantity that successful Garcia

men do not regard it. Can you imagine Charles M.

Schwab or Thomas A. Edison waiting around for luck THE HE trouble with many of us is that we carry our to give them a push or a pull? No, they never waited

messages to Garcia only part way. When we one minute for luck to help them. strike the forests, when the unknown confronts us, If you are dissatisfied with what bas come to you in when we are perplexed and don't know what to do, we life, don't complain. The very energy you are now flinch, or turn back.

expending in grumbling and finding fault would help Resolve that you are going to carry your message the you to make your life a success. Just think how much whole way; that no matter what stands in the way, you you might have achieved, how much better off you are going ahead; that you are going to hold your own; might have been if you had used energetically and to be a leader, not a trailer or follower.

efficiently all the time that you have wasted waiting Resolve that you are not going to jog along the old around for someone to help you, for some outside beaten path, turning aside from every obstacle, but influence to give you assistance! Think of the time

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and energy you have wasted in grumbling and finding have reached the top; that while their position is not fault!

assured, while they are uncertain as to the final outMy friend, what you call your unlucky fate has paid come of their efforts, they do their best work. Beware you exactly for all that you have done. If your pay of stagnation or dry rot; beware of deterioration when seems small, inadequate, your work has been small and you think you have reached your goal. It is a dangerinadequate. Do your best and largest and fate will ous position when a man imagines that he has “arrived," give you her best and largest rewards.

for then it is human nature to begin to let up in one's efforts, to begin to take things a little easier, get

up a little later in the morning, go a little later to work, Ask Yourself

take a little longer for luncheon, leave a little earlier at M I living the sort of life that will give me the

night. This is natural; it is human nature that one Ам. Jargest returns in brain energy and gripping

should try a little harder when one is in doubt about his thought, in masterful living; that will keep me

position, when one is not quite sure that he has “aralways fit for the biggest things I am capable of doing?

rived" in the estimation of the world. Am I doing the sort of things that will encourage my

It is the climb that develops the muscles; it is the aspiration, seed my ambition, develop my mental and

climb that unfolds the powers, calls out the latent physical strength, or am I forming habits which will

reserves. Very few men ever do their best after they tend to sap the largest percentage of my energy,

have once made a great hit, achieved a pronounced devitalize me, demoralize my efforts, kill my ambition,

success in whatever line they may be. There are mar my ideals?

exceptions, but this is the rule. These are fundamental questions which strike at the

Many an author has been cursed by one succ


book early in his career. I say cursed, because it gave very tap-root of our possibilities. What we should be ambitious to do is to bring out the largest possible man,

him the impression that the public would read anythe man we are capable of being, the man we long to

thing he wrote, and he never again took quite the pains be. And we should live and work with this end in

or care he did with that first book, for he didn't have view, and not like a man who should say: "I want to

quite the motive he had when he was uncertain of his bring out the divine possibilities in me, for I realize that

success, uncertain of his place as a writer, while he was I have two natures, two selves, so to speak. The

straining every nerve to do his best to win a favored largest possible man in me is ever prodding me on, ever

place in the public estimate. suggesting to me that I bring him out and give him a

When the author is perfectly satisfied with his book, chance; but I am not willing to pay the price, I am not

the clergyman with his sermon, the business man with

his accomplishment, dry rot has set in, and they are in willing to do the hard work, which would make the larger man possible, and so there is nothing I feel I can

a rut. It is what we lack and what we long for and are do but to go on, year in and year out, letting the little

deterinined to get that keeps us moving upward. This

is what urges us on. man in me get my living while the larger man is

It has ever lured men and women

through all sorts of privations and hardships. thundering at the very gates, asking to be let out, to be given a chance to make good.”

There is nothing in life that gives us perfect satisfaction. There is slways something beyond ever urging.

ever bidding us forward. There is “a still, small Would You Resign a Job Because It

voice” that is ever calling us up and on, and it is that

thing we lack that pulls us, lures us, over quagmire and Was Too Easy?

bog, over mountain and valley and stream. A

Dream again, my friend, plan again, visualize again, which paid a good salary because, he declared, it go up and on again; mount again, climb again, resolve was so easy it didn't give sufficient motive for calling again! This is what makes the successful life. out the best in himself. Mr. Virgil Pettiman of the Horace Mann School said, “When a man's job is conquered, he begins to grow old; every year devoted to

The Passion for Gain something mastered is a backward step of six months." O'R education, our training and our experiences all is

through life are constantly enlarging our condevelop muscle. A man who is put in a high position sciousness in different directions. But it rests with ourby a rich father and who has never developed the selves to determine what kind of consciousness we shall muscles of his manhood, his initiative, or executive cultivate. If, for instance, we concentrate on money ability, by climbing to the position, does not usually getting; if we hold the picture of money constantly in stay there very long. If he does, he is a clog in the mind, we develop a money consciousness; and if we business, killing the enthusiasm of those in the ranks sacrifice to this the opportunities for developing conby blighting their prospects of a chance to advance. sciousness along other lines-social, esthetic, musical, Firms which go outside for men to fill good places or philanthropic, and confine ourselves to the selfish instead of filling them from the ranks, little realize how pursuit of money, we will probably get the money but they take away from their employees the strongest there is the danger that we shall become greedy and motive for climbing. It is encouragement to effort to avaricious. All that is finer and nobler in our nature know that there is promotion ahead for the deserving. may be overcome, crushed out of existence by the over

My experience has been that men do their biggest development of the passion for gain. The money conwork by far while they are climbing, not after they sciousness will be the dominant one in our lives.

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The First Year You're Married Is the Worst

(Continued from page 75) BARSTOW :—When Loring made the statement he second thought, yearns for her husband. She did, to-night, I had a feeling he was wrong, and yet is remaining at home in order to avoid quesit seemed to me, as he was in the construction end of

tioning by prying neighbors and will not even the game, he ought to know what he was talking

confide in her mother the truth of the situation. about... TOMMY:-He never knows what he's talking about.

To her credit she reaches a determination to BARSTOW -Well, he didn't to-night! I thought

return to Joplin and fight it out with Tommy possibly the plans had been switched; that, somehow,

and not abandon him in his misfortune, for she that had muffed advising me. But I got Frisbee, the

has not heard of his success. president, on the wire, the moment I left here. And Dr. Anderson arrives home from a doctor's what he said about your friend Loring!

convention. He confesses he has been at TOMMY:-He's no friend of mine! What did he say?

Tommy's bedside in the hospital. This reBARSTOW : —Said what would Loring know about

doubles Grace's determination. She is about to his plans! That when he was trying to build railroads he wasn't in the habit of telling every underling

depart when Mr. Livingston comes in with his what he intended doing.

inevitable daily paper containing a glowing TOMMY:-Did he call him an underling?

account of Tommy's wealth. This reacts on BARSTOW:- That's the mildest thing he called him. Grace. Now she is unwilling to return to her

TOMMY :—Underling! I must remember that- husband because he is successful. In her underling-that's good.

quandry she accepts the sympathy of Dick BARSTOW :-So that arrangement of ours is all right.

Loring, who calls. The railroad company had TOMMY: It is, is it? Who told you all that?

discharged him for the land-purchase fiasco. BARSTOW :Well, isn't it? You agreed to sell. TOMMY:And you agreed to buy, but you reneged.

Right in the middle of their conference, Tommy BARSTOW:-Oh, no; I didn't! I went out to tele

walks into the home. He is groomed like a phone and see if you weren't right.

fashion plate-even to spats and a cane-and TOMMY:- Not if I weren't—if Loring was.

he carries a box of roses.

He suddenly perBARSTOW:-Well, put it that way.

ceives Loring, the cause of all his trouble. TOMMY:-And if he had been, you'd have said the With none of the chivalry of romance, deal's all off; and as long as he is wrong, I'll say the

Tommy attacks Loring. The latter, being a deal's all off. Barstow :-You have given me your word you'd

larger man, is getting the better of Tommy sell at a price, and I think you ought to stand on your

when, in an impulse of loyalty, Grace hurls a word. Now, here is a certified check for twenty-five

vase at Loring and hits Tommy. The smallthousand—that should be enough proof of my

town villain retires as Dr. Anderson enters and intentions when I came here

proceeds to give first aid to Tommy. TOMMY:—When you came here, yes!

TOMMY:- I can hold my own head, thank you! BARSTOW :-I'll give you the other seventy-five DR. ANDERSON : All right, but I want Grace to thousand when the deeds are made over.

hold this adhesive plaster, so I can cut it. (Cuts TOMMY: —That's only a hundred thousand.

plaster, Grace holds it.) There! I think Tommy, after BARSTOW: -Well, that was your price.

the head stops aching, you'll be all right. TOMMY : It was, but when you left so abruptly, the GRACE:Then that's all you need of me? price jumped fifty thousand dollars.

TOMMY :-(To Grace.) One moment! I'd like to BARSTOW:-Is that the best you'll do?

have a word with you, if I may-I won't keep you TOMMY: What time is it?

long. BARSTOW -Not quite nine o'clock.


-Well? TOMMY:—That's right. It's nearer to-morrow TOMMY:-Contrary to the opinions expressed by than when I made the price, so it's only a hundred and master minds, I was lucky enough to guess certain twenty-five thousand!

facts about a railroad. I have a check here which I BARSTOW :-But, I say,

think you are entitled to. TOMMY:—Want it? Because if you don't, I'll take GRACE:—That's

's very generous of you, but I don't it out and sell it to-morrow to somebody who'll sting want your money. you good.

TOMMY:- I shall leave it here with the doctor, if BARSTOW:-All right, a hundred and twenty-five you don't take it. thousand.

GRACE:-I won't touch it.

TOMMY:—Then you see that Mr. Livingston gets His fortune won and his wife lost, Tommy

it, will you, doctor? (To Grace) Good night. finds himself, the next morning, in the hospital GRACE:Good night. as a result of his drinking. Meanwhile Grace DR. ANDERSON :- Aren't you going to say good is with her parents, and, in her moments of night to me?

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