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Organize Yourself For Success
Develop a Powerful Personality




Personality Building
Science of Reading Folk
Secrets of Greatness
Psychology of Achievement
Public Speaking
Etiquette of today
Art of Conversation
Journalism and Short Story Writing

Character as Revealed in Handwriting
Any Course, Twelve Lessons

$12.00 Character Analysis from Photograph

2.00 Character Analysis from Handwriting

1.00 “How to Develop a Powerful Personality"

.50 Roberson University and School of Personality

Hotel La Fayette, Washington, D. C.
Harriette Gunn Roberson, President;

Builder of Distinguished Personalities



comes to those who employ their idle moments in profitable occupation.

The idler is always complaining about his "hard luck”—a busy person never has time to be anything but prosperous. If you are ambitious and energetic we will show you how to earn

A DOLLAR AN HOUR during your spare time looking after our interests in your locality.

The work is interesting, dignified, healthful and extremely remunerative, Best of all, the work you do this year will insure you a permanent income year after year.

No special experience is necessary and we furnish everything needed except—the DETERMINATION TO SUCCEED.

For particulars regarding our wonderful money-making plan write at once to:

THE NEW SUCCESS, 1133 Broadway, New York City

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Corner Stone of Countless Libraries N every collection of books for home, school or office, there should be one I

general reference work which is comprehensive, reliable, up-to-date and written so clearly that even the young folks can understand.

It thus becomes the corner-stone of every library, little or great, wherein it finds a place. Just such a work as this is

THE NEW INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA This incomparable twenty-four volume set is indeed "the corner stone of countless libraries,” for its sale began in 1902 and has steadily increased since that date, more sets having been sold last year, than during any other like period. This in itself is proof that The New INTERNATIONAL is in very

A Work of Vast Interest and

Immense Utility
All this will appear when you own and use the set and to show you
how valuable it will prove in your library and how easy it is to make
it yours, let us send you, without any obligation on your part, our
80-Page Book of Specimen Pages, Illustrations, Plates in Color,
Maps, with the low price and easy terms just now available.

Send the Coupon and Get the Book
As in the case of countless others you will find it worth
many times its cost.



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Rate 20 cents a word. Ad forms for August issue close June 20th.
Business Opportunities

Salesmen Wanted
LEARN THE COLLECTION BUSINESS. GOOD INCOME, Salesmen Get Our Plan for Monogramming Autos, traveling
quick results. Interesting booklet. "Skillful Collecting'' free. bags, sporting goods, etc., by a simple and neat transfer method.
National Collectors Ass'n., Success Street, Newark, Ohio.

Very large profits. Motorists' Accessories Co., Mansfield, 0. WE START YOU IN BUSINESS, furnishing everything; men and women, opportunity to earn $1,500 to $7,500 yearly operating

District Manager for three fast selling repeating office our "New System Specialty Candy Factories' anywhere. Booklet specialties. Manufacturer, 213 State Street, Room 404-A, Detroit, free. N. Ragsdale Co., East Orange, N. J.


SPECIALTYMEN: Our one-at-a-time match, toothpick SEE PAGES 4 AND 5

holders. Snappy line. Standard Mig. Co., Butte, Mont.

District Start a profitable business in your own locality without cap

Managers-Sales men: My factories make two Ital—we furnish everything. Many of our associates are earning

hundred fifty dollar phonographs full gold trim-retail for hall mail substantial incomes--$1,000 to $3,000 a year-you can do as well

order house price. Your pront hundred per cent. Agents making and probably better. Securing subscriptions for the New Success big money selling dealers and retail. Sample sent approval my and the Me. den books requires little effort and pays big returns.

expense. Bank references entitles you to credit and financing in

stallment accounts. Write for particulars explaining our big new business propositions

Biggest possibilities for high class business It will pay you. The Lowrey-Marden Corporation, 1133 Broad

men. Other models to retail at forty-nine dollars to ninety-nine. way. New York, N. Y.

Nat Kawin, The Phonograph Man, Great Eastern Manufacturers

Co., 316 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago. THE SCHEMER," Alliance, Ohio, 32 pages monthly, prints schemes, tips, formulas that pull big money: helped one subscriber SALESMEN-How to become a $12,000 man. Send $1 for make $25,000. YOU want that kind; subscribe today: year, Booklet: THE GIANT ADV. CO., Bogle Bldg., 4007, Kenmore $1.00; trial three months, 25c.

Ave., Chicago. Mail Order Business is your opportunity, Breniser's Famous Handbooks teach how to start small, grow hig. Sell merchandise, SALESMEN-Wonderful opportunity for Protestants capable service ideas; enormous profits. Spare time to begin. Get com- of addressing church meetings. Christian educational work yielding plete set 11 books $2.50 and be posted. Breniser, 337 C Walnut exceptional Income. Chance to become district manager. Write St., Philadelphia. Descriptive catalogue and big batch interesting quick-Bottorf-556 Real Estate Trust Bldg., Philadelphia. mail-order information 250. None free. SEND FOR FREE BOOK "How to Succeed in Real Estate

Agents Wanted Business." State occupation. Macdonald Cooperative Realty

AGENTS, $60 to $200 a Week, Free Samples. Gold Sign Company, San Diego, California.

Letters for store and office windows. Any one can do it.

Big ADVERTISING, newspapers, magazines, everywhere.


Demand. Liberal offer to general agents. Metallic Letter Co., prepare your advertisements, illustrations, form letters, circulars, 431 W. N. Clark St., Chicago. booklets. Facilities for securing mail or store sales. Information

World's Greatest Auto Invention; no more storm blurred cheerfully given, no charge. Write for catalog. Scott & Scott

windshields; Mystic Felt works wonders; one rub keeps glass clear Advertising Agency, 220 W. 42nd St., New York.

24 hours; steel mountings; fits pocket: Vetter made $75 Orst day. Patents for sale. Big prize for inventors. How and what to

Security Mig. Co., Dept. 318, Toledo, Ohio. invent for profit. To sell or obtain patents write Patent News 46, $1000 PER MAN PER COUNTY-Strange Invention startles Washington, D. C., $2 yearly, 20c copy.

world-agents amazed. Ten inexperienced men divide $40.000. Korstad, a farmer, did $2,200 in 14 days. Schleicher, a minister,

$195 first 12 hours. $1200 cold cash, made, paid, banked by StoneIF YOU WANT to sell or exchange your property write me. man in 30 days: $15,000 to date. A hot or cold running water JOHN J. BLACK, Montana Street, Chippewa Falls, Wis.

bath equipment for any home at $7.50. Sell-heating. No plumbing or waterworks required. Investigate. Exclusive sale. Credit given. Send no money.

Write letter or postal today. ALLEN MFG. CO., START CLOTHES CLEANING, DYEING, PRESSING, HAT and Glove Cleaning Shop at home. Wonderful Method makes

608 ALLEN BLDG., TOLEDO, OHIO. them look like new. Write today. Byron, Drawer 27, Station-I, AGENTS-Liberal CREDIT-PLAN enables you establish N. Y.

profitable permanent business. Every home a prospect for Colo..

bright, Novelty Felt Rugs. Sample 28 x 58. Unlimited oppor


Felt Rug Mills, 300 Hooper St., Brooklyn, N. Y tunity for advancement: your own business or working for others. 5000 successful graduates. Good board reasonable near school. Catalog FREE. Cleveland Auto School, 1826 E. 24th St., Cleve

Farm Lands for Sale land, O. THE MAIL ORDER REVIEW-Lending Mail Order Journal published. 24 pages of money-making ideas, plans, schemes,

FARMS-33 STATES-$10 TO $100 AN ACRE. Stock, tools, formulas. Year $1.00: sample 10c. G. Oswald Pforr, Baltimore,

crops often included to settle quickly. Write for big illustrated catalud.

log. Strout Farm Agency, 150 EF Nassau Street, New York City. A REAL BUSINESS, $79.00 IN 11 HOURS. We'11 actually start you in a $5000 yearly business, teach the work in a few lessons. Oklahoma Farms. Write for free agricultural booklet. furnish outfit, co-operate with you, and operate PAINTING Board of Commerce, Shawnee, Okla. PORTRAIT Studio in your home. No apparatus, experience or capital required. We do the hard disagreeable work. Free booklet. TANGLEY STUDIOS 123 Main, Muscatine, Iowa.

Checkwriter bargains, any make, wholesale, retail. Allen,
Farnham Bldg., Omaha.

INVENTIONS WANTED. Cash or royalty for ideas. Write Organize a business of your own, in connection with your Adam Fisher Mlg. Co., 214 St. Louis, Mo. local bank, that will pay you yearly $1,500 to $5,000. Complete proven plans indorsed by bank users, will be sent on receipt of $5.00. Address M. S. Woods, Albany, Ga.

American Made Toys Money in mail order business. Names of 35 supply houses 25c. Pennal Company, Covington, Kentucky.

MANUFACTURERS wanted for larger production and Homeworkers on smaller scale for Metal Toys and Novelties, Toy Soldiers,

Cannons, Cowboys, Indians, Buffalo Bills, Wild Animals, Whistles,
Salesmen Wanted

Bird Whistles, Race Horses, Prizefighters, Religious Statuettes,
Puzzles and hundreds of other Toys and Novelties. Hundred and

more made complete per hour. No experience or tools needed. SALESMEN-lotroduce attractive window advertising.

Bronze Casting forms with complete outfit, from $5.00 up. We are Associated News Service of world events in pictures Every retail

buyers of these goods all year, paying fixed prices. Contract orders store wants this. Liberal commissions. Weekly earnings $50 to

placed with manufacturers. Exceptionally high prices paid for $200. Elliott Service Co., 244 West 49th St., New York.

painted goods. An enormous business offers industrious men an SALESMEN-CITY OR TRAVELING. Experience unneces- excellent opportunity to enter this field. An open market for these sary. Send for list of lines and full particulars. Prepare in spare goods all over United States, Canada and South America. Write time to earn the big salaries -$2,500 to $10,000 a year. Employ- us only, if you mean business. Illustrated Catalogue and Booklet ment services rendered members. National Salesmen's Training mailed free. Toy Soldier Manufacturing Company, once and Association, Dept. 145-G, Chicago, Ill.

Showrooms: 1696 Boston Road, New York.
These Classified Advertisements Continued on Page 18

Make Big Money Selling Automobiles,

Trucks and Tractors

The fascinating business of today
—now on a sound merchandising
basis — possibilities unlimited – but
only men who know “how” will

succeed and make big money. Learn at home from a man who is a big success in the automotive industry


Salesmanship is more important today that at any time in the history of the automotive industry. Boom times are

Automobiles, motor trucks and tractors must be sold now. The men who know are the ones who are going to succeed and make big earnings.

For the first time in the history of the industry you may now learn at home. J. H. Newmark, Advertising Manager of th Chevrolet Motor Co., one of the important units of the General Motors Corp., has prepared for you a complete course on salesmanship of automobiles, trucks and tractors. In this course he gives you the results of 14 years' remarkable and successful experience in handling every kind of prospect. Every secret told, every point made clear by a man known throughout the trade as one of the biggest business getters in the industry.

He tells you how he does it. No matter what your experience—whether you are a beginner or an old timer-these courses will tell you how to make more money. A few

TOMOTIVE minutes a day will show you how to get into

ESMASTUP the expert salesman class.

You can get the complete course for $12.50 or each of the separate courses (Automobiles, Trucks or Tractors) for $5.00. The first sale you make as the result of the knowledge these courses will give you will repay you ten times over for this small investment. Don't delay. Don't wait. Fortune knocks

Here is one of the Courses. at the door of the man who gets ready for her. Today, right now, while this is before you,

Simple, easy to read and easy to take the first step to increase your earningsfill out and mail the coupon.


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1921 | THE LESLIE-DONALD COMPANY | Automotive Division

15 West 37th St., New York, N. Y.

Enroll my name for the following Automotive Salesmanship
Complete Course (Passenger Automobiles, Trucks and

Tractors, $12.50)

Course on Passenger Automobiles only, $5.00

Course on Motor Trucks only. $5.00
Course on Mechanical Tractors only. $5.00

money order
1 I enclose check

for $... in payment for the

above with currency

the distinct under1

standing that if I am not satisfied you will refund my money at 1 once and without question on my return of the Course or

Courses to you within five days.

If you don't want the complete course (Automobile, Trucks and Tractors) get the one that appeals to you most first. You'll come back for the others later. All three courses are only $12.50 when taken together. Separately they are $5.00 each. You save $2.50 by getting all at one time. Our ironclad guarantee holds good on all.

The first edition of this master course on Automotive
Salesmanship, the first to be published, is limited.

Your own course is waiting for you-write for it today.

Automotive Division 15 West 37th Street

New York, N. Y.



(When sending currency register your letter)

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Double Entry Bookkeeping mastered in 60 hours with 8 Keys; guaranteed; diploma. International Bookkeeping Institute, Dept. 11, Springfield, Missouri.

LINCOLN-JEFFERSON UNIVERSITY. HOME STUDY in Academy College, Theological, Law, Music, Pharmacy, Business and Graduate Schools, leading to degrees, Lock Box 239C, Chicago.

You are without doubt just the person to act as our repre-
sentative in your locality Telling your friends and neighbors
about the New Success is an easy method of earning $1.00 an hour
during your spare time. A post card addressed to Dept. 9. The
New Success. 1133 Broadway, New York, N. Y., will bring full
particulars by return mail.
Hundreds U.S. Government positions open to men-women-
girls? $135 to $195 month. Short hours. Common education
sumcient Write immediately for free list positions open. Franklin
Institute, Dept. K-79, Rochester, N. Y.

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Send for Free Sample and Standardized Prices of your Printing
requirements. C. Fantus Co., Printers, 525 South Dearborn
Street, Chicago.



Our multigraph letters produce results. $4.00 per 1000. Long runs special quotations. Send for samples, Marieita Multigraphing Co., Marietta, Ohio.

SUCCESS or FAILURE! Which is your destiny? Scientific
information. "Success pointers and Personality sketch for 100
and birthdate. Thomson-Heywood, Dept. D37, Chronicle Bldg.,
San Francisco, Cal.
What has been the great unanswered "Why" of your life?
Send postage for FREE ANSWER to your "Why?'' Prof. Julius
Zancig has exclusive control of "The Why Series." (Wisdom from
the Heavens as given to most widely known occult students of
today.) Address Box 637. Asbury Park, New Jersey.
"THE SIMPLE TRUTH" makes men free! A book for
thinkers and do-ers. $1.00. Literature free. The Harmonial
Publishers, 4326 Alabama St., San Diego, California.

Help Wanted

Here's your opportunity to make good in big way! New,
fast selling omce specialty, sells on sight; big demand, tremendous
repeater You can establish fine paying permanent business.
Perfection Mig. Co., 119 So. 4th Street, Phil hia, Pa.
Dollars Saved. Used correspondence courses of all kinds
cold: also rented to reliable parties. Write today for lists. (Courses
bought.) Lee Mountain, Dept. 22, Pisgah, Alu.

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