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How Do You Measure Up For a REAL Job?


Get These 14 Business Ability Tests Free. See How Fast, How Accurate, and How Intelligent You Are as Compared with Others. These Tests Approved and Used by Underwood Typewriter Co., Dictaphone Co., Eastman Kodak Co., Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, U. S. Secretary of War, etc. Remarkable Method of Finding Your Weak Points and Developing Them Into Strong Points, Whatever

Work You Do in an Office

You Can Earn $30 to $60 a Week and Up

After twenty years of effort, during which time he has tested over twenty-five thousand people in every walk in life, Sherwin Cody has taken the guesswork out of the problem for young men and women in business who want to know their strong points and their weak ones, who want to know how to build themselves up into the kind of employees to whom the head of the business turns with confidence when there is responsibility to be shouldered and promotions to be made.

Do You Know How Good You Are ?

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What are your possibilities? Are you hiding your light under a bushel of mental timidity, lack of confidence, indecision? What is holding you back from the upward climb to success? Find out. Do not be content to plod along, day after day, watching the backs of others no brighter, no brainier, no more willing or ambitious than you. Prepare yourself to catch up with the procession of business progress-and get ahead of it. The chances are there may be just two or three factors in your way of doing things that are acting like a millstone around your neck. Find out. Test yourself with Sherwin Cody's 14 Business Ability Tests. They will put you on the track to the secret of business success. These tests are free to you if you are interested. Send in the coupon, that's all.

What 15 Minutes a Day Will Do

upply What You Lack by

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Make This Mental Alertness Test




You will never get beyond a routine job

with a thin envelope at

the end of the week until you fit yourself for something betterLet Sherwin Cody sit at your elbow in friendly confidence and

and show you are fitted for it by reaching out for responsibility and criticism for only 15 minutes a day and show you how to get this

bigger work. Just being willing will not get you anywhere you greater and wider knowledge. Let him show you what you are best

must tie knowledge onto your willing disposition and your ambition. fitted by mind and disposition to do; and how to equip yourself for greater responsibility, greater accuracy and rapidity in your day's work. Let him put you through his course of habit-forming ability exercises. High grade business demands high grade people to do it

from the youngest clerk to the executive who makes the big decisions. Prepare yourself to do your present job better and you will be in line for the bigger things ahead.

From the following make two lists, one of the boys and one of the girls who are twelve years old or over who have passed the seventh grade and who have an average of eighty per cent or over. (Normal time 3 minutes.)

Age Grade Average
Jones Kitty..

. 10
Boswell, Joseph
Harte. Flo...
Cousins, John ..
Ryan, Will M...
Anderson, Jeann
Stearns Harry...
Fogarty, May ..
Foster, Joel.....
Williams, Molly.

Jepson, Jack ....
The same system of intensive

Johnson, Harry.
training for the job ahead that

Baxter, Luella..
has made the country's great

Robinson, Ed...
Sherwin Cody's Business
corporations marvels of busi-
Anderson, Martin

85% Ability Institute

ness efficiency is at your
command. You can equip

This is a test of ability to follow instructions accurately 24 News Building, Rochester, N. Y. yourself so that your

and think of four different things every time a name is speed, initiative, intelli

written down, Please send me FREE your 14

gence, accuracy and

You will find the answers in Mr. Cody's free book of 14

brains will be measBusiness Ability Tests and show me

tests for all types of office workers, with averages of gram

ured and valued. just how I can fit myself for the follow

mar school graduates, high school graduates, and

Sherwin Cody has ing position (Check off the ONE you

experienced office executives. These tests will show you WANT MOST.)

put it all down

just where you stand.

on paper-the .. Executive Clerk

complete .. Typing Correspondent (No shorthand)

course of in..Speed Stenographer

struction .. Bookkeeping, Sure-pop Figurer and Cost

covering Accountant

rapid and ... Correspondent (Dictating) .. Private Secretary

accurate .. Department Manager .. Successful in My office

Own Business

work of all kinds, to be studied in spare time, right at home. This

Course eliminates all non-essentials; it gets you down to bedrock; it teachee Name...

you the things you must know to grow. And you can go after that

sort of job confident in your ability and ready to prove in advance that Address...

you are able to fill it. Fix your own salary as an office worker. You can do it. Take the first step today. Write for Sherwin Cody's 14 Business Ability Tests Free. Mail coupon or postal NOW.

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Mail Coupon NOW

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Volume V.
NEW YORK, May, 1921

Number 5



An Interview with the Greatest Woman in the World, Mme. Curie

John T. Drayton 25 The Business Butterfly (A Story. Part I) .......... Peter Gray 29

Ilustrated by Joanna Shortmeier
The Imperious "Must”...............Orison Swett Marden 34

Cartoon by Gordon Ross
It Doesn't Pay to Be a Bluffer. Interview with Samuel Austin

Albert Sidney Gregg 37 From Bootblack to Congress. Life-story of Tom D. Schall

Captain Paul V. Collins 42

Nlustrated by Alton E. Porter An Interview with Dr. Royal S. Copeland, Health Commissioner of New York · City ........................ Frank Winslow 49 Are You a Fish Out of Water ............Orison Swett Marden 53 The Play of the Month, "Wake Up, Jonathan!"..... Edwin Markham 56 The Waterloo of T. Napoleon Perkins (A Story. Part II) .. John Webster 61

Illustrated by John R. Neill Building Big Business on Determination ........ Archie C. Shriner 67 Is It to Be Race Suicide? ............. George W. E. Daniels 71 His Companion (A Poem). ............... Frank X. Piatt 73 Are You Following the Mirage of Achievement ? ....Orison Swett Marden 76 Hobson's Choice (A Story. Part I) .......... Howard P. Rockey 79

Illustrated by F. A. Hamilton The Doubter (A Poem) ............... Nixon Waterman 84 Who's Who in the Affairs of the Nation ......... Arthur W. Dunn The Editor's Chat ..

92 Think It Over! . .

. .

. . That Terrible “If!" ................ William Mathews 96

e Up, Jonathan is.Oriei Frank Winsloro

THE NEW SUCCESS is published monthly at the St. James Building, 1133 Broadway, New York City, by THE LOWREY-MARDEN CORPORATION. Dr. Orison Swett Marden, President; J. W. D. Grant, Treasurer; Robert Mackay, Secretary; F. C. Lowrey. Chairman, Board of Directors. Advertising Rates on Application.

SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $2.50 Per Year; Foreign, $1 Extra; 25c Per Copy. Copyright 1920 by the Lowrey-Marden Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Entered as Second-class Matter December 30, 1917, at the Post Office at New York, New York, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Entered at Stationer's Hall and Copyright, 1920, in Great Britain.

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