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"I wonder what ever became of Dick Dewent,” Tessie Tilden said, in a sorrowful tone, one day, a year later, just after young Collver had returned from a western trip.

“Do you miss him?" asked Collver. "Have you any idea where he is?”

“Yes,” Collver admitted reluctantly. "I saw him when I was in St. Louis. He was a waiter in a restaurant."

“It's a crime!" Tessie said, with a trace of tears in her eyes. “A positive crime, with the future he had before him—the opportunity he let slip by!”

“Yes,” Collver said. "He might have been sitting at my desk, or even at one higher up.”

Tessie looked at Collver very seriously. "I wonder why so many magazines paint the rosy side of endeavor—why they sing the song of success,” she remarked. “It seems to me

e—though it's far less pleasant —that the tale of the horrible example might be stronger as an appeal to industry and ambition. It was to me. If I could write a book, I'd call it "The Failure,' and Dick Dewent would be the hero—if one could speak of him in such a term.”

“Whenever you are feeling blue, Something for someone else go do."

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Age Grade Average Jones Kitty.


86% Boswell, Joseph


60% Harte. Flo

12 8 90 Cousins, John

16 7 50 Ryan, Will M..


75 Anderson, Jeanne


909 Stearns Harry....


10 85 Fogarty, May

16 11 92 Foster. Joel.

14 11

876 Williams, Molly

7 854 Jepson, Jack



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Johnson, Harry

14 7

769 training for the job ahead that

Baxter, Luella.

12 8 85 has made the country's great

Robinson, Ed.

13 9 Sherwin Cody's Business

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Anderson, Martin.

11 8 Ability Institute


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