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They may seem to agree in some particulars, but . AND, considering human beings just as they press them hard, and you will see that the world A are (or as we think they are), they divide of one is not the world of the other. Why all the themselves into two groups, each one of which others that we see about us are only parts of our has some of the characteristic qualities of the world. You are entirely alone, if you did but other. . know it. The subtle and illusive thing that The first group is materialistic: that is, it commakes you feel you are surrounded by others, is prises the vast mass of human beings who regard only the reaction you experience from contact everything they see and touch as being quite with your own thoughts. And your own thoughts real, and who try to get as much out of it as they are the result of your own sensations, and your go along as they can. Some of them apparently sensations certainly belong to you. You say succeed remarkably well. They break off great that these sensations are produced by something wads of money, and seem to have everything outside of you. And you term that reality. On pretty much their own way. The only trouble the contrary, it is unreality. The one thing that with them is that they are never satisfied, bewe are searching for all the time is reality, and cause in each instance the thing they banked on that is the one thing that we never seem to achieve. as being real, they discovered when they got it,

You earn a thousand dollars, go to the bank wasn't real at all. And then they begin all over and get the money, place it firmly in your hand again rolling their boulder up the hill like our old and you say that is real

friend, Sisyphus. ity. You exchange it for

The other and much clothes and food, and you DJALF the giant's strength

smaller group are the then say that is reality.

human beings who begin 11 is in the conviction And the clothes and the

to suspect, quite early in food disappear and then that he is a giant. The

the game, that things are where is your reality? It strength of a muscle is en not so real as they seem, now lies somewhere in the hanced a hundredfold by the and this leads them to heart of the next thousand will-power. The same

question themselves. dollars. And you go

Pretty soon they are likely muscle, when removed from through the same thing

to discover that they get over again. the giant's arm, when di

more satisfaction from vorced from the force of the giving up rather than THERE is only one mighty will, can sustain but from grabbing everything I reality and that is a fraction of the weight it

in sight. It is always a You. This world of yours

hard matter to give updid a moment before it was is constantly getting in

at first—but after a while your way and trying to disconnected.

these people perceive that make you believe that

the very act of giving up reality is something else.

brings in on them, from So the thing that you want to deal with is al- wholly unexpected sources, a lot of things that ways You. And a voice breaks in right here and they never even asked for and didn't know they says:

wanted them until they came. “Dear me, I couldn't do that. It wouldn't Thus we see an old man of this group who has be safe. If I should think about myself all the apparently nothing; yet everybody comes to him time, I should get introspective, and morbid for advice. And when he opens his mouth, and would be no use to anybody.”

everybody listens. And so the great majority of people never The instinctive homage of the great mass of break through the barriers of You, because they unthinking people is always given to the great are afraid. That is why one sees so many play- moral leader. Think that over. ing cards, and going to the movies and doing almost anything to get away from themselves TET me put it to you in this way-in a way because they are afraid of that YOU.

D that you will quite understand, because you Now, let us consider, for a brief moment, what will know it when I tell you about it. You yourthe philosophers term the objective world. The self are surrounded by a set of conditions that objective world is the thing we are all of us up you don't like-to put it mildly. against. And we are up against it hard. If you You didn't make them--you say this to yourhaven't believed so far anything I have written, self. you will all agree to that. (“Hear, hear!” you You are not responsible for them. How can say.)

you be, if you didn't make them?

[blocks in formation]

Furthermore, you have a sneaking, humiliating feeling that you are being blamed for them. This only makes you feel worse. You have done your best to get rid of them, but they are working against you, are stronger than you are. At times you are able to forget them temporarily, by sheer exhaustion. Then the thought of them comes over you once more, you wriggle and squirm, and during these dark moments you feel like-well, making an end of it.

The worst of it is that you can talk to nobody about it. You have tried, and have always failed. Your closest friend, during these shame. ful moments of confidence, goes back on you. You see he isn't interested. He dismisses your confession, with mock solemnity. Or he tells you that you are not well. You ought to go away. You don't exercise enough. You need rest. It's your liver.

Then-if you have any sporting blood in you, as most of us have—you get mad. You may not show it outwardly, but your back is up against the wall, and you curse aloud, like Job.

And then you feel better for a time.

First, you must remember that it takes time to accomplish anything that is worth while. The man who endures to the end is the man who wins. Why did the Allies whip Germany? Do you remember that message of Joffre, in which he said that the Germans were getting into Paris? Do you recall that despairing utterance of Haig, when he said that they simply couldn't hold out any longer? Have you ever sent such a message back of your lines? Sure you have.

The first rule then, is patience.

The next rule is never to think of what is going to happen. Lincoln said he got through with the Civil War by taking only one thing at a time —as it came up. It takes practice to do this. And practice takes time, and time means patience.

T he third rule is, perhaps, the most important. Always face the condition as it presses upon you and face the details of it one by one, as they strike upon your consciousness. Don't think about them, don't dwell upon them. Just face them. Make no effort to overcome them.

It is you that must change, and not they. And face them mentally. Look at them, steadily, and mentally. Don't move forward. Be passive. But hold on. You will be astonished at the power that will gradually come to you.

If you are afraid of a thing, always look at it mentally. It will begin to recede of its own accord. That is because it isn't real. You are the only reality, and nothing can touch you if you look at it calmly and steadily.

TN the meantime, there is that set of conditions. I steadily-so it seems to you-getting worse. You have braced up, and the relief was only temporary. What to do then?


Beginning with the February Number a New and
Important Department will be Inaugurated in

THE NEW SUCCESS “Who's Who in the World”

Being a Monthly Record and Editorial Comment on the People Who Are Responsible for the Current Events that Are Making History, and

Their Achievements. . Keep in Touch with This Department Monthly and You Will Be in Touch with all that Is Important in the World. It Will Be Illustrated

with Fine Photographs.

Also in February: “Famous People I Have Tried to Interview for THE NEW SUCCESS," by John T. Drayton, European Correspondent.

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CAVE you, who are beating against the iron bars

of poverty, ever stopped to think what mar

velous things the Creator has everywhere provided for us, His children? Just imagine the entire universe, the great cosmic ocean of creative intelligence, packed with all the riches, all the glorious things, the magnificent possibilities the human mind can conceive, and then try to picture what it would mean to you and to all who are complaining of lack and want if by some magic they could call out of this universal supply of creative intelligence anything which would match their desires, their heart longings.

Imagine this vast universe, this ocean of creative energy, packed with possibilities from which human beings could draw everything which the wildest imagination could conceive, everything they desire in life, everything they need for comfort and convenience, even luxuries—also cities, railroads, telegraphs and all sorts of wonderful inventions and discoveries.

Every discovery, every invention, every improvement, every facility, every home, every building, every city, every railroad, every ship, everything that man has created for our use and benefit he has fashioned out of this vast invisible cosmic ocean of intelligence by thought force. Everything we use, everything we have, every achievement of man is preceded by a mental vision, a plan. Everything man has accomplished on this earth is a result of a desire, has been preceded by a mental picture of it. Everything he has produced on this plane of existence has been drawn out of this invisible ocean of divine intelligence by his thought force. His imagination first pictured the thing he wanted to do; he kept visualizing this mental conception, never stopped thinking, creating, until his efforts to match his visions with their realities drew to him the thing on which he had concentrated.

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BOUT 7,256 years ago

She is some comet, if I did | a solemn-looking old EDITORS NOTE

discover her myself. She gentleman na med

cometh onward with studding Menes K. Ptsch, High Priest

sails set, a tank chock full of of Astrological Astronomy ACCORDING to the genial Mr.

gasoline and a clean hock h Butler, he has made worrying a of the temple of Ptah Ptut, life work, and, during the fifty years

action." Upper Egypt, stuck his head of his life, has encountered quite a

His hearers gasped. out of his window and said number of one-hundred-per-cent wor

“Behold,” said Professor he had just observed a comet. rying opportunities. In fact, he claims

Menes K. Ptsch, “I calcuOld Menes K. Ptsch had he has worried ever since he was a babe late her speed to be seven the general appearance of a in the cradle. When you read this billion numidian litres per beardless goat, but he stood article and realize just what all this

hecktogram, or even more high in the Astrological Asworrying did for Mr. Butler, pray stop

or less." tronomical circles of his day, and go over your own case. Then ask

This caused tremendous and when he stuck his head

yourself if, in the long run, whatever
worries you may have had were not,

excitement. A vast wave of out of his window and utlike Mr. Butler's, just soap bubbles

fear swept over his hearers. tered words someone was that burst the moment the sunlight "And-and did you say always on hand to listen. struck them.

she would hit the earth?” “Behold and take notice!"

one asked tremulously. he chanted. “I, Menes K.

“Behold, I have not said,” Ptsch, seventh son of a bald

replied the wise old professor. grandfather, do speak. And, behold, I have dis- Just then a reporter for the Upper Egypt Lily Pad covered a new comet in the skies, the said comet being and Papyrus Leaf pushed into the crowd with his pencil large and juicy, like unto an overripe cantaloupe, of a and notebook in his hand. He was a brisk young man circumference of ten million versts, with a density of and hungry for news. approximately seventeen kilowatts. And, behold, it “Now, look here!” he said smartly. “Just cut out hath a tail seventy-five million Sabbath-day's journeys about half a dozen of those 'behold' things and come in longness. Whoop la!”

down to brass tacks. You have discovered a comet. When they heard this news, those who listened It is pointed at the earth. Just what chance is there looked at the sky and they saw the comet. It seemed that the comet will hit the earth, break the earth into about the size of a pin 'head and about as brilliant as a eight million pieces and, after setting the pieces afire, dead lightning bug.

consume them utterly? That's what the Upper Egypt “My gracious!” they exclaimed, but Professor Lily Pad and Papyrus Leaf wants to know. What are Menes K. Ptsch was chanting again.

the chances?” “And, behold,” he sang out, "the comet approaches When he was asked this, Professor Menes K. Ptsch the earth apace, or, I may even say, a couple of apaces. looked extremely solemn.

“Behold ” he said, “if this is for publication be sure And that is the general outcome of most of the to get my name spelled correctly. You might also men- things we worry about. tion that it is pronounced like a sneeze, but more as a man sneezes in a draft than when he has the hay | AST April, I was on a lecture tour and I had to fever."

travel light, with only one pair of day trousers "Never mind that, said the young reporter. “How and one pair of dress trousers. I had to skip around about the chances of the

like a flea on a hot griddle to comet hitting the earth

keep my engagements and seyand destroying it?"

eral days before my date at Thus pinned down to

Grand Rapids, I began to worry facts the professor

about the knees of my trousers. thought deeply for sev

I am a first-class worrier. Ever eral minutes.

since I was a small boy, I have "Behold,” he said

been one of the most noted worthen, “I have given

riers north of the Mason and thought to your ques

Dixon line and able to worry tion. The chance of

about more things in a given the comet hitting the

length of time than any man I earth is clearly expressed

ever knew. I have also large, by the following for

virile knee-joints, like a horse mula, namely, to wit:

with spavin. Seven times eight, Jess

When I was down in Arkanthe square root of the

sas, early in March, I began to length of the Nile, di

worry about the afternoon speakvided by the desultory

ing date at Grand Rapids. Aman circumnavigation of the

can't wear evening trousers in primitive isosocles as

the afternoon, and, riding on a compared with the in

train is bad for trouser knees. hoc signes of 8762, as

It bags them as nothing else last seen on Friday the

can. thirteenth."

Again and again, I consulted When be had said

my route list, hoping I could this, Professor Menes K.

find some way of beating the Ptsch coughed gently

trains so I could have time to and drew in his head.

get my day trousers pressed at “The prosessor says,”

Grand Rapids before I had to wrote the reporter in his

I dreamed of standing before the elite of Grand stand up before that audience note-book, that the Rapids, in trousers that looked like the hind legs

ke the hind legs of ladies, but I could not see comet will hit the earth

of an elephant

how I could do it. and set it on fire on

I worried all through ArkanFriday the thirteenth; labor troubles, strikes and sas, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, storms will not be permitted to interfere.

Indiana and down into Ohio. Night after night, I

dreamed of standing before the elite of Grand RapA S soon as this news was printed and spread broad- ids, in trousers that looked like the hind legs of an a cast, the people of Upper Egypt began to worry elephant, and I would awake in a cold sweat and about the comet and the end that was coming to the groan. earth on Friday the 13th. It was no mean worry By the time I reached Akron, Ohio, I was almost a either. None of the Egyptians, then alive, had ever nervous wreck, and I feared the worst for Grand died through a comet striking the earth, and they Rapids. There was one chance in a million that I began some first-class worrying.

could find time to have the bags taken out of my knees Looking back across the long period of time their in Akron, and when I got there I found that chance worrying seems rather silly to us, but it was just as gone. I did not have a minute to attend to pressing. important to them then as your worrying and my There was a luncheon for me; and, although only men worrying are to us now. Life was precious to them were present, I felt it best to wear my trousers, for I and they knew that if the end of the world came and do not wish to be thought eccentric even in Akron. killed them they would be dead. So they worried.

The records show that 74 worried to such an extent I LEFT Akron at 11:30 P. M., in my dress suit, for that they dropped dead of heart disease; 862 worried Grand Rapids, my worry still sparking on all six themselves insane and drowned themselves in the Nile; cylinders, and got off the train at Orrville to change 408 fretted so over the prospect that they hung them- cars. This gave me plenty of time to worry about my selves. And then Friday the 13th, went by and baggy knees. I sat in the station there and waited nothing unusual happened. It was a beautiful calm and worried and did some of the most thorough and day, with a gentle cool breeze and onions sold at six workmanlike worrying I had ever done, and about kopeks per cubit less than the day before.

2:10 A. M., when the train was due, I began to worry

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