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and purposefully and consciously and successfully because the results it holds in store for each indi. advance in the direction of supremacy and away vidual are great-very great. from failure and adversity?

This Subtle Principle is so absolutely powerful I discovered this subtle principle—this kev and overmastering in its influence for good, profit, to Success—through misery and necessity. You prosperity and success, that it would be a sin if I need never be miserable to have the benefit of kept it to myself and used it only for my personal this subtle principle. You may use this success benefit. principle just as successful individuals of all time,

So sure am I of the truth of my statements-so of all countries, of all races, and of all religions

absolutely positive am I of the correctness of my have uesd it either consciously or unconsciously,

assumption and so absolutely certain am I that and as I am using consciously and purposefully. this Principle in your hands, will work wonders for It requires no education, no preparation, no pre

you-that I am willing to place this Subtle Prinliminary knowledge. Any one can use it. Any

ciple of Success in your hands, at my expense one can harness, employ and capitalize it, and

without any obligation whatsoever, on your part. thus put it to work for success and supremacy. You will recognize the tremendous value of this Regardless of what kind of success you desire,

Principle within less than thirty minutes-in fact, this subtle principle is the key that opens the avenue almost immediately, as you become conscious of to what you want.

it, you will realize its practicability, its potency, It was used by:

its basic reality and thus its power and usability Moses Alexander the Marcus Aurelius

for your personal profit, pleasure, advancement, Caesar


prosperity, success and supremacy.


Thousands of individuals claim

that the Subtle Principle of SucHerbert Spencer Phil Armour Emerson

Andrew Carnegie Notice:The Subtle Principle cess is worth a thousand dollars Darwin Frick

of any one's money. Some J.P. Morgan Elbert Hubbard of Success is a genuine power.

have written that they would Harriman Richard Mansfield

Every reader of New Success Woodrow Wilson Shakespeare

not take a million dollars for it. Charles Schwab Richard Wagner is urged to procure it for self. You will wonder that I do not Lloyd-George Mendelssohn

charge a thousand dollars for The service rendered humanity Clemenceau

Beethoven Chas. E. Hughes Verdi by Swoboda under his plan has

the Šubtle Principle of Success Abraham Lincoln Copernicus

--for disclosing this PrincipleGeorge Confucius not been paralleled in centuries.

after you get it into your possesWashington Mohammed Marshall Field Cicero

sion and realize its tremendous Sarah Bernhardt Demosthenes

power and influence for your Galli-Curci Aristotle

success and supremacy.

Christopher Benjamin

I, myself, have derived such tremendous results--amazing Cleopatra


results-from its power, that I want every man and woman

to have this key to success, prosperity, wealth and supremacy, and thousands and thousands of others—the names This is why I am willing to send it to any one-to any of successful men and women of all times and all

address, without any obligation whatsoever-this Subtlc

Principle of Success is yours to keep, yours to use for the countries and of all religions, and of all colors, make

attainment of your success, happiness and su premacy. a record of the action of this Subtle Principle of

Remember, you are under no obligation whatsoever, to Success. None of these individuals could have suc pay or to return anything to me. The Subtle Principle of ceeded without it. No one can succeed without it

Success is yours to keep.

You would never forgive me, and I could never forgive -no one can fail with it.

myself, nor could the Principle of the Universe forgive us, if I failed to bring you to the point of using this subtle principle of success. You would never forgive me if I failed to do for you that which you would do for me, if our positions were

reversed. Everyone realizes that human beings owe a duty

Write your address on the form below, or write me a postal to each other. Only the very lowest type of human or a letter, asking me to send you the Subtle Principle of being is selfish to the degree of wishing to profit Success without any obligation of any kind whatsoever, on without helping someone else. This world does

your part, and, you will receive by return mail, the Subtle

Principle of Successa Principle of supremacy--the key to not contain very great numbers of the lowest and

your success--the equal of which you have never seen. most selfish type of human beings. Almost everyone

ALOIS P. SWOBODA, 831 Berkeley Building, in discovering something of value, also wants his

West 44th Street, New York City. fellowman to profit through his discovery. This is

You may send me at your risk and expense, the Subtle precisely my attitude, I feel that I should be neg Principle of Success. lecting my most important duty towards my fel I promise you and myself to help myself to the utmost

through the Subtle Principle of Success. low human beings, if I did not make every effort

I promise to accept the Subtle Principle of Success with every decent and honest effort-to induce everyone

an eager and open mind for my advantage. to also benefit to a maximum extent through the I am above seventeen years of age and I am sincere and

honest in my statements. automatic use of this subtle principle.

It is understood that I am not obligated to return or to I fully realize that it is human nature to have pay for the Subtle Principle of Success. less confidence in this Principle because I am putting

Name.... it in the hands of thousands of individuals, but I

(write plainly) cannot help the negative impression I thus possibly create. I must fulfill my duty to each member of Address. ................ humanity, just the same.

City .........

..... State........ I do not urge any one to procure it because I

Publisher's Note.-The above statement in New Success offer it without any obligation whatsoever. I urge

is absolutely guaranteed in every way to be as represented everyone to procure the Subtle Principle of Success you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

We Owe Each Other

Principle of Suv: you will receive any kind whatsoeuple of

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its capital.Co. weekly. Biculars,

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ey,** 46 angley studiody, 30 miny

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Turning to the bookcase behind his desk, he pointed to a set of seven volumes.

"It was really very easy," he said, deprecatingly. "Just reading those interesting books called CIVILIZATION The Life Story of the World and corresponding with the editors. They have helped me out on knotty problems scores of times. The books are positively fascinating. It's remarkable how quickly a thorough understanding of the high lights of human progress begins to count in modern business. Every man and woman who wants to grow in a personal and business way ought to own this set."

How He Developed Ability The seven attractively bound volumes forming the set CIVILIZATION are written in simple style, printed in large type and filled with more than 400 rare gravure tone illustrations. These books contain all the elements of a wonderful tale of adventure: struggle, hope, fear, sorrow, joy-life and death. So entertaining and fascinating they are that you will forget very little that you read. Only those who understand this story can get the most out of life. Only they can confidently plan ahead.

As the current edition of CIVILIZATION was printed before the cost of paper, ink and labor went up, this valuable work may be had at a very low price for a short time only. We must emphasize that the edition is limited and that the volumes cannot be duplicated at the same price. The very easiest of monthly payments are allowed.

You cannot afford to ignore such an offer, especially in these days when knowledge is power.

CLOYES-LYON COMPANY 110 W. 34th Street

New York, N. Y. Sign the coupon NOW and get this valuable bookletOUTLINE OF CIVILIZATION-FREE

he elements cravure tone alted in large ty met CIVILI:

It's not always big occasions that bring out big, 125_or big opportunities. Often the man takes the initiati Ad moulds the occasion to his advantage.

Take Burton, for instance. A good, average sort & Tellow, he had worked with us in the sales department for several years without giving evidence of more than an ordinary school education. That's why we were so amazed at his sudden success.

It all began that afternoon at Oakmere. One of our largest customers-a golf enthusiast-was in town and our president and the sales manager, after some hesitation, asked Burton to fill in on a foursome. They picked him because they thought he could be spared from the office most easily and that, at least, he wouldn't cause them embarrassment.

They were at the fourth tee when the sales manager started in surprise as he heard what Burton was saying. The president turned sharply to make sure it was the young man who was talking so fluently on the fundamental reasons for the continued strife in Europe.

Across the Ages The sales manager told me about it afterward. Where most of .us would have been limited to a very narrow field of discussion. Burton displayed a remarkable understanding of the hidden influences at work throughout the centuries. Skillfully and in remarkably few words he outlined the origin of the different European races, their early relations and traditions, swung into the turbulent Middle Ages, deftly dwelling on salient events from the presentday viewpoint, swept through the Renaissance with its splendors and tragedies and told how the philosophies of Kant and Spinoza moulded their time. Then he described the influence of Frederick the Great and Napoleon, the rise of industrialism and summarized the results of the war.

Burton certainly made a hit. They even forgot to tee off in their interest in what he was saying.

In the office we noticed that the sales manager suddenly seemed to have acquired new respect for Burton and consulted him on important matters. We all began to value his opinions and ask his advice. But as the weeks went by other things began to occupy our minds.

His Rapid Rise Then we heard that Burton had been made office manager. Again he became the talk of the office. A few months later the general manager resigned and Burton was selected for the place.

Burton's success stuck in my mind. In his office one day. I asked him frankly what was the secret of his rapid development.

of paper. Tint edition plan ahlary can get i

w priced labor went LIZATION

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Poultry and Livestock

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Male Help Wanted

MEN Wanted for Detective Work. Experience unnecessary. Write J. Ganor, Former U. S. Gov't Detective, 112 St. Louis.

Write Photoplays: $25-$300 paid anyone for suitable ideas. Experience unnecessary; complete outline Free. Producers League, 429 St. Louis, Mo. Free to Writers a wonderful little book of money making bints, suggestions, ideas; the A B C of successful Story and Movie Play writing. Absolutely Free. Just address Authors' Press, Dept. 139, Auburn, N. Y. EARN BIG MONEY WRITING PHOTOPLAYS_Great demand. Experience unnecessary. We show you how. Easy, fascinating way to "cash in" your spare time. Send for free book, valuable information and special prize offer. Chicago Photoplaywright College. Box 278, X37. Chicago. Ambitious Writers of Photoplays, Short Stories, Poems, Songs, send today for Free, Valuable, Instructive Book, "THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL WRITING" including 65 helpful suggestions on writing and selling. Atlas Pub. Co., 564 Butler Bldg., Cincinnati, O

Female Help Wanted

LADIES TO SEW at home for a large Philadelphia firm: good money; steady work; no canvassing: send stamped envelope for prices paid. Universal Co., Dept. 13, Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

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